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I've had cablevision... From the very beginning... I've had trouble with them...

1) when I sign up... The rep told me a certain price, then when I got my bill it was a higher price... This went on for over a year and still going on... I've tried to resolve it with them.. Even contacting bbb... No results... Recently, I order optium triple play... And I did not know it was part of cablevision... Again... I having a big billing problem with them... And it's only been 4 weeks...

The next day after getting it install... I call to find out why they are charging me $131... When I call they toold me my new bill was now! $168 dollars. I'm going to cancel my order and take them to small claims court... Maybe, just maybe the judge can decide what's right... They quoted triple paly would be $99 with tax $103... I was prorated because I had it installed on the 9th of jan.. Their billing cycle starts on the 15th..

After the tech left he handed me a bill for $131 and when I call to see why it was so much... On the phone auto service they said the bill was $168 dollars... Now they are saying my bill is $229.. And I just got service jan 9, 2008.

Beware of cable vision! Aka optimum on line.

  • Updated by Ena Edouard · Jun 07, 2019

    False promotions and you never pay the real price

  • Updated by Francis Coogan · Sep 03, 2019

    No warning that my email would be down for 2 days, I could have sent notice to send emails to my gmail account, as usual the customer means nothing to your company.

  • Updated by Jean antoine · Sep 07, 2019

    I don't service since 9/5/2019 with optimum company when i called them they play game with me,
    they ask me to wait untill next week that's mean they can't do enything for me to resolve the problem


  • To
    TOMMY GUNNZ Feb 18, 2008

    I would love to know what service you signed up for. One of the things that cablevision can say that other companies cannot is a monthly no nonsense bill with taxes on the tv only.

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  • Bl
    BLITZCLIK Mar 14, 2009

    I must tell you that the majority of judges have stock in the cable network industry. Don't expect justice from them.
    Oh by the way, the Digital TV change we all now recieve was put foward to charge us for channel reception in the years to come.
    Another scam the cable companies deploy is the fact that we are all paying for product comercials. Which occupies thirty eight percent of you subscription time.

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  • Da
    Dave Apr 22, 2009

    I started off badly with Cablevision. I switched from Verizon to the optimum triple play and it took forever for them to install it and port my old number to the new service with them. They installed a temporary number because it would take some time for my old number to get transfered over to them... and they told me that I won't be charged for the temporary no#, then 2 weeks later they DO charge me 49.27. I looked at my bill and it said 29.95 for OV and a "partial" fee of 19.32. I asked them why did they charge me for that and what was the partial fee all about and they told me some bullsh*t like: "it was from your last month's usage" then I asked them to refund my money and they only refund 27.00 as a credit and I'm thinking to myself "THIS IS WRONG"... What is wrong with this company? Their billing system is a complete joke, they don't even charge you ever month, they charge you like every two weeks so it can accumulate and you pay twice as much.

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  • Ma
    Matthew Alimena Aug 14, 2018

    About a month ago, Optimum came to my house to install cable boxes in our house. While the technician was installing a cable box in my room, some type of error occurred in which a surge blew out my TV and PS4. Before the technician arrived, both units worked completely fine. This is very unfair and I want to hold optimum fully responsible.

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  • No
    Nozil Zaira Aug 15, 2018

    You guys need more employee, if we are paying for a service its becausewe need it. 2 weeks empoyment waiting on now the godanm tecnician is late. Now i have to reschedule another 2 weeks. That's worst then frontier. I am staying without option. Can't they do something right for God sake!

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  • Ph
    Phlawless Aug 15, 2018

    The cable box in my bed room continues to read "channel not available" with no audio. I called three times and now they want to charge me a tech fee of $80.00 when it's THEIR box.

    This is unacceptable to charge your customers for a rep. to come out to fix the problem. i am requesting for the fee to be waived.

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  • An
    Angelina N Sep 22, 2019

    @Phlawless They have done this to me too. They scamming customers and refusing to waive the fee when you call them lying that you sign or they sent emails telling you about the charge.

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  • An
    Angelina N Sep 22, 2019

    @Angelina N They deserve to get sue by government agencies is a lot of complaints about deceiving practices about Optimum Services.

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  • Tc
    Tchotcho Sanvi Aug 15, 2018

    Acc# 0783730182305-2
    Add:1064 Sheridan Av. Apt 1C Bronx NY 10456
    From 4/14/18 to 6/14/18 we have no phone and internet service due to damage of the box that provides for. But Optimum sent us a bill as past due. We called 7188603513. The representatives promise the supervisor will call back but never. Say to whom it may concern to fix the problem

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  • Sc
    School IT Department Aug 20, 2018

    Optimum technician didn't show-up twice to perform router upgrade.
    Optimum customer service didn't provide information about appointment cancellation. Our school is totally unaware about what Optimum planning to do next ...

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  • Ba
    Barbara Moran Oct 21, 2018

    Game one of the World Series has just started on TBS. In the first ten minutes there have been half a dozen interruptions where the screen goes black. Do you know how many people are watching this game. These blackouts are a regular occurrence and not acceptable. This never happened when Cablevision owned the company.

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  • Dr
    DrNick Oct 31, 2018

    Customer service at the local office allowed a random individual to lock my without my (the owner) authorization. They refuse to unblock my account after I provided all the paperwork proving I'm the only authorized person. Optimum is not worth losing my business

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  • Ak
    aksenov family Mar 20, 2019

    Optimum charges grow uncontrollably with no improvement in service. Their surcharges and taxes are not controlled properly by franchise or state officials. They use unnecessary promotions for one purpose only - future price increase. It feels like they own their customers and we have no rights. Someone has to take a look into this problem.

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  • Do
    DoreenT Apr 02, 2019

    I have called customer service numerous time because he internet services often cuts off. I have work with the several representatives, which included increasing the services plan to 300 and when that didn't help I had a technician come to the house. Nothing is working to alleviate the issue with the internet disconnecting and it is frustrating!

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  • Ja
    James Jorden Apr 10, 2019

    Everytime i use this service, i get pixelation, this has been going on for some time. I order a movie and i spent twenty plus minutes watching stop and go images. Can this b e corrected? It would be appreciated. thank you.


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  • To
    toe knee May 19, 2019

    At least twice a year I do not receive a monthly bill, and the following month I receive a bill for two months service along with a ten dollar late fee . I f I had received a bill (I didn't ) it would have been paid, the 10 dollar charge although small is me paying for their mistake !

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  • Mi
    Mike Mercer Jun 11, 2019

    You won't hear from them. Its a waste of time. I'm looking for another provider

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  • En
    Ena Edouard Jun 15, 2019

    This phone company frequently changes their name over the years to make people think they are a new company.
    And also have false promotions to ween customers in about don't give them the price as agreed. There promotions are never accurate.
    Enclosed is an add for 79.99 per month. I was paying over -$ 140 on a monthly basis.

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  • He
    hectornegron12 Jun 18, 2019

    My name is Hector Negron and phone number 16463994341 I live in 2701 webb ave. Apt.5 g Bronx N.Y.10468

    I call many time for support and the person not final service and cancel the call, for this and more I diced to cancel my account with this company...

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  • De
    deeznuts921 Jun 19, 2019

    your reps are despicable and rude. i spoke with someone on 6/11 who gave me wrong information I called back on 6/13 and one rep hung up on me because he kept putting me on hold and after the 3rd time I asked him not to. The following rep yelled at me and was nasty. and didn't want to hear my issue out. i hate this company so much

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  • Am
    Amit Arora Jun 23, 2019

    Had an issue where internet wasn't working. Technician came to fix it and told us that issue is with wire outside apartment.
    In comments, said that issue within apartment and charged us falsely. This is blatant lie and customer service refusing to help.

    Such a mess. Instead of providing credit, they are falsely charging.

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  • Ye
    Yevgeniy Yektischenko Jun 30, 2019

    I am not dead yet. Can I have a headstone prepared?

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  • An
    Anna.t Aug 04, 2019

    Cable box keeps saying "installation". Tv channels don't turn on. Been without tv for 2 days now

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  • Pe
    Pea pod Sep 03, 2019

    Just answer the phone. Tell people what their wait time is. I had Spectrum. I wish I could have them now but they don't service here YET. I'm thinking of making a corporate complaint and contacting the Better Business Bureau. Just answer the phone!

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  • Fr
    Francis Coogan Sep 09, 2019

    no warning that they would not provide email service for 2 days. I could have sent notice to my clients to use my gmail account. They do not care about there customers.

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  • An
    Andrian Curshen Sep 11, 2019

    Unable to watch Netflix and other streaming services. Lack of bandwith.

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  • Je
    Jean antoine Sep 15, 2019

    Hi, Mr Gerald Antoine, I'm living at 81 lonergan dr suffren ny 10901, home phone 845 459 9646, My cell 8454599639 email [email protected]
    I called that 866 838 5672 to wait untill wednesday to fix the problem
    that's right the optimum company loose the customer, it's not fair to wait untill next week, please help me
    thank you

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  • Mo
    M O'Connor Sep 17, 2019

    My internet, cable, and phone were not working. I called Optimum Cablevision Customer Service and was advised there was an outage in my area. My internet and cable came back but no phone - I've been on hold for over 50 minutes waiting to speak to a representative!!

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  • An
    Angelina N Sep 22, 2019

    Customer beware!! Optimum is lying to their customer over the phone do not make arrangments for a technician to come to your home they scam you telling you verbally what you want to hear and advise you to make an appointment hiding the fact that they will charge you for their home services. They are charging customers for poor services and not delivering what they promise. Even if they are supposed to fix the problem. When you get the bill you will get charged and then when you call them to complain they will refuse to refund you. They lie to me over the phone, my internet service and tv services is the worse I never have internet in my home it cames saying DNS is out. The representative over the phone said that the technician fix the wires at the back of my building that is a lie. The technician never fix them he told me it was not an outside problem it was indoors by the wall of the outlet and he even said the box was old so he change it. They are a rip off run as fast as you can don't bother with Optimum unless you want to ger ript off.

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  • Dt
    DTNYwestchester Sep 25, 2019

    I spent 2 days and 3 hours and spoke with several people and got disconnected a couple of times. They rip you off on your bills. They lie about speed and promotions.
    There are no supervisors supposedly available. Retention department is a joke and nasty. Never seen anything as bad as Optimum.

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  • Aa
    Aaavvvcccddd Sep 29, 2019

    Driver of your optimum service van 669 sped down a side residential street at high rate of sped. He blew 2 stop signs. He then stopped to help another van servicing 80 evergreen ave lynbrook ny.
    I have pictures of the van that commited the offense.

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  • La
    Laura Europa Oct 07, 2019

    I was charged $38 dollars for the internet service and afterwards I added a TV service and my bill came up to $314 I kept calling to customer service and the service was ridiculous and on circles conversation not helpful at all. They believe you don't know how to read a bill. Find a shipper company.

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  • Lc
    LC8O Oct 10, 2019

    My phone number is 805 620 8823

    I am furious and this needs to be resolved

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  • Mi
    Michi yah Nov 07, 2019

    These people cut off my 4 times in 2xmonths they said a storm blew out qires then send me a bill for 350$ to pay them for fixing rusted out wires that been hanging on the outside of my building for over 50 years i want every dime of my money i spent

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  • Do
    Donnajoy Jan 01, 2020

    I have called several times for the problem I am having with my cable DVR. The representatives have not solved the problem nor do they seem to understand. I requested a supervisor however I was promised a call back- it did not come. I am really disgusted with this customer service. I want a reduction in my bill for the DVR service.

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