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Cablevision / fees

1 P.O. Box 3568Bronx, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 646-420-2828

Cablevision has been charging their customers an additional charge if you have more that two my case I have three but they are already charging me for the 3 boxes in which i'm paying 19.50. Then they add an additional fee and call it "additional set" at 5.00 per month. When you call to question this bill-they tell you its a surcharge for a third box, but does not say this on the bill.

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  • Je
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    Cablevision are a bunch of theives! They have been charging me for services i never ordered and told me they cannot give me credit! Than the supervisor i spoke to was so nasty that she actually told me she can disconnect the service for me asap!!!! I need to find out who else i can contact besides customer service to file a complaint!!! Or even just to tell the corporate offices the type of a******* they have working for them!

  • An
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I am soo glad it is not me alone. They are ridiculous and their practices are wicked. The government really should investigate them. If it was not for my mother and father. I wouldve canceled their services long long time ago. I got dragged in with the 99. per month for al l three and I asked how much will my bill be after that, and I was told NO MORE THAN 140.00 and I double questioned to make sure taxes etc. included and I was told for sure, Now come to find out my 140 is 170 to 180 every month and everytime I call them to question it, it is some bull S*&t from some one of their tools. How much are those boxes worth ? about 30 bucks, but when they are charging you that 19.50 per month and the 5.00 on top of that and in the end you will not own that crappy box. I am so glad that everybody will be judged for all their actions someday by God. I soo want an alternative..

  • Jo
      24th of Mar, 2008
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    I have both business service and home service with Cablevision. When the original installation of my business was done by the "first" technician, the job was done terrible. The wires were showing across the light fixtures in my hall ceiling. In addition, the first technician cracked "ALL" of my clear ceiling panels and left them on the ground because he couldn't get them
    back. In addition to that, he ran the wire right down the side of the outside of my wall where there was a hollow wall to run the wire and come out the bottom neatly the way it should be done. Of course I called and complained. It took several phone calls to get another person out and they fixed one
    panel and not the other, left the cable on the outside of the wall and left. You could still see the cable across the light fixtures. After several more hours on the phone, the finally sent a gentleman who fixed the lights and ran the cable so you couldn't see it across the light panels. I bugged him to run the wire inside of the wall and I would up helping him to do it right.

    Next, there was a short in my telephone and it wasn't working (this is all within a 1 month period) This is a business line mind you. I run my shop off this number. So...I made an appointment and they didn't show up. This happened twice and about a month of not having my phone working properly. Each time I had to use my phone I had to unplug the wire from the wall and re-plug it in. So the first tech came and fixed it for about 3 days. After complaining furiously to Cablevision telling them that the line was pinched somewhere, they finally sent another guy with a spool of line in his hand and the problem was finally fixed.

    I told the company that there was no way I was paying 200.00+ for installation after all that. It took many more hours on the phone to resolve that. In addition, I was quoted around $108.00-110.00 per month (for the first 12 months) including taxes and was charged $135.00 or $140.00 once I got the bill. When I called customer service they lied to me and told my that it was 135 or 140 and I told them that was quoted 108-110 by the initial conversation. i stated the time date and representative and it was finally honored. I was lied to and given the run around. I wound up spending hours and hours on the phone (which they bank on you giving up).
    I use Cablevision because I don't have. I can't stand the way they are so nice when they take your money and if you have anything else going on it's a problem...I can't really go with Verizon because I really don't know who is worse. The ethics of business today has really gone to the dogs. People should try to help one another a little more and whatever happened to : the customer is always right?"

  • Je
      7th of Apr, 2008
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    I hate Cablevision, bunch of crooks!!! I can wait for FIOS!

  • Ca
      10th of Apr, 2008
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    The "additional set top fee" to which you are referring is the fee to have all cable boxes in the home receive the same programming.
    Without that fee we would have to bill your cable package rate multiplied by the amount of boxes you have. The addional set top fee is the only way to transmit your tv services equally to each box.
    The 'Box Fee' that you are being charged for each box, is the rental fee, per box, for each one in your possesion.

    Hope this clears up your bill.

  • Bi
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    OMG I thought I was the only one being totally hosed by these thieves. Don't tell me that Cablevision doesn't bill you strange charges. CSR reps don't even know what they are half the time. You talk to a different person and ask the same question, you will get a different response. I was quoted one thing when I signed the Sales Order Form and I am now being charged at least ten dollars more than that. There are lines on the bill that make no sense. I don't subsribe to HBO or anything like that, why is there a Premium Service charge on my bill?
    Started my service literally in the middle of the month. Why was my first bill only one dollar away from the quoted monthly rate? Why does my bill have four different billing cycles on it? I get a bill as soon as I pay my bill. Who does that? You wind up paying when you don't really need to, and Cablevision is ahead on your payments.
    Cablevision took over the neighborhood cable company, that oddly enough, had a simple bill. You asked for one tier, you got that price. You asked for a higher tier of service, you got that price. There weren't any surprises. I'm sure many of my neighbors are paying strange prices for services they probably don't have. One person had her phone switched to Optimum and she didn't request it.
    There is no competition for Cablevision in NYC. It's either them or Time Warner and it depends on the borough you live in. And I wish these fools would stop calling my house with offers of 'discounts'. Just charge me the amount I signed for. That'd be a nice discount.

  • Ca
      14th of Apr, 2008
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    You have every right to understand your bill. If something isn't clear, call, if it is still not clear, speak to a supervisor, if it is still not clear, speak to a manager. Numbers don't lie and if you don't understand something, ask questions, as many as you have to to get it. We are not in the business of stealing you money or confusing you. As long as you don't call for clarification, you won't get any and in the end all you would have accomplished was being pissed off.

  • Do
      21st of May, 2008
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    I'm irritated that Cablevision arbitrarily made 8 popular channels that are included in the pack I subscribe to, viewable only with a box which will have a monthly fee. I chose this pack specifically because a box was not necessarry. If you have more than one set, and who doesn't, there is an additional rental fee.
    First they drop a couple of channels from the pack (with no drop in fee) and now this. I have the DSL too, so I'm not eligible for the triple cheaper deal, which is also patently unfair. They punish you for being a good customer? But will give a new subscriber a better deal.
    This is the problem with a monopoly, I have no choice of cable companies in the area so I'm stuck with Cablevision. I would change to Dish but when I called for info, the salesman was so insistant that I sign up then and now that I hung up.

  • Er
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I have phone, internet, and cable through CableVision and I get very low quality picture, frequent choppiness, and freeze-ups. It goes down frequently and requires a 15 minute reboot process. The voice quality on the phone is far worse than my cell phone. Yesterday, Cablevision themselves actually broke my service at the box outside my building when they installed my neighbor's service. The person I spoke to yesterday promised to send someone out between 5 and 9pm today. He also said he notated my account with my comments about the problem. I waited till 9 then called. The rep I spoke to today said there were no notes on my account, and that a repair person had come out at 12:17pm. She said they don't offer 5-9 appointments. I was soooo mad. There was no note outside the building saying anyone had been there. If there had I could have not waited 4 hours tonight. Also THE PROBLEM IS OUTSIDE THE BUILDING AND THEY DIDNT EVEN CHECK THAT! Since they are actually the ones that broke it, I am intending to send them a bill for loss of business and for wasting my time. I hope others do the same, and that Cablevision's low level.

  • Er
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    If you don't get satisfaction from Cablevision, you could also file a BBB complaint. you can find your local BBB here:

    I just filed one, and I feel much better, and if enough customers do, maybe it will have some effect on their poor quality of service and their bad attitude.

  • Jo
      27th of Jul, 2008
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    well the latest problem is with there hd service and the voom network which they NOW OWN!!
    the chennle you want is not available now please try back later !! yeah for like ever its not available
    a tech told me theres only 4 so called channels that they are using to supply all of there international programing and the voomnet work and like only x amount of peolpe can watch them at any givin time
    so if theres something you want to watch on say the kung fu net work channle 776 turn it on and leave your set on that channel so your locked in as 1 of the lucky ones !!
    man is that a bunch of crap or what !!! any one want to talk about this contact me at

  • Ji
      13th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes SUXs - after moving from NJ over a year ago and cancelling my Cablevision account, I over paid so I rec'd a credit after I arrived in NC. I've been using my optonline now for over a year since I left NJ. Suddenly one day last week, without warning, I couldn't get into my optonline account, I contacted them several times without results. My nephew Jamie a Marine and just got home after being 9 months in Afghanistan also had an account, all 9 months of emails are gone along with all contacts. I lost everything irreplaceable documents, pictures, tax reports and they don't care and won't even try to help. Attached is one of the conversations I had with Tech Support:

    Your Optimum Online Tech Support Specialist has arrived.
    Jonathan B: Hello and thank you for contacting Optimum Online's Live Technical Support, the award winning call center recently ranked #1 by JD Powers and Associates. How are you today? My name is Jonathan; I received your question and will be glad to assist you. Please allow me a moment while I pull up your account.
    Jonathan B: Is there another phone number that may pull up your Cablevision account? The phone number initially entered before starting this session has pulled up no accounts in your name.
    Jonathan B: If you don't have the phone number, do you either have the Cablevision Account number or the Email address in question?
    ME: Hi Jonathan, It seems that is one of the problems
    ME: I can't remember that number
    ME: I have the account # will that help
    Jonathan B: Yes, the account number will be fine, thanks.
    ME: 0787655515802-1
    ME: But if you cancelled my account you might have trouble finding it.
    ME: will my address help?
    Jonathan B: Thank you Jill. I actually do have the account up now, but it looks like it is disconnected.
    MY: By who?
    Jonathan B: I have the address that you entered before starting this session as well - thanks.
    Jonathan B: It looks like the Cablevision account is disconnected. If you've moved from the home and no longer have or pay for Cablevision services, this is generally the reason why an account is disconnected.
    ME: I haven't lived there in over a year and I have been using it, I think my Nephew Jamie is the reason it is now closed.
    Jonathan B: Well what happens is once an account is disconnected the Email addresses will work for a few months, but eventually stop working. There not supposed to work for over a year, but sometimes they continue to work for a while. If the account is disconnected, unfortunately it means that the Email addresses are disconnected and not active as well. The system here won't allow us to reinstate or change passwords for Email addresses on disconnected accounts.
    Jonathan B: *They're
    ME: I know that I cancelled Cablevision but I have Time Warner now and I just assume that they were deducting for it.
    ME: Is there any way that I can get the info out of my account? I'll pay???
    Jonathan B: I see - Time Warner is actually a different company which isn't related to Cablevision. It's a little confusing though. The time Warner account and Email addresses aren't related to the Cablevision/Optimum Online Email addresses. If you have created new Email addresses with Time Warner, however, they should be able to assist you in accessing them if they have stopped working.
    Jonathan B: To be honest Jill, it's not a matter of paying - the system locks us out of the account once it's disconnected all Emails are purged from the system. Usually the Email address will work for about 3 months after the account is disconnected but sometimes it works for a while longer. I really wish there was more I could do from here and I apologize for how frustrating this must be.
    ME: I really need my contact and also my tax records and other important papers . As far as Time Warner, it was my assumption, as I stated be for I am disabled and have problems with memory and because I rec'd no notice and it was just cut of within this week I was hoping you could help.
    ME: 3 months...that's great! it has only been closed out about a week at the most.!
    Jonathan B: I'm showing that the account was disconnected over a year ago. What happens when an account is disconnected is the Emails are removed from the system so unfortunately there is no way to get them back. Even if the account was reinstated, the Emails wouldn't be there any longer since it's a disconnected account. If you used a program like Outlook express, they should still be on your computer, however. If you used the Webmail, there is unfortunately no way to get back deleted Email.
    Jonathan B: If you'd like, you can call Customer Service to see if the Account can be temporarily reinstated, but as far as I know, if you're no longer living at the residence in NJ, they won't be able to do so. Customer Service' number is 973-884-0027.
    Jonathan B: Did you have any other questions regarding Optimum Online or Optimum Voice?
    ME: My cablevision account was closed over a year ago, But I have had my email up until a couple of days ago. Is there a way of me giving you a new email address that you could forward the contents?????Please
    Jonathan B: Unfortunately the contents are deleted when the account is disconnected, Luckily the Email account stayed active for almost a year, but since it is no longer functioning the Emails can not be recovered, since they were purged from the system. I truly apologize for the inconvenience Jill.

  • Jo
      13th of Mar, 2009
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    I know much customers including myself who have just 'bout had it w/ cablevision. I'm in the process of cancelation & seeking other svcs.
    The service they give is not worth it, all they do is repeat a movie over & over again, sometimes the same one playing on 2 different channels. In addition, they go-off on taxing, much like the cell phone companies..."stratospheric taxes, satellite taxes, other worlds taxes, etc. etc.
    I'm not too sure why the blazes these monpoliptic entities are not being dragged into court or investigated but I believe it's much like the auto petro industry, they would be outt'a business if all went "green".

  • Ki
      9th of Apr, 2009
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    Cablevision Io - Bad service
    Cablevision IO
    United States

    Cablevision upgraded me to their IO Digital Cable Service in July 2005. They came and replaced my analog set-top box with a digital box. I did not check my bills closely enough for the following six months, until I noticed in January 2006 that they were actually billing me for two set-top boxes. A minor expense, but still an additional $5 per month for the phantom box. This is the second time I've had this kind of trouble with Cablevision. Last time they tried to upsell me something, the sales person offered me free bundled HBO permanently. Turns out it was only free for one month. I should record every conversation I have with them.

  • Je
      21st of Apr, 2009
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    All consumers who feel Cablevision are crooks should contact their respecitve State Attorney General. Only by uniting together can we make a change.

  • Iv
      27th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes copy and paste this link if it does not work by clicking on it . I am a current customer with Cablevision for the last two years .I downgraded my package got rid of internet and phone . I even downgraded my cable package from silver to broadcast basic + the io upgrade . I was told by the Rockland Cablevision Optimum Headquarters I could not speak to a Supervisor about the matter . I called the Long Island Call Center and spoke to Kim, Evan (Senior Coordinator), and Lamont(Supervisor) . None of them were helpful, they told me I was incorrect in my claim this is "False Advertising" . They even checked the website themselves and saw the advertisement . After Lamont gave me the run around I demanded the listed advertisement . He only could offer me a free month of Cable . I told him I would like to speak to his manager . He told me I could not speak to a Manager that he was the highest position available to talk about the matter. I told him that is rubbish, I want to speak to a Manager whoever is your boss . He said they dont take calls . After being persistant he told me he would leave a message for the next manager to contact me as soon as possible . I got his personal phone number as well in case they do not contact me . I am outraged and if they do not honor their advertisement im switching to Verizon Cable . I was lied to multiple times by the staff, and they are rude.

  • Ri
      14th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes
    Us Cablevision - Reduction in service
    Wappingers Falls
    New York
    United States

    In the midst of the Didital switch Cablevision found another way of their existing customers pay more. Instead of increasing their already high rates, they now have removed access to approximately 20 formerly inclusive changes that were originally part of the basic offering (such as Lifetime, BET, AMC, SCFI, Animal Planet, etc). If you want to receive these delted channels you have to buy a cable box for all the TVs in the house incurring additional "monthly rental fees" for digital cable boxes, HD digital cable boxes or CableCARDs on each TV. So, now customers are having to pay extra if they want the channels that used to be included in the base price. Note, they are not giving and fee reduction in this loss of service..

  • El
      12th of Jan, 2010
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    Cablevision - Removal of HGTV
    United States

    Here's an idea for you...STOP with the FULL PAGE ads & the TV COMMERCIALS about your troubles with Scripps! Put that money towards bringing back HGTV! There are only SIX channels I watch! Now there are only FOUR! IF you don't bring them back, then you need to REFUND us customers! I'm willing to PAY MORE to get them back! In the mean time I' m going to have to research getting ANOTHER Cable supplier i.e. Fios, Disk, etc.

  • Op
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    0 Votes

    o my gosh. When I first started talking with Optimum, I thought they were going to be different from Verizon because they wanted customers. They are the worst. Like someone else said above, you can call and ask different questions and each rep gives you a different answer. It's unbelievable. When I finally decided to order services, I explicitly told the rep exactly what I wanted. But the day they arrived, they were signing me up for something totally different! But who can totally understand the contract? I thought I would get it installed that day since they were already there and call them and get it straightened out. Of course when I called them, they said the package I was told I could get was never even available in the first place, so of course my first rep lied. They are all liars, talk in circles...just like Verizon. And the problem is they know they have you because there are no other providers. I am so dismayed with Optimum. I can't believe they are liars like Verizon. They start out all with their "Oh, I'm sorry"..."oh, thank you for waiting". Tell them to shove it and get on with the conversation and stop with the fake niceness. And take the survey at the end and give them all bad marks. I would say, just subscribe to internet and you can hook up your computer to your TV and watch shows from the networks channels. Or just watch movies from your public library! TV is ALL commercials is horrible. I can watch cooking shows on Youtube anyway! Spend your time doing something else you enjoy and making the world a better place . Get a converter and watch the free 6 channels or so. And get your information from the Internet. Absolutely ashame there is so much wrong with their company and they promote it rather than correct it. I could just see their training the customer a runaround..untill you GET them.. Horrible.

  • Pi
      13th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    Their corporate offices in Melville NY SUCK! I tried changing my name, gave them the proper documentation. They sent it back stating that I left out my cable box serial #. I got the #, sent it back. They sent it back AGAIN stating that the information is still incomplete. I hadn't put my modem ss #. Well, Hell! If they know so much, why the hell didn't they write in the damn number if they had the info to begin with and just changed my name on my account! I HATE CABLEVISION!!! Then, whenever the cable goes out, all three services go out. I actually called them to come and pick up all their damn boxes. They talked me down by reducing my bill. OK. But I still can't get any satisfaction from the corporate offices - those ###!

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