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BMW / extremely bad treatment by bmw dealerships and representatives

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Dear Complaints Board, I would like to express my extreme disappointment in the way I have been treated by BMW dealerships and representatives. In 2003 I purchased a BMW Z4 2.5. This car was brand new and had the BMW name. I assumed that this automobile that had a reputation for quality and workmanship would be a reliable piece of transportation. Unfortunately, I have found that this car is a complete piece of junk. Nearly nine months after its purchased I had to replace the engine. While this was supposed to be covered under the warranty, the VOB BMW dealership in Rockville accused me of downshifting prematurely. They stated that this is what caused the engine to die. For two months I was paying for a car that was in a BMW dealership in addition to rental cars. The accusations made by VOB were ridiculous, given the fact that I was driving on the freeway and already in fifth gear when the car stopped running. If anything my life could have been endangered as the car stopped moving on the freeway. I was insulted and deeply hurt by the way I was treated in this situation. I immediately contacted consumer affairs to have their investigator check this automobile. I also had to wait several weeks for BMWs district mechanic to check my car as well. The consumer affairs mechanic suspected a problem with the fuel pump, which by the way, was recalled two months latter to add a resistor of some sort. The issue was finally resolved by VOB who replaced the engine months later after I first had it towed in. Again I expected good service and BMW to back their workmanship. This was only done so after lawyers and consumer affairs investigators. Recently, I was driving my vehicle in July and my car stopped and would not run. The lights and all other functions were on but the engine was not running. I had this vehicle towed to VOB BMW and was called by Mike Lang. I was told the car needed a new battery terminal and that the only cause of this was a possible accident since the ABS light was on. My car was hit by another vehicle but the minor damages were repaired over a year before this incident. The damage was very little and no ABS light was on until Mr. Lang at VOB BMW looked at the car. For Mr. Lang to state that the car was running on the alternator alone for over a year is ridiculous. I had this car taken to an independent mechanic who agreed with me in a statement and suggested I take my car back to a BMW dealership for warranty repair. It was at this time I was told by the independent mechanic that the fog light was busted. I thought that this might have happened when it was being towed since a flat bed truck did not tow it. I called roadside assistance to inform them of this issue. After weeks of messages, the roadside assitance investigator told me, that the tow could not have caused this damaged. Once this car was taken to the independent mechanic it was then running again but with the ABS light on. The car was then towed to tischer to get the ABS light turned off but tischer BMW stated that I needed a new battery terminal along with some other items. Their cost of repairs totaled to $1500.00 while VOB's costs were at $900.00. This led me to be even more suspicious and I requested my auto insurance to have their claims examiner to investigate this issue. The investigator found no significant signs of impact that could have caused this ABS sensor to turn on and suggested I take further action against the dealership. The tischer BMW representative told me that only an accident turns this sensor on and that it's designed to cut power to the vehicle in accidents. A few questions that I constantly ask myself are: If the terminal needs to be replaced because the sensor was set off then why is the car still running? Why is it that the ABS light never came on, until VOB BMW examined the car? Why is my fog light broken when it wasn't broken before the tow? How is it a car can run on the alternator for over a year like Mr. Lang stated? If it was the minor accident from over a year ago then why is it nothing happened for an entire year!!?? These are legitimate questions one asks but since BMW provides such horrible service I cant get any answers!!! My consumer affairs investigator has been looking into this issue and has informed me of VOB BMW's reluctance to do the ethical thing and repair my car. My questions remain unanswered and BMW remains allusive to my demands for ethical treatment. My next step is to have this issue addressed in court, which I am currently preparing. I have every intent of sending this issue to a judge to decide. It seems that I spend more time getting BMW to fix issues with my car than I do driving it. I would appreciate answers and a formal investigation into this issue immediately.

Som Bahrami

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  • Bp
      27th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am on my 4th BMW now, and have always had great service from my salesman Keith, and the service department at Reeves BMW in Tampa. Go there, and you won't be disappointed. Ask for Keith!

  • Bo
      8th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I too, have had mechanical problems with two separate vehicles (both with less than 40K miles on them) and rude, untimely service by the service department.

    Unfortunately, this attitude of disrespect for the customer permeates the BMW Financial Services Department as well. (It's a long story but I was bullied by the finance manager at the dealership where I leased the vehicle, thought I got the situation resolved only to have them change my monthly payment (due to their own error, once again) THIRTY months later, without notifying me. As I was doing electronic billing, I simply didn't notice the payment amount had changed until the second month that they were doing it. You have to watch your back when you own a BMW!!! They're not only out to get your dollar but also your peace of mind and your belief that humans are inherently "good." I distrust anyone associated with the BMW brand at this point!

    I sympathize with your frustrations!!

  • Zz
      29th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree

    BMW Financial services have the ABSOLUTELY WORST Customer Service I have ever encountered. I spoke to someone who only identified herself as "HEATHER" - no surname, no employee number, no telephone extension, she was beyond rude and discourteous and downright nasty. She refused for a long time to transfer me to a supervisor and then put me on hold for soooo loong that I had no choice but to hang up...

  • Ba
      8th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    BMW of North America and BMW Financial Services are 2 of the worst outfits out there. Dealing with either is not unlike dealing with a pawn shop in a bad neighborhood. The FBI should investigate them under the RICO statutes. But let's be fair to BMW, they came along way from being a Nazi company that used slave labor just before they were gassed to being an unprofessional, inept, rude, lying bully pretending to be a "company". Taking money for promised but undelivered services is the moral and ethical equivalent of THEFT. All the ads in the world cannot hide this simple fact.

  • Da
      30th of Oct, 2011
    +1 Votes

    BMW dealerships are horrible. They give you non-service and treat you like ###. The corporate office is non-existent and don't want to be bothered. As for making a good BMW, it's like buying a high-priced piece of junk, built to break down so you'll head to BMW to get ripped off again and again, or you'll buy another piece of BMW overpriced JUNK. BMW=JUNK!!!

  • Bm
      4th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes

    I could not believe how awful these crooks were. They lied to me countless times and tried to rip me off for parts that were covered under warranty.

    Even after I called the warranty company myself and had two other dealers quote the job for next to nothing including towing it from Reeves, they still lied and tried to over charge me.The lies went on and on from salesman to manager. They additionally charged me to take my car away from them as a bonus gift after doing nothing to it!

    Reeves= "RIP OFF"

  • Sc
      25th of May, 2017
    0 Votes

    I had the unfortunate pleasure of buying a CPO from United BMW last year, and it was discovered that the back half of the car has been repainted poorly and not disclosed during the sale. They both have done nothing to resolve the issues.

    Any potential buyers out there, be aware. I have no faith in any CPO BMW or the dealership.

  • Pt
      17th of Feb, 2018
    0 Votes

    Worst company I have ever dealt with. Keep your money or throw it into the wind.

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