Canada Post Corporation (CPC)customer service - receiving an empty package

Hi, I just wanted to share my recent experience with Canada Post (CPC);

I picked up my package, shipped from Sweden, from the local post office when received the notice for delivery attempt. I opened the package when I got home but the content was removed, the small folded paper with a note by the sender congratulating me for the purchase was cut which made me noticing the other end of the package was cut, most likely with a knife, and taped (Not by Custom Canada since they use special tape or the package comes with tax slip on it, to be paid before delivery).

Well, to respect the rules, I asked the sender to open a case and he did it the next day. I called CPC and was told there is nothing that I can do and should be waiting for sender to tell me the results. But the sender kept telling me, in next two months, that CPC has not replied to Swedish Post's (SP) request.

I kept calling Canada Post (CPC) customer service almost every 3 weeks during 2 and a half months till finally the customer service agent let me talk to a manager. All the details were explained and I sent the pictures via email to the manager. In almost two weeks, I received an email that they could not trace anything in their lost items center/depot and can't do anything more!

My experience;

-CPC customer service agents are absolutely reluctant to tackle the customer's concerns. Almost always, you only hear what you can simply find on CPC website, nothing more. Once, a CPC agent(say A) said a service ticket was created and will be sent via email on same day to me. Well, nothing happened for a week. I called again and another CPC agent (B) said there is no service ticket at all. I mentioned the date/time of previous call and the name (A) of agent to B. Guess what? I received an email with a service ticket created and closed by A, amazingly, dated the day I called B! Well done, procedures respected.

-CPC did not answer SP until I followed up and reminded them frequently about SP's request. I even provided them with the date of email send by SP and they kept telling me they can't find such email. I have called SP customer service more than 4 times and their reception was with professional helping attitude and far better than CPC's, although I was the receiver of package and not a tax payer in Sweden.

-CPC did not tell me what their reply to SP would be. However, when I called SP last time, I was told that CPC has informed them that "the package was delivered"! It took almost about 3 month to reply such, not sure if there was any if I had not told them about SP's request.

-Well, whoever has done this has simply got away with it (I do not comment if it's been a routine or not). I lost the item that did search for it for long time. More importantly now, I have this awful uncertainty receiving my mails/packages safely.

With Best Regards

Canada Post Corporation (CPC)
Canada Post Corporation (CPC)

Mar 09, 2016

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