Buffalo Wild Wings / service/management

Hiram, GA, United States

On several different occasions I've had bad experiences here at hiram ga . First time being here to watch a UFC fight sitting next to the drink area where we could listen to our horrible servers complain about the night and hating their job while my drink stayed empty for 20 minutes... and when they noticed us looking laughed and played dumb to their comments about the customers... tried giving a chance to them during football and baseball season but now as the manager tells me we can't have the sound on for the Stanley cup finals game with 9 other people in the bar per a district manager because baseball and hockey "cannot have sound on" quoted... then ask my server that proceeds to tell me that the sound was on for baseball that day... would rather have honesty than lies! And considering our tabs involve 15 people of tabs no less than 150 because of sports, y'all should invest in better staffing that can match eachothers lies! To top that and a few rude comments to follow, we walk out only to find the outside tvs sound on for the game we asked for and asked if outside was ok and for another customer to tell us it was requested. I then proceed to go back in to ask for the managers name which is Brandon explain my situation with a rude remark back from the hostess and everyone group up to talk as I leave. I run a business in the area myself and have never received such horrible service which is why I'm going this far. Thanks from another successful business owner!

Jun 11, 2017

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