Buffalo Wild Wings / price

When we went to Buffalo Wild Wings in Saugus, MA, we went on a Thursday night and asked the waitress if it was half price for boneless wings and she said yes and then even checked to make sure and came back to the table and told us it was half price for boneless wings. We then placed our order for boneless wings then when we received our check at the end, each meal was only $2 less than the original. We then asked the waitress why it was not half price and she checked to see what happened then notified us that it is 70 cent wings not half price on Thursday, despite us asking before placing our orders if it was half price and the answer was yes. Then when the manager came over, he asked what the problem was and we told him and then he told us it was 70 cent wings and we told the manger that we previously asked if they were half price for wings today and the waitress said yes. His only response was that it is in the ballpark, but it is not half priced wings. The wings we ordered were medium sized and originally $16 each and and we ended up paying $14 each, instead of the $8 each we were told it would be. I am very disappointed in this service and not being told the truth of what the correct price is of the meals.

May 31, 2018

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