Burger King / poor service food quality

Nashville, TN, United States
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(I had to copy the information from my receipt on a piece of paper due to them not wanting to give me a receipt so I'm not sure what this number is but was on the receipt as well 330590)

On 6/18/17 @ 11:27 am I visited the Burger King @
store # 7117
2388 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN 37214

I made my order which was a Number 1 combo I specifically told the clerk how I wanted my sandwich ( it was register #3) (Dominique employee number 463494 order # 390) after getting my food the 1st time it was wrong (ex mayo) I again told the clerk no mayo add mustard the sandwich was fixed a 2nd time I got back to my place of employment and looked at the sandwich again it was ex mayo I went back for the 3rd time told the general manager ( did not get her name she was a Caucasian lady that came to the window) another employee ( a African American male gave me my drink again (I had a slush which had melted by the time I went back and forth ) he immediately slammed the drive thur window closed ( even though its on a track he used his hand to close it) as I was trying to make sure that they understood my order, the general manager gave me my food I pulled away only to notice my food was cold burger looked as if they had wiped the mayo off and added mustard on a new bun the onion rings were cold as well . So I returned back to just ask for my monies back this was by far the longest and worse experience I had not to mention being late returning from my break at work. I would like to be contacted by someone to explain a few more observations while at this location.

thanks shawanda bean [protected]

Jun 18, 2017

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