Burger King / unauthorized charges

NOIDA, India


I have a concern regarding the payment, I ordered a meal for 2 and the price for the same was Rs. 418 including tax...I have asked that lady in the counter to use my SBI card for the payment ..she used it and have returned my card saying there was some issue in that machine...transaction cancelled and I have to pay through cash now..I asked her if I can pay through another card and she swapped my other SC debit card for the payment.

I had received 2 messages from both the bank saying...I have paid Rs.418 for the meal...Went to that lady again for the same but she said this happens when there is error in the machine..and that it is a error message. I believed that lady at that time or can say I was with my friend so didn't wanted to know more about it.

But I checked my bank Transactions today and now I realize I was made fool, I cant believe that this can also happen to the place like this, Burger King.

Please help me get my money back.

Burger King
Burger King

Oct 19, 2018

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