Burger Kingbacon cheeseburger and fries

K Nov 14, 2017

Upon visiting burger king in Girard ohio this evening I ordered two bacon cheeseburgers and French fries. The order I received was chicken nuggets. When I explained to the drive through worker the mistake she proceeded to tell her manager. He almost threw the bag with my correct food away but he did end up understanding and gave me the correct bag. I got home fifteen minute drive away from this location and sat down to enjoy my food where I opened the burgers to check because I can't eat pickles. Thankfully there were no pickles however on each burger was only about a 1/3 peice of bacon on each burger which was highly disappointing and very frustrating. I then went to eat my fries and they were really a mix of fries and hash browns. I didn't order hash browns I ordered fries. I have had many good experiences with burgerburgerking. I usually go to the niles location but this Girard location is giving the Burger King brand a bad name. I will never revisit that location. The Burger King I'm referencing in Girard is located at 322 South State St, Girard Ohio 44420. Thank you for hearing out my complaint. I would suggest making sure the store is abiding by the correct standards. I also have pictures documenting the exact products I received if you would like them Thank you, Jessica Bryant

Burger King
Burger King

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