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I worked for from March 2009 to June 2009. This is the most screwed up company I have ever worked for. Let's start with how they treat their employees first. It is a call center, which means although they are always hiring, they do not have enough employees working for them. Why? Because everyone quits! Which in turn means the customers aren't getting good customer service because there aren't enough people to answer the calls. Also, when an upset customer calls and demands to speak with the manager...THE MANAGERS WILL NOT GET ON THE PHONE!! They expect the agent to take care of it. Seriously! The agent will be on the phone with a screaming customer while the manager is standing right there telling the agent what to say! Usually all the customer wants is the pleasure of speaking with a manager and they are fine, but bookit doesn't care. They leave all that stress for underpaid agents who end up quiting because they can't deal with it any longer. And their break system!!! You either are allowed 1 30 min lunch break or 2 15 min smoke that means if you are a's I want to eat or do I want to smoke and relieve some of this stress?!?
Now lets move to the customer part of it...pretty much EVERY mistake or error or problem that a customer calls about is NOT their fault! Blame it on the hotel, blame it on the airlines, blah blah blah. Yes they do have to go by the other companies rules and all that BUT I will tell you now, half of the errors people called in about WERE bookits fault but yet we were told to blame it on the other complanies and make sure you do not give any money back!!! Yes, they are a complete scam! I work in customer service and I would NEVER treat my customers the way they do. If my customer is unhappy and upset, I'll find any way I can to make them 200% happy with my company again! Your best bet is to arrange everything yourself and to not use a middle man!

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  • Fu
      Jan 24, 2010

    I work there for a yr and I was in the charge back department. If you charged back to bookit then you probably lost because of our terms of service in the small print. And I was the one that would deny your refund. I won $500, 000 in AMEX charge backs alone. That company makes millions of dollars! And in the summer they could make a million dollars in one day. Do you know what I made a hour? $9.75 and I never got a raise.. So yea sucks!

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  • At
      Jun 05, 2010

    This company does NOT take pride in Customer Service. I paid for the insurance and canceled my trip 24 days before arrival. It has been over two weeks and still have not got my refund. They claim it takes 7-10 business days to refund your money when it takes 10 seconds for them to bill your credit card. I advise anyone in this situation to call your credit card and dispute the charge. As well i am researching what legal action we can use against this company. There are enough complaints to take this Company to court.

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  • Ss
      Aug 13, 2019

    @atruesoldier That will be awesome. We should do a class act

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  • Ja
      Mar 04, 2011

    I have been Trying to get a partial refund for a hotel stay I recently had. I checked out one day early. The Hotel said no problem. They checked me out. I was told to let Bookit aware so they can confirm I indeed left early. I have not been able to get through for 10 days! The other problem is I want to modify an upcoming booking and of course, no luck. They may be cheaper than other sites but their customer service sucks!!

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  • Ss
      Aug 13, 2019

    @jaybone01 The cheap will cost you more.

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  • Sh
      Dec 10, 2013

    I tried to book a hotel room in Chicago, and received an error message and phone number. That's it. The error message itself was nothing more than a number and message to please call so your "agent can put your booking back on track"

    Turns out they took funds out of my account twice with no notification, no receipt, ...nothing. I had NO reservation but spent 2x what the hotel room cost. I got an "I'm sorry" and told to wait 10 days for a refund. They neither tried to get this reservation with the hotel directly nor tried to provide an alternate reservation.

    Had I not of called to try and still book the room, I would have never known had taken funds out of my account. And they couldn't even get that hotel, nor did they try and assist with another one, so right now I am out almost $200 with nothing to show for it, but their "I'm sorry, please wait 10 days for your refund"

    Avoid this site, and use a more quality travel site, they are out there. You don't need this hassle. Who takes money from a customer and provides no receipt or notification???? And gives nothing in return but a 10 day waiting period for a refund

    Turns out also, to do a reservation manually on the site is a $25. So it fails to complete online...then you have to pay additional funds for an agent to do it? Hmmmmmm...

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