Burger King / messed up order and sick lady

I went to Bk @ El Centro CA, 92231 on 11/18/17 approximately at 4;30p.m. The lady who took my order was sick and I could hardly hear what she was saying to us. I ordered two 3.49$ king deal, 2 10pc nuggets and I added a small drink. Everything was OK until we see her giving us our food and coughing. Her nose was running and she was barely speaking. I could not understand very well when she repeated my order. I called to the store and I wanted to speak with the manager to Make a complaint to the store and corporation for allowing employees to work in that conditions, and also they messed up one of my chesseburgers. The person in charged "Raul" refused to give me the corporation number everytime I asked for it. Also, when I was asking about the sick lady he told me he thought she "was faking" because it was saturday night and she probably wanted to go to party. I was surprised how managers can say things like that about their employees. Anyway, he did not care about MY ORDER, about the lady nor anything. I would not coming back. I hope to not get sick because irresposible managers or I will go to human resources and this will have severe consequences.
I will not recommend this place even when I love whoppers.

Nov 19, 2017

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