Burger Kingshelton managers

L Nov 22, 2017

Hi I'm the girlfriend of one of the employees over at the Shelton wa Burger King . These last few months have been just awful started last month when I went into labor with my son had an emergency c section well both of the new managers over at the Shelton wa Burger King wrote him up because he didn't give them enough warning about my emergency contact section. Every day I'm hafting to wait hours after his schedule time off to pick him up because the manager Mary tells me that they don't have a schedule time off there allowed to keep the employees as long as they want or need them. And just today the manager Kelly took his cell phone away from him for 3 hours he wasn't allowed to have his phone back till his break. Yesterday he didn't even get his break till he was off. If I need to get in contact with my boyfriend over an emergency mary says there too busy to let me get in contact with him. Mary and Kelly are both managers over at the Shelton Burger King and are making this just awful I'd like to see some action done here before I go higher up and seek legal counsel please handle this

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