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I purchased my tickets from American Airlines for my mom which is 83 and I.
My journey started in Bucharest Romania going to London on BA flight 885-from London to Chicago on AA flight 47-and from Chicago to Sioux City on AA flight 3322 on Tuesday January 10th, 2017.
I am making this trip myself twice a year and my mother is making the trip once a year.
In the last 3 years I requested wheelchair for my mother which due to her age and heart illness cannot walk very long distance in a hurry. I never got a wheelchair in London to take me to Terminal 3 to my AA connection; I got different excuses and rude answers in London from workers being there at the arrival gate; always the people gave me answers as it was my error, wheelchair was not requested, request was not in their system. On this trip which started on Tuesday January 10th, 2017, I specifically called AA to make sure I will get the wheelchair when arriving London. In addition I have check in Bucharest at BA counter to make sure I am in their system with a wheelchair request- I was assured that they will be waiting for my mom at the airplane door when arriving to London; during the flight which was BA 885 I have confirmed with the flight attendant; she assured me she has my mother on the list for wheelchair; when we landed I did not get a wheelchair just rude answers from the BA workers working the flight; it is amazing the way a guy which looked to be or acted as manager was so rude and inconsiderate repeting to me that I did not requested a wheelchair and it is my fault .I was outrage by his poor customer service skills.
My mother walked with me having problems due to long distances between terminals .
I understand it is not AA fault but AA should talk to BA and do something about this wheelchair service which is not working at all in London; the way BA is dealing with old people traveling is unacceptable; I saw people missing their flights because of their disabilities and inability to walk this long distances and poor customer service on the BA side.
We arrived at the AA counter in London and people were very nice and treated us with compasion and respect.
We arrived US and not only this time but all other times there was wheelchair waiting for my mother ; they were very professional and respectfull people that waited and took my mother to our next flight.
Thank you American Airlines, thank you US for this outstanding customer service for people with light disabilities.
BRitish Airways has big problems with their wheelchair service and seems that is so big feel entitled to do nothing. I am very dissapointed as otherwise regarding customer service in flight they seem to be very well trained.
I would really appreciate an answer frim British Airways.
Thank you.
Valentina Beiu-Muller

Jan 11, 2017
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  •   Jan 11, 2017

    If your mother needs a wheelchair then buy her one. It qualifies as a free carry on. They can only give you one of someone else is not using it.

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