British Airways / seating/fairness

South Africa

As a normal Business Class passenger without a Loyalty Card or with a Loyalty card (Executive Club) with low Status (Blue ) - British Airways only allows seating on their HIGHEST prices not their Discounted prices. While I understand this for economy Class, , I DONT for Business Class. Anyone who is paying today's fares should have access to their preference if available being Aisle or Window. British Airways don't want to make their product fully available to anyone but their Frequent Flyers. They trap their Frequent flyer by little room to use their miles so it is a very smart way of collecting high yield by use of force in the way explained earlier. It is a Disgrace for an Airline who used to Fly to Serve! I hope to see the end of this airline one day as it is New Age Imperialism that makes an airline like this too big for it's boots and a disgusting attitude toward travel agents too. Better On a Camel is better than this Bloody Awful English Airline.


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