Burger King / overcharged on order

Evansville, IN, United States
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I took advantage of the 2 Whopper meal special for $10. add cheese to both meals. I added a 3rd Whopper meal with coupon for $5. And added cheese to it. The last item added was a Hershey pie. I was charge $23.19 for the order. Here is the math for the correct amount, 3 meals @ $5.00 each, add cheese @ $.60 each and 1 pie @ $1.69. Basic math $15.00 meal, $1.80 cheese, $1.69 pie and tax @ $1.48 total $19.97. Instead of listening to the customer, I had shift manager arguing that the computer is correct and I am wrong. As I see it you owe me $3.22 for the over charge and I want you to send me a check A.S.A.P. As a manager of a servicing business, I find the entire instants unprofessional. What happen to listening to the customer and finding a solution, instead of having me aggravated and pissed off.

Jun 22, 2017

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