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Brett Nead / Facebook / racism/sexual harassment

1 NJ, United States
Contact information:

Today, I received numerous messages from this person named Brett Nead on Facebook. I have absolutely no idea who he is. My facebook is unable to be searched unless you are already my friend and my whole facebook is completely private! The messages I received were:

"nasty nig*** lover"
"bit** your nasty nig*** lover"
"the bible said not to mix races were do you think i get my info slut"

when i replied saying God made EVERYONE and everyone equal, he said
"by everyone do you mean those whov ripped your [censored]t"
"someones an idiot it does so. your parents must be fighting so your a nig*** lover out of hatred."

"that pu**ys been hurt"

i kept messaging him to leave me alone, then he called me a slut.

THEN, I go onto his facebook and his whole entire wall is filled with Racism. Now, I KNOW he has been reported before. He even put up a status saying, " i cant send any more messages for a few days for harrassing niger lovers, " and that was before I reported him. So why has his account not been suspended?

Why is my, and any other victims only option to BLOCK him? Obviously, he is targeting people at complete random. He is out there SEARCHING very hard to find mixed couples to harass them because I have NO idea who he is and I've received messages. Does every interracial couple on Facebook need to be harassed? Because by me blocking him, that just leads to him going onto the next person and so on.

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