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Very Worse Hotel Site experience of all time.

As a seasoned traveller I have used and other sites Hundreds of times. Indeed my status with is ‘Genius, Frequent traveller' But I don't feel like a ‘Genius' thanks to

I booked a hotel for seven nights and made sure it was ‘Payment upon arrival' For £154 UK Pounds.

Shocked the next day my bank showed a Staggering £322 plus was taken by the Hotel that ignored the ‘Payment upon arrival' and pricev literally charging me over double!

After expensive phone calls to where I had to prove my innocents with bank records etc etc the hotel admitted Fault. I was informed I had given all the documents required to get my money back, but days later new demands came from for yet more documents from my bank.

On the day of our Wedding I had to call to try and resolve this and the American lady said "Go Yet married this can't be resolved today!" Indifferently. Upset, delayed I went with my partner to get married.

After the ceremony we had to go to our bank manager to get the Hand written, signed document now insisted to try and get our money back.

In talking to my bank the customer relations man stated he and his girl friend recently used and had a similar experience where the hotel ignored the ‘Payment upon arrival' and took a staggering £800 from his bank, months earlier to the day of travel that left them financially short.

That evening after the Wedding etc I again sent these documents from my Bank manager etc and waited for a reply. Nothing came I had to phone them again at at their Amsterdam offices at great expense and upset the next day.

While now say again they have all the document they require I am forced to wait days longer for the hope that I will get my Money back, Only £321 a fraction of the costs and where only £154 was only ever supposed to be taken upon arrival by the hotel. Where is the Customers protections at ?

My Whole experience with has left my Partner and I a ruined Wedding day, out of pocket expenses, expensive Mobile phone calls charges etc, and still waiting for my wrongly taken money.

We wrote to the CEO Mr Gillian Tans but as with a reply is yet to be afforded us.

PLEASE think very carefully when buying your hotel and the site you use it can literally Ruin your life and leave you broken!

Jun 13, 2018

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