Burger Kingcustomer service and food quality.

On July 24, 2018 I went to the Burger King in Newman, CA at approximately 9:30pm. Firstly, I should have known better. I've been to this location many times but, its the only fast food restaurant in this town so my options are low and I've tried and tried with this location to give them a chance. Last night was the absolute worst service i have experienced here. Like usual my order was not made correctly. I would say 90% of the time my order is NOT correct.
Last night, I order my food at the drive thru and she does not understand my order. I asked for half union rings, half fries she said "like on the side" I said no u can mix them together. I never got union rings. I also ordered just union rings with one of the meals and never got them. But, I did get charged for an extra fries. I ordered a fanta freeze and never received it. I ordered cheese on my whopper and there was no cheese. I get home and realize my order is completely wrong.
I go back thru the drive thru and tell her and she has an attitude and says "oh my bad" takes my whopper puts a slice of cheese on it and puts it back in the bag so now I have a disgusting cold whopper. She still never puts the onion rings. I just left because this specific location is a joke. They are ALWAYS rude. Their food is NEVER fresh. I really try not going to this location but, I had worked late and was hungry so I gave it a try and the usual happened. They never let us go to the second window because they are so slow and there times would reflect that so we have to stay at the first window. The customer service and quality of this location is so bad and unprofessional. I will never go back here again. I dont understand how people can be so unhappy and rude to customers. BK is not that cheap so I expect some kind of quality when I spend my money here. I'm very disappointed.

-Sarah S

Jul 25, 2018

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