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Burger King / terrible food

1 Savannah, GA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 214-205-7160

I was in Savannah Georgia in the Airport last Friday night and I had the absolute worst Whopper Junior I have ever had in my 56 years... The bun was cold the burger was luke warm and the french frieswere totally disgustin...hollow in the middle and lukewarm.

I don't ever think I have ever been so disappointed in a meal.

Bonnie Lantz

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  • Va
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    I have had a very bad experience at your restaurant at 19800 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach CA 92648. I have had this experience at least three times in the past at this restaurant. The restaurant number is 4257. I have never complained to any company before like this, but I feel so offended at this point.

    What happened is that I have to ALWAYS ASK for my change back. Sometimes I forget and have to walk back up to the counter and ask for it. I have gone through the drive thru and had to park in the front and go back in and convince them that they didn't give the change back. What happens is that they give back the coins and not the paper money. Unless you ask for it.I have actually noticed that it happens all the time.

    Let me give you a scenario.I order 2 items on the value menu. I give them a $5 or $10.When I see the receipt it does not show how much money I gave them.It shows that I gave them only the amount of the order and then got 0.00 change. (see enclosure).

    But that is not what happened at the register.Why don't the register tapes show how much I give the order taker? It does not reflect what happened. It does have a place for the amount that we pay and then the amount of the charges for the food and then the amount of change. So why don't they show the amount tendered correctly. If I give the guy a $10 dollar bill, and he does not give me the change, I have no way to show how much I paid in once he takes my money.

    Now it does not take a MBA in business to figure out what is going on here.The dishonest Burger King employee knows that if they don't enter the amount tendered as the right amount, but only the exact amount required to give 0.00 change, that the register tape does not show the extra change. So if the person asks for the change, they then go ahead and give it back and the register tape still will balance.

    But if the person does not remember to ask for their change back, and walks away with out it, then the register tapes will not show an overage. This means that they can take the extra money out of the till, and the register tapes will still balance at the end of the day. Unless someone is reviewing the security video of the cash register, they would never know that the extra change was there.

    Since the register is not out of balance at the end of the day, No One would be reviewing the security video of the cash register.The reason I really know they are doing it intentionally and not accidentally is that they will give the money back to me every time right away. They don't argue because they know they did it, and got called out on it. So to avoid any trouble, they give the money back after you confront them. Each time the person just acted like it was something they forgot, or it was a mistake. Come on, don't standard accounting procedures require that they give correct change every time. If they are having trouble remembering to give change back to customers, they need to be replaced.

    I have had this happen at least three times at this restaurant. I finally decided to complain. I will be going to Carl's JR from now on because I don't want to keep getting robbed at the Burger King.

  • Br
      26th of Apr, 2010
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    "I was in Savannah Georgia in the Airport last Friday night and I had the absolute worst Whopper Junior I have ever had..."

    Are there no restaurants or cafe in the whole of Georgia where you could, for a little more than the cost of a bread-borne heart attack you could eat a decent meal while sitting at a table? Instead of balancing a slowly collapsing soggy mess in a draughty airport lounge while trying to hold on to the other killer, choke a cola and where everyone can see you stoking up the pounds and sliding their eyes to your expanding hips.

    America is in the grip of the tyranny of the fast food chain, and so, by the evils of globalisation, is the rest of the world.

    "Flabbination" is the term I use for this malady, perhaps whenever you feel the temptation to buy from these organisations, you will remember that word and turn your steps to a more healthy alternative.

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