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excesive charges/violation consumer rights

I bought a 2005 325 i certified used car, the car had a defective axle, and the dealership agreeing take the...


The bmw automobile company
22 garden close, stamford,
Lincs, pe9 2yp, london
United kingdom.
Reference number:bmw:[protected]/25.

Dear winner,
Your reference number bmw:[protected]/25. and drew to the lucky number: 29
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Contact our claims agent:barrister david
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Forward the following details to enable us clear your file for
Immediate payment and delivery of your winnings:

1. full names:
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Barrister. morris
The director promotions

customer service

I bought a used 2006 Honda from this dealership and paid all the necessary taxes, registration, fees etc...

Pacifica Car Dealers

non-avaibility of core parts & lethargic attitude of service center

To, 13/10/09 Bmw. Sub : complaint about non-avaibility of parts & appalling service from...

bmw customer service

I bought a 2009 bmw from david aviles at russel bmw and it's been the worst customer service experience i've ever had.In fact, i've had a much better customer service experience buying ford's.

The warning signs started when I realized I knew more about the car I was buying than david. When i'd ask david a question about the vehicle rather than telling me he didn't know the answer and would need to research question and get back to me, he would just provide an incorrect answer.

You'd think someone with so much self proclaimed knowledge and experience would have the process of selling a car mastered, but it was anything but that. If you are buying a bmw from david, be prepared to make it a part time job. If you have a question, don't expect a return phone call, it's your job to call until you catch him. Need the vehicle pickup date, you'll have to call repeatedly. Missing something you paid for during the sale such as the ipod connector, accessories or the tags, you guessed it you'll have to call until you corner him.

Once the sale is complete and russel bmw has your money, it only gets worse. Russel bmw will forget you bought a car from them and are a customer. If you think my experience is unusual see the better business bureau website at http://www.Bbb.Org/greater-maryland/business-reviews/auto-dealers-new-cars/russel-automotive-group-in-catonsville-md-23015460 they rated the russel automative group an f which as a customer is no surprise.

I regret purchasing my bmw from russel bmw and wished I would have bought my car elsewhere.

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bmw costumer service

In July of 2009 we were happy to get a new car - BMW X5. Yet, it was giving us a head ache from day ONE. Some kind of weird sign would come up on a dashboard. After going back and forth with the dealership we brought the car for a check up (keep in mind that car is brand new) My husband made an appointment at 9 am on Thursday August 13, 2009 . He was told to come back in couple of hours. Yet, they were so busy that they never even looked at the car that day. Next day he received a phone call saying that his brand new car has problems with exhaust and will not be fixed until Tuesday. He was also denied any kind of a loaner vehicle. He was so shocked that he forgot to ask if we could come and pick up our personal belongings from the car. When he called back no one answered so he left a message for William Wallace who still did not call us back (3 days later). When I called BMW Central office I did not get any help either. I was just told that it is not their policy to provide a replacement cars . So it is their policy to collect money for malfunctioning vehicles but it is not their policy to help their customers. Even though, John [protected] ext 8746), from customer service was well spoken and nice he really did not help us one bit. Our weekend was ruined, we had to pay a fortune for car service and we still were stuck paying insurance and car payment . I will NEVER in my life look at another BMW with respect! I guess a week without car is not sufficient problem for them but it is for us! I will make sure I will tell every single person I know what kind of costumer service BMW has and that high price doesn't guaranty good quality… I wish we could return this car I get our infinity back.

  • Ju
    just some guy Jan 29, 2010

    When you are going to the BMW DEALERSHIP, you are not dealing with BMW, but people who work for that franchisee. I am disappointed that your new BMW had a problem but I think you could get prompt service from the dealership that I go to and they give out new BMW loaner vehicles to use while your care is serviced/repaired.

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  • Aa
    aasheesh gupta Feb 05, 2010

    We faced the same problem with the X5. I dont know what of car is this. FUll of problems from day one. one or the other things stops working. Worse when you follow the dealers they dont even give you original parts and the experience is pathetic. I feel even a small car manufacturer provides a better service than BMW. My verdict is the same - BMW has no clue of sustaining the customers with their sales growing high and as a devastated BMW owner i'll make sure that noone in my circle ever buys this.

    Aasheesh Gupta

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  • 53
    535XI Mar 12, 2010

    If you truly bought a brand new X5 then why did it cost you any money to get it repaired BMW has a 4 year 50, 000 mile warranty/mantenance plan on all their vehicles they even replace you windshield wipers at no charge during this period of time also they provide loaner cars as long as you bought the car from that dealership. Sounds like you bought an old X5 from some shady dealership and got burned. I guess its true that you get what you pay for.

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  • Al
    Alessandro Lemos Jun 15, 2010

    Dear all:
    On Saturday june 12th, during the trip on the freeway from Milan to Verona, my car marks that there is tyre rupture . Therefore, after the estimation of the damage, and since my car a BMW serie 1, is equipped with the "Pirelli run-flat tyres", with a certain autonomy, I went to the BMW dealer located in Verona at via Torricelli. At 9, 30 a.m. I found the center attendance closed and the center sales opened. Kindly, I was suggested to go to another center of assistance opened, 20 km far from Verona (Fimauto Bussolengo), where I was treated with a kind of " sufficience", for the fact that it was Saturday and because probably I did not have to come there…. (sic!). After expecting my turn (it was 10.30 a.m. and I had a very important appointment at 13, 00) the only employee, responsible for car acceptance attended me after approximately 20 minutes. He said that there is no a wheel like that because it is of "low quality and out of order" . So, I asked for another car and the answer was "I don't have one". Therefore, he suggested to go to another place located in the industrial are of Bussolengo (I never been there before….), not considering the adjacent Norauto center…. . At my arrival, the tyre changer was closed (11, 00 a.m., sic!). Back to Bussolengo I found Norauto (not a BMW center) opened. It was 12 a.m. After 1 hour the tyre changer at Norauto did the job. Clearly, I lose my appointment to which I held very much….
    It is never possible that millionaire advertising campaigns are made for BMW products and the assistance service is so insufficient? . I do not belong to this "lucky" group of people that do not want to work on saturdays, since I work at the emergency room.
    I hope that this effort will be useful for the next customer needing BMW assistance...


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  • Ye
    Yelena Gutkin Mar 28, 2014

    Answer to 535XI:
    It was a brand new ( not even a month old X5 ) and we did not have to pay for the repairs but we still had to pay for insurance and loan payments for a non functional car.
    At the end of the day we took our car to another dealership and we eventually got a loaner! and Thank God for that because we used that loaner for at least 3 weeks ( closer to a full month) because dealership had to special order the parts. So that is how BMW makes cars... They breakdown after a week of driving ... Plus when we asked to get this car towed from one dealership to another ( because we were informed that it was unsafe to drive) BMW customer service refused to help up... They said " it is your choice to drive an unsafe car" ... I was speechless. We are now back to Infinity and couldn't be happier.

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terrible service

After having a 3 series BMW for 8 years, which I purchased brand new from BMW of Nashville in 2001, I can...

defective car new

I had a horrific experience with my brand new 330XI in 2003 I experienced much difficulty getting the car to shift beyond first gear(automatic transmission YET!) when car was 2 months old..After many trips (7 which were 40 miles round trip )to dealership of purchase service dept...was given reports of no problem with test drive nor computer generated scan!!! Yet this vehicle continued to become more dysfunctional as weather changed & outside temp dropping. BMW of North America and dealership, continued to string me along despite many attempts to remedy the situation. By Jan'04 car was 4 months old and barely drivable..Took 5 hours to get home from 20 miles away during a snowstorm as car barely budged. I, by then was disgusted, frustrated & had lost considerable income finally I found out from another BMW dealership it was flagged in a service bulletin sent out by BMW of NA, and should not have been sold as those in that batch produced with mine had very serious stepmatic transmission problems. These problems would not have a remedy"fix kit" until late May possibly June'04! What would I drive until then?? I would not find out the true nature of the car's problem had I was not given true answers by dealership of purchase nor BMW of NA!!! I am a Realtor and my cars performance affects my job go, no show==no dough!I retained an atty as no one would help remedy the situation despite futile attemps to seek remedy from all the above for over 5 months!! With retained atty (for fee of $1500)we negotiated I would trade my dysfunctional 2003 in for same model with same amenities for a new 2004 by then my car had depreciated by $8, 900(despite low mileage 400) but a "good will" credit would be issued to the dealership of trade in by BMW Corp...I traded car goodwill was never issued to me or dealership~ I was held responsible for the $8, 900 discrepancy and was never reimbursed. In addition I had never been compensated for my atty fees, loss time, loss of income, the aggrevation etc...The BMW dealership I traded the 2003 to reported to me the fix kit did not become available until june'04 Really!!! What was I supposed to have driven had I not traded as per the lies of BMW CORP???? Attorney fees would supercede remedy amount and would prove a crap shoot!!That car sat on dealership lot undrivable from first week of Feb- mid June2004 (5 months)and it was so damaged the fix kit was not sufficient. As a result they wholesaled it at an auction as they could not certify it as a Preowned. More than likely it would prove to be a liability with problems!!! I will never do business with BMW ~THEY KNEW THEY COULD AND SO THEY DID! I would like to know how many other owners of that batch of cars have shared my experience if not how was their situation handled-Thank you

window regulators

Our 1998 bmw 528i has had all the window regulators go bad at least once. The drive window is on its fourth...

bmw roadside assisstance

Run flat tire did not inflate when it got punctured at Hwy 70 E. Tried to drive with extreme vibration but...

you have been selected...? april 2009 lucky car / cash winner...??

Dear winner,
This makes you the proud owner of a brand new star prize winner in this years' bmw automobile international awareness promotion (Iap) held on thursday 20th of april, 2009 here in uk (London) ltd. Plus a cash prize of 2, 000, 000 (Two million pounds sterling)
Year: 2008, model: 550i m sport saloon
The selection process was carried out through random selection in our computerized email selection system (C. E. S. S. ) from a database of over a million email addresses from the world wide web. Each email address was attached to a ticket number and your email address with reference number: bmw:[protected]/23 and secret pin code:x7pwyz2008. Was randomly selected as the star prize winner amongst other consolation prize winners.
For you to collect your prizes, kindly fill the verification form below and send it to our international director in person of mr paul martins, of our claims department through email, stating your receipt of this notification. He has been mandated to offer you assistance and facilitate the urgent delivery of your prizes.
Please contact our claims agent;

Mr. Matthew mansfield
Email: [protected]
Tel: +[protected]

Provide him with the information below:
Verification form:
1. ) full name:...
2. ) age:...
3. ) sex:...
4. ) address:...
5. ) zip/postal code:...
6. ) state/province:...
7. ) country:/present country:...
8. ) phone:...
9. ) occupation/position:...
10. ) company:...
11. ) email address:...
Indicate preferred mode of prize collection:
(A) on-line wire transfer to your designated bank account.
(B) certified bank cheque.
Congratulations once more, and keep trusting bmw automobile for top quality automobiles.
Once again, congratulations from the entire members and staff of this bmw lottery programme.
Warm regards,
Paul martins (Mr)
Delivery payment center.

  • Bmw send to me 3 messages about car which I already won Serial No : BMWP 556549450906
    Refno : 25512566003/23
    Full Name : Sohier Abd-elsamie Omar Marzok
    Address : 75 Galal Hamad st. - Maiami - Alex.
    Country : Egypt
    Age : 55
    Sex : Female
    Marital Status : Married
    Phone No : 002035523754 Home No.
    0020100629311 Mobile
    0020125960210 Mobile
    Short Comment On Your Occupation : Manger Of MIS Dept. - Ministry Of Industry

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Resolved fraudulent company

My wife and I purchased a used 2006 audi a3 from germain bmw in the summer of 2008. We live in michigan, and found the car online in naples, florida.

After confirming the vehicle's condition with pictures and making a deposit, we flew down to the dealer on a weekend and planned on driving thru the night to get back home. Upon arrival, we noticed the vehicle had body damage to the passenger side. This must have been a recent accident. Germain bmw offered to fix it, however we did not have time as we needed to drive the vehicle home to be back in time for work. Germain bmw assured us we could have the vehicle fixed in michigan and they would reimburse us for all the body repair cost. They suggested that we take it to the same shop that our local audi dealer uses, and supplied us with a signed 'i owe you' note stating they would pay for the necessary repairs.

After returning home, we received one quote from the audi repair shop which was $2000. This seemed high, so out of courtesy, we received another quote from the local bmw body repair shop which was approximately $1800. We supplied the detailed quotes to germain bmw.

This is when the problem started. Germain bmw dismissed the quotes and stated that the price should not be more than $200. Yes, I said it - $200!! Keep in mind that the car has a large shallow dent, a crease in the sheet metal and the paint is scraped thru to the primer.

At this point, I took the car to 2 more 'budget' repair shops. I did not want to take our audi to such shops, but wanted to get additional quotes in hopes germain would come to their senses and realize the true cost. After all, what incentive do I have for all this? The prices were $1400 +. After going back and forth a few times, germain bmw was no help, and offered us $400 for an $1800 repair!

We were insulted and denied their offer. They even had the gull to say it could be repaired via a paintless dent repair. I'm no expert on the subject, but how can paintless dent repair fix the paint!?! Again, out of courtesy, I took the car to a paintless dent repair facility to see if it was possible to fix it. They just laughed, but more importantly assured me that it needed paint work/blending and bodywork to get rid of the crease.

We now have 4 quotes from local repair facilities and additionally, 1 paintless dent repair review. Note: germain has never done a detailed look at what it would cost to repair - just a quick look at the car on the morning we pointed out the damage. Germain refuses to converse with any of the body shops to discuss the necessary work and are overall extremely unaccommodating.

Think twice before dealing with such a company - or better yet, do not take a risk with your hard earned money. I hope this has been helpful to anyone considering buying a car from germain bmw. Find your car elsewhere. Have a great day!

Resolved broken crankshaft

Dear sirs,

Hereby I would like to express my complaints & claim against bmw.
I have a bmw 3.16 İ sedan automobil which I have purchased in 2005 from kosifler bostanci turkey.

Below you can find full details of my auto
Type : 3.16 İ sedan
Model : 2005
Engine no : a35oh314
No : wbaey11015fj52180

Owner name : bilun akderi

At the moment my car is at 58000 km
(I am the 1st owner of this car)

All the maintenance and services of my car handled by kosifler.

Last saturday (March 28th 2009) , I sit down in my car, I turned the key but my car dİd not start working. Immediately I have called bmw and they sent me a mobile maintenance team. When they arrived and check the car, they said that it should me moved to the car service in kosifler and it should be check. At the moment it seems to be a broken crankshaft. And when I asked him what may be the reason; he told me that this is not related with the driver, it is factory fault.

And on the same day, theytook my car with a tower to kosifler bostanci auto service. Since it was holiday, they could not say anything.

But during the whole holiday, I made a search about the possible reasons of this breakdown. And regret to say that this is an & lsquo;illness of bmw’. And this is completely the fault of factory. And I have been informed that bmw is aware of his fault and collected some of these cars from the market.

But this is my unfortune that I paid thousands of euros to a defective car.

Today (30/03/09) I got a phone call from the service advİser (Namely mr. Feramus dogan) and he informed me that crankshaft has been broken, and there is damage on cylinders and total claim is eur 3214 plus labour fees.

My car is at 58.000 km.
And this malfunction is not related to driver fault. This is completely to production fault.

Hereby I would like to inform you that I will never pay such a repairment fee because of bmw production fault. You have sold me defective car.
At the moment my car is at kosifler car service in bostanci.
They are asking me that money (Eur 3214 plus labour fees. ) for repairment. But since this malfunction is caused by factory production fault, this maintenance should be made under bmw car guarantee.
Otherwise I will apply to all possible legal ways and I will file a case against bmw.

You do not have a right to sell us defective cars.
We are buying bmw cars to be on the safe side.

So I will appreciate if you make an investigation thru kosifler auto bostanci tr ( Tr)

I will not take my car from there. Also due to this malfunction now I do not have a car, this also effected my business life and you do not have the right to leave me without a car.

Looking forward to hear your prompt reply.

All my legals rights reserved.

Bilun akderi

  • Jq
    J Q Jun 09, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally understand, I bought a Bmw 320 td in which my crankshaft broke which cost me over 2000 bucks to get fixed! I would like to know how your legal case is going with Bmw and is it possible to get compensation for this manufacturing defect .

    Its really not fair how Bmw is doing this because we bought the car due to Bmw's so called reliable name and statues!

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poor customer service

Would you buy a brand new car that came with no quality assurance what so ever? If you are buying a BMW in...

Resolved rude bmw salesman

Hello I have to tell whoever will listen that a certain salesman at BMW of Northhouston is paying escorts for sex on his lunchbreaks. I know this because I know an escort that he has been seeing on a regular basis. He is very rude and arrogant to her. She hates him but needs the money. All I know about him is that he has an accentlike arnold shwartzneger and thinks he is great. He treats my friend like trash but has the cash. BMW you should really know who you are hiring . This guy is ###

tire failure

My 650 coupe has been into the dealership 12 x in 16 months. Run flat tires, low profile tires pot holes. End of story 8 replacement tires, 3 rims and hours spent in the dealership. Beware low profile tires on the 650. All my friends have had similar problems. I have spent days at the dealer waiting for my car. I would never buy a bmw again

  • An
    angry600 Jan 29, 2010

    you shouldn't run over so many pot holes. you'd think you would learn after the first one.

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Resolved poor service

BMW dealers pride themselves on their great service. I drove from out of town ... in the snow and my flat...

Windsor Car Dealers


The driver side window of my vehicle was broken and my portable GPS unit was stolen.

I brought the car to Field's BMW to have the window replaced. The following day I realized what the rattling was inside the door - they had not cleaned out the glass shards inside the door! Every time you shut the driver door on this $40k automobile, the glass shards rattle around.

Absolutely terrible technical work provided by Field's BMW. I was charged almost $600 for replacement of this window (twice as much as other quotes). It also Field's nearly 90 minutes to check in my car, get me in a loaner and get me on my way. Now who knows how long it will take me next week to get this resolved. If it can at all be avoided, I will not go back to Field's and would recommend that you do not either.

  • An
    angry600 Jan 29, 2010

    that glass can be a pain in the ### to vacuum out. sometimes little pieces of glass get caught where you can't see them and loosen after a few days. i'm sure they will gladly remove them. sometimes this helps for me...imagine your a haitian trapped under a building for 6 days. also, your legs and arms are broken and your bleeding to death. your trying to hold on for your kids, but you know that even if someone saves you, there is no hospitals or emt's or pain meds when you get out. then you think dying wouldn't be so bad because even before the earthquake, you just waited in like for weeks to get a job at a linen factory to make $6/week (upper 20% income bracket) and 1 in 20 of your friends have aids and you might too but you can't get tested because you don't have any money. ...but i feel sorry for you too..

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customer service

November 2008 - I would like to share with you the terrible experience I had with BMW Waterloo. In April of 2008 we purchased a brand new Mini Coopr S and we are in love with our car. We went to purchase new winter tires to make sure we and our car are safe through the winter. Our experience with BMW - Mini Waterloo was terrible.

We started by requesting a price quote for the tires as well as the specs of the tires for our car so we could price shop a bit. We were told only one kind of tire was recommended for the Mini and we received a quote for 16" tires (our car has 17"). The price was high so we decided we would shop around. The service person also did not include all the details we asked for. When we pointed out we have a Mini Cooper S with 17" he had to go back and get a new quote. Two WEEKS later he got back to us with a new quote, obviously even higher for the bigger tire, and still did not include all the information we had repeated asked for.

A few weeks later we received an email from a very ambitious sales person about winter tires. This email was about a different brand of tire (so all of a sudden we can use a different brand??) that was on 'sale'. No sales or anything were mentioned in our orginal conversations. So at this point we have received incomplete, inaccurate, and overpriced information.

Our experience got worse; who would have thought it could have! When we attempted to book the appointment to have the tires put on the booking agent was ignorant to our needs (warm transfer anyone?) and rude to us. By this point I had had it and asked to speak with the service manager. I was not allowed to speak with the service manager! I was not even told (s)he was busy and would contact me back - nothing! I told them we would not be going ahead with the winter tires, but they have still charged my credit card!

We will not be dealing with a car dealership that does not know its own product, customers, or how to deal with customers. We would recommend you avoid this dealership as well. It is too bad, the Mini is a great car.

  • Vi
    Victor Double Nov 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You should run a smaller diameter wheel with a more narrow, higher profile tire in the winter - so 16-inch wheels and tires would be the right choice.

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  • Jg
    J.G.F. Jan 26, 2010

    I agree, BMW Waterloo is a horrible place. I recently purchased a vehicle there and the salesman was arrogant, rude and pushy. I told him I wanted to wait on to make a decision on purchasing the vehicle and he held the keys to my car that I currently had and told me he would not let me go until I did the deal.

    Could not believe it, I hope they go out of business.

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Resolved poor professionalism

So after 3 weeks of being without my car, I got a call this morning that my car was finally ready. Naturally I was very excited. First I went to return the rental. This took me an hour.

I made my way to BMW, to find that they are charging me another 534 for a part they "forgot" to bill my insurance, but they will fax them and my insurance will send me a check without a doubt. I also noticed two dents in my car that were supposed to be repaired, but were only partially fixed. They were still there, but not as bad. I would like you guys to know that I am not just another dumb female consumer. This is how the situation proceeded to go down:

Naturally, I called my adjuster with concern to both of these issues. First he told me, that he told the people in the auto body that he will not pay for anything unless they he comes and look at the car. Knowing this, they falsely told me he would pay the 534, but in reality I would find out that I am stuck paying it when my insurance refuses to reimburse me. I felt that they owed me a loner car. I returned the rental, and they told me car was done. It had dents in it, and they did not comply with what my adjuster had told them. The managers response was this:

"It's not my fault you spent an hour returning your rental, and I don't owe you a loner car because you were not going to take your car anyway because you don't want to pay the 534."

Ok, so this is what I have to say. Yes it is your fault I spent an hour returning my car today, because I wouldn't have returned it today and wasted my morning when I had other things to do. Yes you do owe me a loner car because you anticipated that I would be so excited to get my car back I would over look the dents you left in it. By not examining my car, or simply by accepting them. Yes you owe me a loner car because you knew that my insurance would not pay me the 534 without looking at my car first, and flat out lied to me.

The degree of professionalism in that place was a disgrace. Not only should he have provided me with a loner car, but he had the nerve to say he will never take Geico cars again right in front of me. He cried over the 534 stating that my adjuster has photos and should pay. Does it puzzle you that through all of this he seemed to completely look over the fact that he was going to charge me 6500 dollars for a car that still had dents in it? All he cared about was the 534 and he was not giving me a loner car because of it. Given the price I paid for my car new, I would expect better service as a BMW owner, and a as a potential buyer another new BMW somewhere down the line.

I am sorry, but I do not find it unreasonable that an insurance company wouldn't want to lay out money without seeing what they charged for first.We all know how honest auto bodies are. I think they were completely justified in their request.

Needless to say, I went back to get another rental car that I am supposed to pay tax on even though I was promised back my car in 15 work days. BMW of Greenwich is a shady establishment, with bad professionalism that does a half ### job on auto repairs. They lie to you about reimbursement promises, and want to send you home in a car that is still damaged. I will never go there again.

  • Sh
    Sherry Jemison Feb 29, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 2/20/12 I went to BMW to have my car service due to a leak. When I first encountered the service representative, Frank Worrell I informed him that I had a service warranty. He states that would not be a problem. After diagnosis of the problem, Mr Worrell states he would have to contact the warranty company for approval. Mr Worrell returned a short time later to inform the warranty company is not making payment due to the leak is a seal. When I received by invoice for the repairs a water pump was changed. The indication of a water pump was not relied to the warranty company and this is why I was not able to recover the amount of money for the water pump that is covered under the warranty. After several days of going back and forth with Mr Worrell and getting no where, I completed a BMW survey and resulted with a call back from Mr Spence. Mr. Spence DID NOTHING. He states there was a request to have the water pump replaced and this was the cause of the leak. THAT IS NOT WHAT OCCURRED and this is why the warranty company continue to deny the payment of the water pump.

    So meanwhile, I am out of $1370.00 which could have been covered by the warranty company IF BMW representive would have informed the warranty company the correct diagnosis of the problem instead of attempting to shift the blame.

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