Breanne Johnson AKA Breanne Perkins / Warning to potential clients

1 Virginia Beach VA, United States
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Although I did not deal with Breanne professionally, I felt that I had to warn others about her so that people who might be consider hiring her may want to know about her lack of professionalism in dealing with people. I did not list the realty company in the title At Coastal Realty she worked for two reasons, as I didn't want their names to be tarnished in a google search, but also she seems to change companies, (should this be a sign NOT to hire her) it may be better to check her LAST company, Kris Weaver Real Estate team. Reviews of realtors on sites such as Zillow will be biased against posting negative reviews as it is the realtor who they make money from NOT people who deal with the realtor.

Breanne Johnson and her wife, Katie, seemed VERY interested in renting a room from us. They were going to call us back with Katie's SS# (as her credit was better than Breanne's) so we could run the credit check. They didn't and as we didn't have hers, we called Breanne and she gave us Katie's #. The owner lost it and called Breanne to get it again and she was somewhat curt and said they were putting their child to bed. The owner asked that Katie call him back with the number so he could run it the next day. He waited all day, she never called and when he called and talked to Breanne, she THEN said they weren't interested. We had no problem that they changed their mind, (they might have been upset for the large deposit we asked when we found out they had a cat, a fact that Breanne who is an agent, and knows about full disclosure did NOT reveal before they came over) what was upsetting is that they didn't tell us sooner as we held the room for FOUR (two on the weekend when most people hunt for places to live) days for them whereby we could've rented out the place earlier (it is the same principle that if she booked an appt. with a client and the client didn't show up, she lost the income she might've gotten from a client who would've shown up.) After she told us that they were't interested, I emailed and also texted both, asking if they could contact a friend of theirs who Breanne mentioned was looking for a place, neither responded, even to say, "their friend wasn't interested" or "we'll pass this along, and he'll let you know."

They may have treated us so shabbily thinking that they would never see us again, but this behavior of not telling us immediately that they changed their minds and not returning our inquiries shows both their lack of consideration for others and poor communication skills. There are lots of agents and organizers (Katie runs her own organizing business) and if it were me, I'd choose one that DOESN'T have negative reviews.

Jul 1, 2015

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