Cablevision / invoice for defected seervice


Attn: Commercial Sales
6 Corporate Center Drive
Melville, New York11747

Re: Account number: [protected]

Dear Commercial Sales Specialist:

I am in receipt of your invoice with a due date of September 15, 2009 with an amount due of $563.90. This is incorrect and I dispute any prior “invoices” that were sent to my office for the following reasons:
1. In the middle of July, 2009, we moved our law office from Ramsey to Midland Park. “Ross” one of your sales persons contacted me about service prior to the move. I advised him that I was not pleased with Cablevision and that I was concerned that the well-established numbers we had would be available in our new location. He assured me that they could be preserved. During my discussions with Ross, he assured me that there would be no rewiring fee. Our new office was previously occupied by an engineering firm who had their workspaces wired. All that was required was to connect our office to the outside world. No internal wiring was needed. We were charged incorrectly for “rewiring” and a credit of $250.00 is due.

2. We own three numbers: [protected], [protected], and [protected]; [protected] is a dedicated fax line. To avoid a long missive, please review our file concerning phone number [protected]. This belongs to us, but it was not ported over when we moved to Cablevision. This was an omission on Cablevision’s part, and it still has not been corrected. This caused both a loss of a line and calls for over two weeks. That precipitated a loss of business to my office for dropped calls, incorrect busy signals, etc. I estimate that Cablevision’s failures and negligence caused my practice damages of over $10, 000.00 for lost clients.

3. During the “seamless” transition we were promised, we had no telephone service for over one week! Being a law office of a sole attorney, it is vital to our economic well being that we have telephone service. This loss of service has affected our business and livelihood, and is the responsibility of Cablevision to rectify and reimburse me for the lost of services.

4. While trying to correct these problems, I and my assistant spent more than 40 hours on the phone and in the office speaking with your service department and talking with the more than seven different repairmen sent to our site. This loss of productivity must be made up, and averaging the rates of myself and assistant to be $200.00/hr, it amounts to $8, 000.00 that Cablevision has cost me in lost time. I expect Cablevision to provide an appropriate credit for that lost time.

5. Because of prior problems with the Internet service, “Ross” promised to give me the Optimum Boost for free. I expect the charges for this service to be deleted from my bill and not to reappear.

I never ordered or agreed to pay for Cable TV. Therefore, a full credit must be issued.

At this time, our services are minimally working and I would like to keep it that way. Unfortunately, whenever someone attempts to make things better, new problems arise and old problems that were thought to be corrected reappear. The following is what I would like to see happen going forward:

1. We need to know the status of our number [protected]; we own this number and would like to utilize it. During this long process, we were given a “dummy” number so that we could have to outgoing lines and a second line to hunt for when our primary number (4400) is being used.

2. This alleged amount due of $563.90 has to be revisited. All of the above points should be reviewed, including the amount of time we needed to get a minimally functioning business service. In fact, it is our position that Cablevision owes my firm far in excess of that invoice.

If you would like to contact us to discuss this situation further, please do so. I trust that you are guided accordingly.


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