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I booked and paid for car rental for a minivan for my family over Christmas in Florida. It cost £516.76 which included all statutory insurance required to drive in USA. I have been travelling to the states for over 10 years and I am familiar with the car rental, however, I usually use Dollar and not Budget. Everything went smooth in getting the car and we chatted about Christmas in Florida and the weather. I took my keys, signed where asked and left. When I returned the car it was processed at the desk and she nodded all was in order, nothing further to pay. A few weeks after we got home I received an invoice from the company. I assumed this was for the car rental and never really paid much attention as this has happened before as you don't get your recipe on return usually. It wasn't until I received my January credit card statement i seen I had been charged shy of £310. I went back to the invoice to discover that it was from this invoice it had been taken. $450 had been charged to my credit card for personal accident insurance and windscreen cover.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Orlando, FL I contacted Budget customer services in the UK and explained I had this invoice and I had no idea what it was for and why I had been charged and that I wanted a full refund due to not giving consent nor even a discussion had occurred regarding this extra insurance. They had 10-15 days to respond and said they would look into it. I had to call them today (they were well over their time limit to respond and I had sent several emails none of which have been responded to either!) and they informed me that they had a copy of our rental agreement and I had signed in consent. I said it was fraud as it had been obtained through deception as I never take insurance out in the states and I always ensure this is turned down. They say they have a signature and they would send me the rental agreement to prove this which has so far not gone to my inbox and I they have said that they have a legal binding contract with my signature and it was up to me to check the details before signing. Not once did an amount of money come up on screen to show me I was signing up to another $450. They have taken this money and I do not have the money to cover it and this has been completely done without my authority and a signature has been obtained through deceptive means. I have asked for it to be escalated but I do not believe I am going to get anywhere with them and I do not know what to do. When I googled about it and this company so many complaints about the same thing came up from people visiting the states.

Feb 09, 2016

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