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It is absolutely ridiculous and disgusting that you would choose to strike just before Christmas, but then that's why you did it isn't it? So you'd get what you wanted!! If you wanted to go on strike, you had the rest of the year to do it!
I'm a Canadian living overseas and my family and I don't get to see each other often. We all look forward to receiving cards/presents during Christmas and it makes me angry and very sad to know that on Christmas morning, none of us will have anything to open from each other. My Father will also have nothing from me for his birthday in January.
Just think of all the kids that won't have presents to open because gifts parents have ordered for them will not be delivered, and all of their little letters to Santa that won't get delivered.
You should be ashamed of yourselves! I will choose to use courier from now on as you are such a disappointment!
How dare you do something like this now. I bet if the tables were turned, you would be fuming! NEVER again will I use your service!!! YOU SELFISH GREEDY [censored]!!!

Nov 27, 2018
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  • Lu
      Nov 30, 2018

    I think we all need to just constantly call and email Canada post for every single item we order or send and just overload their customer service center, and people close to the head offices of Canada Post should go directly to the office and complain daily until their stupid useless ignorant greedy a** clown workers get back to delivering all our [censored]ing mail... stupid [censored]ing workers going on strike just before Christmas, the nerve of these [censored]ing workers I swear to god I have no sympathy, patience or respect for any Canada post employee right now after receiving this email...all the people this stupid crappy CUPW strike has affected makes me outraged to no end knowing that millions of people's gifts, letters, cards, etc will not be arriving in time and even my gifts to my mother will not be here before Christmas as it is also her birthday, but oh no its okay you can always fork out more money on other postal delivery options that are 5 times the cost of Canada post fees "[censored] THAT, YOU [censored]ING PAY THE SHIPPING!!!" the nerve of you Canada Post to suggest this is appalling and down right disgusting, glad you care about your customers so much to spit in their faces like this. Office workers that run on strict deadlines, Military, Police, Lawyers, Doctors, Pharmacists, and mainly the people that pay your god damn wages...all of us are affected by your [censored]ing ignorance, if you don't like your [censored]ing job then there is this thing called the 30 day notice, maybe CUPW staff/members if you don't like the conditions [censored]ING QUIT! at least then the company would be free to find replacement staff that would be willing to do your job and I am pretty much guaranteed that they would do it a hell of a lot better than what you are showing us right now. Here is a hypothetical situation you need to take into account, if you don't have people using Canada Post services, what happens to Canada post shares? what happens to the value of the company? what happens when there isn't any money to pay for your salaries/wages? Personally if I was the person in charge at Canada post I would have just fired all of you and hired new employees while laughing, not giving a damn about any repercussions from that choice, I also would have made sure they were not members of CUPW seeing as your all self centered anyways, but that's just my opinion but back to the stuff I am waiting for...

    I will be one of the people phoning in to the customer complaint department's head office everyday on the first late package and then every day after that until it shows up, I say we all do that, may be small effort but at least it's a fire ant, I may be small but my sting is mighty-aka-my voice

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  • Lu
      Nov 30, 2018

    not sure why but it appears the photo of the email from Canada Post is not being added

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