Burger King / employee/manager

on 11/24/17 I was in your store where your employee kenyatta
was very rude I had 2 order 2 whopper w/no cheese she gave me cheese
sec order no fries (onion ring) she gave me fries 3rd my daughter was giving the wrong food she ask for (no tomatoes) she was giving tomatoes she took it back to the counter where she was talking to the manager on duty my daughter ask manager since you all mess up my order could I keep the order you all mess up so instead of the manager answering Kenyatta answer so my daughter look at her and said I wasn't talking to you.
(employee) said I'm running this. manager never said anything so the matter got very heated and it went on and on for a while which I'm sure you can pull the tape so i went to the counter and ask for the manager which her name is Julie and I said you standing there all the time watching them go back and forward and you never tried to stop them in which employee kenyatta was cursing at my daughter and the manager didn't say nothing my dauther ask for both name (employee) says sure in a smart way reach her hand out to my daughter in a harsh, and she said my daughter hit her in which she didnt and employee call the police but it all boil down to if the manager would step in right away all of this could have been voilded but she didn't as if she was scare to say something to the employee (Janis owens) [protected] watch the the tape

Nov 29, 2017

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