Burger Kingnot being paid on payday

B Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

Hello I'm a former employee and they're several reasons why.Let me start off by saying that the assistant manager on Phelan Boulevard in Beaumont, Texas(Monica) is very loud and boisterous.I've worked several restaurants and I've never seen anything like it.You should be setting an example but instead she's been caught taking a shot of liquor from her bottle and smoking a cigarette to try and cover up the smell.I was wrongfully accused of something and was wrongfully terminated.I need my job because I have a family that needs my support.The district manager is very rude and he threatened me.Me personally don't take threats lightly but I just said ok.Several people were terminated because of this same issue and that's why people don't stay employed there long.I really need to speak to someone as soon as possible because when I called my pay card they tell me my card isn't even registered and I bet started working there in October 2017.After I spoke to a representative they said that it may take 24 hours to activate it and I really don't think that's fair at all.


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      Nov 24, 2017

    You will need to contact your human resources representative or payroll department for assistance.

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