Canada Postdelivery took 6 days when I paid for 2 day delivery

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Product was ordered on Jan 12, 2017 and a shipping fee of $45 for 2 days Xpress shipping was paid.

Tracking number is: [protected]

Now, I needed this package for Monday, Jan 16. The date is was originally said to arrive. I waited all week with no update on the website. Calling Canada Post did no good. It apparently arrives on Jan 19, however, no notice card was left or any info. I seen Canada Post come by today but the lady knew nothing about my delivery. Website told me to pick it up (With the notice card i never did receive) on the next business day.
My problem is why did i pay the extra $31 for shipping to only have it take the same time as regular shipping rates. This is not the first time this has happened and have not said anything before but now it is irritating.
My desirable resolution is for Canada Post to refund me the difference between the regular shipping and express shipping cost which was $31. They can then recover their costs from the company that charged me the express rate as they told me it was out of their control when it left to come to me.
Thank you for your time and attention into this matter. I was greatly inconvenienced by this mix-up and some resolution would help a bit.

Yours Truly,

Mike Cross

Jan 20, 2017
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  •   Jan 20, 2017

    Actually, two day delivery would have been Monday Jan 16, since it was shipped Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday do not count as business days. Monday it was out for delivery as scheduled, and again on the 19th. Ya;ll have had a crap load of snow and ice. In fact, the Canada Post website shows the weather still. Crap happens, and they can not control the weather. You can get a refund of postage, which is ALL express does if they do not get it there on time. They can not guarantee against acts of God.

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