Burger Kingnot receiving my fries and drinks.

C Nov 20, 2017 Review updated:

I went in the drive through tonight in Socorro, N.M. I was lied to and told there was, no fris, we saw them cooking in the background inside. They also forgot my little kids juice boxes. I've been to this one restauant a couple times in the last few months. Everytime I am created by laughter, and lies. I feel as if I'm purposely being picked, on here and I'm tired of it. If nothing is done to solve this, I will go to the Better Business Bureau.


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      Nov 21, 2017

    It's quite the leap to assume that they are treating you poorly on purpose. Forgetting the juice boxes was probably a mistake, and when they said there were no fries, they probably meant there were no fries ready at the time. You don't have any evidence to show that they are purposely and specifically targeting you.

    I'm not sure what resolution you expect from the Better Business Bureau. You haven't lost any money (at least you do not mention this in your complaint) so besides an apology there is nothing to do for you. If you decide to go back, consider asking for a supervisor next time if you feel offended. You could call the location as well. Typically the BBB expects you to make a level of effort as well.

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