Budget Car Rental / unauthorized cancellation of reservation night before pickup

Parsippany, NJ, United States
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My reservation was canceled by the Customer Rep at the Call Center the night before pick-up, after being hung up on 3 times, in 2 days (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) because they "couldn't hear me"... on my BRAND NEW iphone that works fine, I had no problem hearing them, no one other than this call center has a problem hearing me. I was on hold, and/or meandering through their computerized directions, for no less than 15 minutes per call.

I was attempting to modify the time of pick-up, to an hour earlier, since I was continually being hung up on, my mother ended up calling on her phone in town, then got my brother on the phone, because the Rep couldn't communicate well in English, and then the Rep ended up cancelling my reservation without authorization, forcing my mother to hastily book a new reservation, since our trip is tomorrow morning, at a slightly higher price (with my credentials since she had my confirmation number), the closest pick up, now being in a town nearly 100 miles away (200 miles round trip).

Which means someone will have to drive us down, and pick us up when we return the car, an extra 400 miles on my personal vehicle, which isn't all that reliable. My original reservation was for a Ford Taurus, or similar, and the Call Center stuck us in a Compact...for 3 over-sized adults, with luggage and extras. They told my mother, there were no more cars available in our hometown; note, this call was placed to the Call Center after regular business hours of the local franchise, doubtful any other rentals had been booked in this location, for the next morning already, when I was supposed to pick up the car originally. We live in a town of about 60, 000, so not a major travel hub with a lot of business.

There is no other means of contacting Budget, other than through their Call Center or in writing (no chat, email, etc).

I booked the original reservation via AARP in April 2017, at a special rate, with bonus features, payment due at pick up.

Reservation No. 00372488US4

  • Updated by Kell Arellano, Jun 14, 2017

    Should read (06.13.17 & 06.14.17) not (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) .

Jun 14, 2017

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