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I would like to file a formal complaint against the establishment Buffalo Wild Wings located at 430 E Pleasant Run Rd. Cedar Hill, TX 75104, regarding their customer service, specifically server, Gabby, and manager Michael. The lack of professionalism and costumer service frightens me for the growth of your business.

On Saturday, March 4, 2017, myself and 4 guest arrived approximately 11:15 pm, seated by 11:20 pm. The restaurant did not appear to be busy, about 7-10 empty tables to my site. Gabby was assigned to be our server. Around 11:30 pm, Gabby came to take our drink orders. Everyone else, besides my aunt were ready to order our entree and drinks. We were very hungry and anxious to order. It was my aunts first time at the establishment, therefore she requested samples of the different sauces offered from the menu. Gabby stated she would only take our drink orders and would take our entree order when our drinks and sauce samples arrived. We ordered 2 frozen alcoholic beverages, 2 cocktails, 1 milkshake and 5 waters. At 11:35 pm our 5 waters arrived. Around 11:45, my aunts sauce samples arrived and Gabby then took our entree orders, we ordered an assortment of boneless and traditional wings, French fries, and a chicken wrap. Nearly 45 minutes later from initially ordering our drinks, at 12:15 am we still had not received our ordered beverages, Gabby had not checked on our table as well. Unable to ask anyone for assistance at 12:20 am I walked to the bar to speak to Gabby to cancel my drink order. I politely asked Gabby to cancel my drink order. She responded by grunting and smacking her lips, pointing to two drinks at the bar suggesting that the drinks were now ready. I repeated I did not want the drinks. She responded by rolling her eyes and walking away to a computer in the corner. Michael was present at the time. I assumed Michael would intervene or follow up with our table, but he did not.

At 12:25 am we waved Michael to come to the table to question the status of our food and the rest of our drinks and how inform him on how long we had been waiting. His responses were very rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. To mention one of his responses, "Uh yea, I don't know how long y'all have been waiting" after we specifically informed him of our wait time. His demeanor was very rude and condescending. During our conversation he walked away before we were done speaking.

At 12:35, an hour from initially ordering our drinks the rest of our party received their drink orders. Our drinks were delivered by our server Gabby. Quickly tasting their drinks, a member of our party asked Gabby if her drink was either a margarita or daiquiri. Gabby ignored her, rolled her eyes and walked away. Her demeanor was also for rude, terrible customer service and unprofessional.

An hour plus after ordering our food, at 12:45 am, Gabby walked to our table, acknowledged only one of the members at our table and stated our food would be out shortly. She quickly walked away and rolled her eyes not giving us any time to ask a question.

The entire time we struggled to get assistance or service from any team member. At 12:50 am, a member of our party walked to the "to go" were we saw many team members congregating. She questioned the status of our order, in which she was told "it would be out in a second". The restaurant was now quite empty, an estimate of about 4 tables seated.

After closing times, an hour and a half plus from initially ordering our entree we received our food arrived at 1:05 am. While delivering our food, the lights in the restaurant were dimmed. Two servers, Gabby and Paige were delivering our food. They placed the tray holding the food on an extra chair that was near our table. A member of our table began to question if the lights could be turned back on completely and if we could be provided with napkins, condiments and utensils. After placing only two order of wings on our table and ignoring our request, Gabby asked Paige, "can you hold this?" (Refereeing to the delivery tray). Paige did not hear her.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Cedar Hill, TX Gabby repeated herself in a hostile way, "Paige here, I said could you hold this because I can't do this." Paige quickly took the tray. Gabby stormed off, rolled her eyes, grunted and walked away. During Gabby's voice of frustration we were forced to remove our own food from the tray to place on our table. The napkins, condiments and utensils that we requested were placed on the far end of the table. We were forced to pass out the items around the table.

I refused my order, requested for my meal to be sent back to the kitchen due to the ridiculously long wait, unprofessional mannerisms and poor customer service. The other members of our party complained of their food being cold. Unfortunately, they were unable to voice their complaints due to no one being able to follow up with our table. In addition to the lights in the restaurant being turned off, around our table, staff began to vacuum and clean. They began to pick up trash with a trash, which were able to view the items in the trash bag. The experience was very disgusting. The members at our table quickly lost their appetite. We were unable to enjoy ourselves, due to the noisy environment of the vacuum, dimmed lights and view of trash. Gabby walked by our table, we asked her if we could speak to her, she rudely replied, "you can't!" We were astonished and shocked of her character and customer service. Other staff members surrounded our table cashing their tips out and obnoxiously listened to music their phones. We felt rushed, unvalued and unwanted.

At 1:15 am, we asked to speak to the manager, Michael. Michael's demeanor was yet again very condescending, unprofessional and rude. We voiced our complaint such as the time of receiving our beverages, the time of receiving our entree, the horrible attitude of the server, their unprofessionalism, the environment surrounding our table while we were eating, no staff being considerate of our experience, no assistance during our time at the restaurant, etc. His comment about the drink timing was "I don't know how long you had to wait, our bartender has her own customers, plus y'all all ordered frozen drinks." We told him our wait time, we felt like we were not considered as valued guest due to not being the bartender's customers, also we did not just order frozen drinks. His comment about the environment was, "the lights are always like this" and "Is the staff suppose to wait to clean". We all witnessed the lights being turned off and as paying customers are we suppose to "wait" for our order for a ridiculous amount of time and it is ridiculous for us to feel disgusted by our surroundings. He stated he did not know why he needed to speak to us. He leaned against a ledge while speaking to us. He did not give us eye contact while we spoke to him. He never offered to fix the problem. He did not take accountability of the horrible service or the actions and attitude of his employees. However, he managed to be sarcastic, argumentative, rude, and condescending. He did not offer to make our experience better or fix any of our problems. He did not listen to our complaints or suggestion on how to treat customers.

Paige returned to our table. She stated Gabby said she would not be serving us anymore, which was fine because her service was horrible. Paige was unaware of our orders, which was also unprofessional from Gabby. However, Paige was very professional, her attitude was exemplary, she was committed to make our experience better. I appreciated her kindness and hospitality.

I am very displeased with the customer service from Gabby and Michael. I will not ever return to the BWW in Cedar Hill. I will be sure to voice my complaints to the BBB and corporate offices. I will give reviews to various website and social media of our horrible experience. I will be sure to let anyone I know or the poor service provided. The restaurant received full payment, however we did not receive full service. I felt unwanted and unvalued.

BWW's story states, "Because that’s what our fans want, and that’s what we’re all about—making our fans happy."

We all are very unhappy and dissatisfied.

Mar 06, 2017

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