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Burger King / victims of false advertisement!

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On April 22,2007 my girlfriend and I went through a drive- through at a Burger King located in Chicago,Illinois on Chicago Ave and Western Ave. I ordered my food and payed for it and pulled off due to the long line of cars behind me. I then noticed that the associate didn't give me a receipt. His name was Mauricio. I immediately went in to notify the shift manager of the situation because Burger king advertise that when you aren't given a receipt you get a five dollar coupon. When I told the cashier of the matter she immediately started to laugh at me. She called Mauricio whom claimed to be the "manager". He told me that because I didn't notify him at the window he wouldn't give me the five dollar coupon. It only took me 30 seconds to walk in. He then admitted he was at fault. He then walks to the register and hands me my receipt and changes his story with a smirk on his face. I asked him for a customer service number and I got a useless survey number. i swear to never again to eat a burger king restaurant again. At my job theres a Burger king located a block down. On any given day at least 30 associates from my job eats there. Thats going to change once I write a memo to all my co-workers and tell them of my experiences. I hope it gets ran out of business. Thank you so much for listening.

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  • Aa
      25th of Jun, 2007
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    I went in nothing happened like should have. I got my food 45 minutes later the place was [censored]ed up and the employee's were lazzzy. The manager seemed to be more worried about his boyfriend and had no control over the employee's working if that's what you want to call it. I want into this Burger King located in Baltimore County, 165 Belmont Avenue. Baltimore Md. 21207. 410-944-9950. Store Manager Linda Diggs but she wasn't in on June 24, 2007 at approx 11:11 hours. The Snap Dragan was there looking lost as ever. Maybe if his boyfriend would have stopped buy to pump him up things would have been better for the customers.

  • Pe
      19th of Jul, 2007
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    I go to burger king a lot but about 50% for the time they don't have it because there ice cream machine isn't working. But i still would not complain because i know thing happens. But there is the slowest and not responsible one than at mcnab &rt 84 i was the in line and after i order i still waited in line for 25 minutes and i counted there were 15 car behind on sun 7/15/07 at 2:30 in the afternoon and i only order to kids meal two coke ice so again no coke ice and when i drove away there were no toy in the kids meal and this is not the first time they are the only one that i never get what i order.

    Thank you !!

  • Gr
      18th of Nov, 2007
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    I would just like to say that the Burger King store #4835 has the most ### service and the food is not much better. Every time I go to order Im always interrupted before i can tell the person who is on the intercom what I want. Then when you do finally get your food it looks like a bunch of damn 1st graders made it, its never right but you eat it because you are in a hurry. On any given Sunday morning McDonalds is so crowded that you cant get a parking spot and their drive thru is backed up to the road its because they have great service. BurgerKing looks like a ghost town, one car in the parking lot. Well i stated my complaint I wont eat there again, its not like its the first time I have been eating here for close to 15 years.

  • Ca
      8th of Dec, 2007
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    I feel that the commercial where some women want to run down the king is promoting the wrong message. Just because that king comes up with a better sandwich means you've got to run him down? That is crazy I think the commercial should be taken off the air. Definitely sending out the wrong message to the young viewers.

  • Do
      11th of Dec, 2007
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    I went through the drive thru at the Burger King on Connelley Drive, Hanover, MD location. I was trying to place an order for a breakfast sandwich that I had a buy one get one free coupon for. The russian/german lady which is always in the drive thru advised me to pull up to the window so she could see the coupon. This coupon came out of an entertainment book which was purchased through my nieces elementary school. Once she saw the coupon she asked the manager if okay to use. He said yes. I proceed to try and order the new homestyle breakfast melt which she asked the manager if okay to do. He said yes. I requested not to have sausage on them instead I wanted one with bacon and one with ham. Saugage gives me heart burn. She advised they come with bacon and kept closing drive thru window on me before getting my complete order. When she went to give me the total I finally was able to order the BK Mocha Joe I also wanted with little ice. This time she got the order complete and took my money which was $5.09. I gave her $5.10. She gave me back my 1 cent but no receipt. I got my BK Joe with no straw and was handed my bag of food. After driving away I realized she never gave me my receipt or a straw. Once I got back to work and was able to check my order, both sandwiches had sausage. I seem to always have trouble ordering when this same lady is doing drive thru. I use to go in and order but she seems to work both areas because I also get stuck with her evening when I go into the store to order. She seems to act as if she is rushed when not even busy. I feel that she does not speak or understand english very well either. I think maybe she should not be taking orders if she can't seem to get them right. I do not have this problem when visiting other Burger King locations.

  • Tw
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    I went to the BK on Twin City In Port Arthur Tx. on Saturday @ 7:30 am the 8th of March. The 3 women behind the counter were upset and cussing another employee's excuse for not being at work that morning, I sat down to wait for my order even though I was the only one there. There were breakfast sandwhiches already made up sitting under the heat lamps which I thought usually it is made when you order like mine was supposedly being done since I had to sit and wait. I started to sit at 2 different tables but they were dirty and had to have been from the night before because there were french fries on one of the tables. I sat down to wait and noticed the floors had not been cleaned since the night before also because of the frech fries under several tables and on the seats. There was a salt shaker turned over on a table, trash left on several tables. When I got my breakfast the sandwhich was cold meat , egg and chesse, and the hash rounds were dark brown with stuff on them from being cooked in old grease and you could taste the old grease absorbed in the cold hash browns. There are only 3 Burger Kings in a 20 miles radius from where I live and I have to drive that far to any one of them. I love BK but I am beginning to understand why they are closing and have had financial troubles in the past. I got onlline to find some connection to let them know about the experience so that it could be corrected and this is the only place I could find to vent.

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    We ate at the Burger King on 8775 Washington Blvd in Jessup, MD. My chicken sandwich was room temperature and dry. The fries were also dry and only slightly warm and tasted like its been sitting around for hours. I told my husband that I don't remember BK ever being so horrible as this time. he said what did i expect from a fast food. Ha, that's not all. My 2 year old son had a Jr. whopper sandwich and had acid reflex after a few bites. He pushed it away and my husband finished it. That wasn't the worst part. When we got home, my son complained of stomach pains and had a sour look on his face. He then threw up all over his bed. My husband had diarrea and sat on the toilet for an hour. What did I expect from a fast food restaurant? I could deal with luke warm fries but the getting sick part was just unacceptable.

  • To
      29th of Sep, 2008
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    Visited Burger King on E. Carson St. in Pittsburgh. Workers were milling around as I had just ordered a Sprite and no one else was in line. I kindly asked for my Sprite and 16 year old worker started to give me excuses why I did not have it yet. I kindly said to her simply that I just wanted my Sprite please and explanation was not necessary. Instead of getting the Sprite she stood there trying to continually give me an excuse about her doing something else. To make a this story short I will say that I did not loud talk the little ghetto pigeon nor use profanity. To my surprise she stood there and called me stupid and yelled out loud "[censored] you you ugly b%$ch" The manager was present and did not seem to care. BTW the ghetto pigeon had on horse hair covering her real hair. Have it your way my a*&. Not unless having it my way is the ghetto way.

  • Rg
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    Plano, Texas: 12/30/08 Location: Park & Coit Rd. Near Elliot's True Value Hardware. First and foremost is the promotion of "APPLE Fries" is a complete misnomer, false lead-on placement next to the French Fries and Onion Rings in the Menu Banner. I initially thought, wow! how'd they do that? I then asked the counter person, what the Apple Fries were? She was poliet (A+) and explained that the "Apple Fries" were merely apple slices shaped like french fries. I asked are the apple slies fried? She replied "no, they only look like fries"
    I then asked if the apple slices were hot, warm ? Her reply was they come with a warm carmel sauce. For a $1.49 or something like this amount I was willing to try this. Nothing really terrible per se, however, why does not BK simply put this fruit desert with the deserts? Secondly, I did order a double whopper, and based on my instructions, the restaurant made it exactly the way I ordered the whopper. No complaints here for following instructions. Having fast food experience, I know meals have to be seasoned to have any flavor detectable. I used my usual salt/pepper combination. My experience: I have yet ever to encounter a sandwich totally, completely, and utterly devoid of ANY TASTE whatsoever!! The mustard was there, the lettuce, the onions, the pickles, and the tomatoes along with two (from apperances) well done hamburger patties. TOTALLY, ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY WITHOUT ANY RESERVATION A TRULY DEVOIDED TASTE ABSENT OF SENSATION. I even asked myself, why waist the calories for absolutely no taste sensation. I will not eat at BK anymore. Last trip for me.

  • El
      18th of Dec, 2011
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    My name is Elsie Carlisle I'm. From south bend In I went though the. Drive thru and they didn't give me a receipt. And to top it off the whole order. Was cold and I called talked to the. Manager and she said that she would replace the hashbrowns but not the sandwichs why the sandwich is the main deal _I. Want a total refund

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