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Called today, April 15 around 9:30am, to see what deals were available, since I have been a long time customer. I was transferred to the retention department and spoke with a Ralio (who would not give me his last name).
He indicated that the only deals available included me purchasing internet and phone access along with my current tv package.
When I indicated that I was not interested in the three deal package but only interested in tv deals, he became very rude and disgruntle.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Bay Shore, NY
When I indicated that I have been in contact with cablevisions competitors and have been quoted better deals than what I am currently getting from cablevision, he began to yell saying that I was lying and that he has Verizon and there is no way I would be able to get a better deal.
Instead of continuing the conversation, I calmly indicated that I was not going to continue the conversation since it took on a negative tone.

Was actually looking to see if I could have an additional cable box added to my current package deal.

I was very surprised and upset about the whole situation and telephone experience.

I am now going to choose on another provider since cablevision does not appreciate it's valued customers. Shame, but it will be cablevision's lost.

Deidre Goode
9 Trim Street,
Bayshore, NY 11706

Apr 15, 2017
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      Aug 21, 2018

    Optimum has the worst customer service and pricing. It took me 4 call backs and I had to beg for a customer service rep who spoke English as their first language. I couldn't understand the reps at all. Between their pricing and their customer service reps- I totally understand why everyone is dropping them. Firesticks and Netflix is good enough!

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