Buffalo Wild Wings2 hour wait for food

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I dropped my daughter and her friends off at the Chino Hills, Ca location at approximately 11:40pm and they were served their food 2hrs later. I sat in the parking lot waiting and saw people walking out that came in after them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Chino, CAMy daughter and her group had their heads laying on the table falling asleep. I feel if this location can't service their customers in a timely manner maybe they should hire a few more employees! Because this is ridiculous! As you can see it's not that crowded

Buffalo Wild Wings

Apr 30, 2017
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  •   Apr 30, 2017

    First, you can't hire someone who doe snot apply for a job. Second, why the hell were you sitting in the parking lot for over two hours instead of inside with the kids? Third, who the hell takes their kids to a restaurant right before midnight, when the place is close to closing, then ### about the wait? Yes, you have a picture of the place not being busy. That means, they sent people home because it was slow. Or they had call outs. Maybe, you could have gotten out of the car and checked on things to see what the hold up was. Next time, take your precious wittle kiddies out to eat a decent hour of the evening.

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  •   Apr 30, 2017

    Plus, you fail to mention HOW many friends were with your daughter. More than 3? 4? 10? Larger parties take longer to serve, especially since people want to get their food at the same time. You are seriously a failure at this parenting thing, and common sense.

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