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Burger King / chicken sandwich, whopper order

1 Spring Hill, FL, United States Review updated:

On 11/16/2018 at around 10:00 PM, I visited Store #22697 at 3100 Anderson Snow Road, Spring Hill, FL 34609. Phone [protected] . The store closes at Midnight 12AM as I was told by one of the employees and also posted on the order window.
I ordered a WHopper and CHicken sandwich 2 for 6 deal with small fries. The fries were cold and the little bag was not filled as it is normally filled at many other locations. I asked for the manager, because the young girl at the window was being very rude from the get go at the ordering panel and then the pick up drive window. I blew it off at first, but she kept on with her nasty short attitude after I made payment. So I received my order and I noticed the fries were cold and very few fries. There were a lot of fries missing, so I requested the manager, and they refilled the bag of fries. I went home to eat the whopper and the chicken sandwich for my relative was horrible. The piece of chicken or what ever they put into the two buns was dried out half size piece of flat crap, had a dark look inside and just disgusting with a different bun. The whopper I ate got me so sick later. I have no idea what their deal was, or why they would expect someone to eat something like that. I tried calling the phone number on the receipt, but of course no one even answered the phone for me to complain. The store was still open since they close at 12 am and it was around 10:30 pm at the time the calls were made. I could have driven there, but to be honest by the time I have gotten on my car and got there to complain they would have been closed and what could I have done at the window, with a bunch of criminals at a drive through window!
Going back to the sandwiches, The whopper was cold and I got sick from it, threw it up later and had to take medication to stop the vomiting. I believe I got food poisoning from the cold whopper, and the chicken sandwich my relative did not eat. I kept it and took pictures to show this criminals the next day when everyone is there, so everyone can see their criminal acts of selling poisoned spoiled food to customers. This is where I drew the line and determined that this should be considered attempted murder! Why would this be considered attempted murder? Well if you give or sell someone spoiled food, and they know the food is bad, or has been sitting there for a while like that piece of chicken and that cold whooper as well as the fries, and then get them so sick that it is possible that person could die from food poisoning, that is attempted murder! This should be grounds for some serious legal charges or even full force retaliation if I choose to do any way I want. Why would someone be allowed to do this to anyone and get away with it, just because they work at a restaurant or fast food place! Therefore, If you are Burger King I am going to give you two choices, I will expect you to compensate me with a full refund and some kind of extra monetary compensation or whatever needs to be done to fulfill my suffering, ill, and bad experience I went through on 11/16/18. I want each and everyone of the staff working there that night fired immediately! You know who was working during that shift including the male manager working there. If you do not comply with that option, I will file criminal charges against each and everyone of your employees, and your restaurant. Furthermore if I wish to, I am entitled to do whatever I choose to do in retaliation for what they tried to do to me. I care less if you consider this a threat or what ever you want to call it!
THIS CRIMINAL ACTS THAT THESE REGARDLESS CRIMINALS SELLING FOOD TO CUSTOMERS THAT JUST WANT A DECENT BITE TO EAT AT YOUR RESTAURANT, DURING WORKING HOURS NEED TO STOP! Your restaurant hours state that you are open until 12AM on the window label. Anyone should expect the same freshness of food until closing time! This is Attempted Murder! This was done intentionally because they knew that food was not good. How can someone see a squashed dried out chicken patty and still have the audacity to place it in a sandwich and sell it to a buying customer. The same goes for the cold whopper and the fries. There was plenty of time to produce a fresh chicken patty, a fresh whopper, and fresh amount of fries to fill a small fry bag. SO yes I expect some kind of positive response from Burger King about this issue IMMEDIATELY!! OR THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES OF UNBELIEVABLE PROPORTIONS! I STRONGLY ADVISE YOU TO FIRE THESE 4 OR 5 INDIVDUALS THAT WERE WORKING THERE THAT NIGHT AND DO WHATS THE BEST TO TAKE CARE OF THIS SITUATION.

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Burger King
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Burger King

Nov 17, 2018
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  • Su
      17th of Nov, 2018
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    You’ve blatantly threatened a business in a public forum. If the police show up, you’ll say it was a joke. But, you reiterated it for emphasis, so good luck.

    Do you have medical proof their food caused the alleged food poisoning? Stomach content must be analyzed by a certified laboratory and written proof provided to you.

    A cold Whopper won’t cause food poisoning unless the meat was bad, or it sat out for at least thirty minutes. Their food is prepared and kept in warmers. Maybe it got cold during the drive home. Cold indicates refrigeration. The area in back is warm and food is placed to keep warm. Perhaps your alleged Whopper was just warm from the drive home.

    The chicken sandwich confused me as I see advertisements of chicken breasts and not pieces. It didn’t look good but I’ve only seen commercials. I haven’t eaten one nor been there in twenty-five years. I was the girl who had a diet soda while everyone else ate that fatty, sodium-laden garbage.

    Your friend didn’t eat the sandwich but did they taste it? It may look “squashed and dried out’ but looks are deceiving.

    You didn’t go back because you claim they’d have closed. Liar You claimed:

    You got there around 10 pm
    You ordered
    You drove home
    You ate food
    You called there at 10:30 pm

    It took 30 minutes to arrive, order, drive home, call ... and they’re open until midnight. You couldn’t drive back in 90 minutes but did ALL that in 30 minutes. Yeah, right.

    Scammer. Liar. Schemer. Liar. Ignoramus. Liar. Threat producer. Liar.

    You felt awesome typing your little tale, huh? Puffed-up your little, err, ego, to say that. Big man threatening in writing in public a business over an alleged cold sandwich and alleged small sandwich.

    Attempted murder was done to me by you. Reading your [censored] post made me want to run into the street in front of a car.

    I hope this site gathers your IP and post and presents it to the district attorney in Spring Hill, Florida. Yes, dear, your IP address is recorded in a log. Computer technicians can glean your home address and name from that tidbit of info. Public threats are taken seriously. Imagine the treatment by other criminals in jail towards you for lying about a sandwich and demanding money or you’d do extreme harm.

    Don’t drop the soap!.

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