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terrible everything

We took the car in because it the alarm system needed to be reset and the car would not start. They said that the electrical needed rewiring because rodents had eaten the wires??? Strange i have no rodents in the garage plus they installed some computer part the bill was $1400.00. Took the car home and it overheated it had no coolant. We took it to a test only for a smog check and the computer is not communicating. i called several times for a copy of the bill and they did not send it. I left several messages for the consultant and the service manager and nobody called back. I took my car to my BMW trusted mechanic and said that the electrical wiring has a problem. I am afraid to bring the car back to these people. Do not bring your vehicle to Center BMW Van Nuys.

uk scam

I write to acknowledge the receipt of your latest mail to this organization.I wish to inform you that your legal representative, attorney Godfrey N. Jack of Zenith chambers, will procure all the necessary court affidavits, that would enable him endorse by proxy, on your behalf, all documents of the Bavaria Motor Works (BMW) International Promo, that would enable the immediate release and telegraphic wire transfer of your won star prize of 1, 000, 000.00 million British Pounds sterling into your nominated bank account in your country, and the release of your 2008 model of BMW 5 series.

The only person who have won the BMW Automobile promo in United State Of Americe is Paul David Wellstone the former United States Senator from Minnesota in the year 2000.You are the second winner since the year 2000.Although Paul David Wellstone is late now as he died in a plane crash on 25 October 2002 at the age of 58. I am given you this link where you can read about him and how he won the bmw automobile promo in the year 2000. You are required to view Mr Paul David Wellstone's legacy on the link provided (

I suggest you should employe the service of the BMW Company accredited attorney to endorse on your behalf and procure all the necessary court affidavits, that would enable the immediate release and telegraphic wire transfer of your won star prize of 1, 000, 000.00 million British Pounds sterling into your nominated bank account in your country, and the release of your 2008 model of BMW 5 series. The BMW accredited attorney will do all the necessary documents here in United Kingdom.All the paper work will be done here in the British Judiciary crown court London.

Be informed that your won prize is protected by insurance policy which makes it impossible to deduct any charges or remove any copy of the document before handed over to you.This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the British National Promotion act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3rd July 1996 by the constitutional assembly.

The cost of contracting our accredited attorney, for the signing of the international payment voucher, is very minimal because this has been subsidised by the BMW International Promo Organisation. It is on the low side, compared to contracting an attorney from outside. The cost is 400.00 British Pounds Sterling.You are here by required to pay the fee of 400.00 British Pounds Sterling to the attorney bank account to do your paper work for you.

The payment of the lawyer's charges must be made upfront, because it is from this payment that he will swear all the necessary court affidavits that will empower him to act on your behalf, and stamp duties must be paid on the affidavits.Do be informed that the time frame to redeem your entitlement is not exactly unlimited, you are thus advised to act fast to enable the immediate completion of remittance procedures.

This is the e-mail that I received:

I will kindly advise you to act fast and get the attorney fee to enable him to spring up action.

Congratulations once more!

Best Regards.
Mr.Klaus Kibsgaard.
Claims Manager,
BMW Claims Department,


  • Sa
    SAMUEL BAZROY Oct 02, 2008

    please let me know whether this email address
    are genuine or not.

    22 Garden Close, Stamford,
    Lincs, PE9 2YP

    Contact person is Mr.MARK DAVID, Claim Manager
    2 nd person Mr. Stephen Robert dubos of Zenith Chambers

    Bavaria Motors.

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  • Sa
    SAMUEL BAZROY Oct 02, 2008

    please cofirm the enquiry

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  • Ar
    Archana Oct 21, 2008


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refrence bmw/[protected]/23

Dear Sirs,

I have received emails from Barrister Alan Roberts informing me that I have won a BMW & GBP 750, 000/-.
I was asked to choose the delivery options and send payment of $901.65 to Ms. Vera Adams. Sir Thomas Hooper JP of Magnum Soedition Ltd, Magnum House, Leopold Road, Felixstowe Stuffolk - IP11 7 NR United Kingdom Tel:(+[protected] He now calls me regularly and informs me that he is sending the cash with a diplomat and that I have to pay him GBP 9, 000/- .
I have so far paid Sir Thomas Hooper $ 901.65 plus GBP 1, 500/-
Please can you help me get my money back and stop him from duping someone else.

  • Da
    darren childs Jul 30, 2008

    the c, ar has had gear box problem has i thought but when new gear box replayced at a cost of £2090 the load nocking noise is still there not sure wye i would have to pay with only 50, 000 miles on clock.and now car going back again whot do u think

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  • Dt
    D.Tirumal reddy. Oct 20, 2014

    Asking for personal details like bank acc. No. Addrress.

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  • Sp
    spam investigator Oct 20, 2014

    BMW using a free web based Hotmail account ? Sounds believable there Cyber.

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  • Sp
    spam investigator Oct 20, 2014

    So when your not busy being a Parrot you resort to stalking PISSY1. How sweet I love you 2 honey .

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  • Dr
    Dr.Tattoo Oct 20, 2014

    i need to speak to you

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  • Sp
    spam investigator Oct 20, 2014

    Where did you learn English language and grammar Pissy1 obviously not in the US ?

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  • Sp
    spam investigator Oct 20, 2014

    Oh no not the CIA ! I'm so scared now . This is totally hilarious and gives the poster zero credibility .

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bad service

This is just another incident that convinced me to sell my BMW, change the F1 team i support and vow to tell every person I know about the pathetic service i have received from BMW in South Africa.
In short, I purchased my car from a dealer in July 2006, submitted all applications for the car to e transferred into my name including the Motor Plan. The car has since been for a service and to replace brake pads (two separate occasions). This morning the car was booked in (still covered under motor plan) for a few niggly issues to be fixed. The service person i dealt with at Auric Auto in Claremont named Colin, could just as well have stayed at home as I think he would have been more productive there. All of a sudden my Motor Plan is not in my name (how is this possible) and no effort was made to try and rectify the problem. I was told by Colin (because why should he be the one following up) to call Auto Atlantic in Cape Town to ask why they serviced my car, and changed the brake pads, as he could not see why they would do that. I managed to do his job, and call them, only to be referred back to Auric Auto to ask them the same questions. When I called Auric Auto, after being placed on hold for 7 minutes, I was then cut off. Called again, repeated the whole process, a lady answered saying "hello" (what happened to may I help you) after I asked to speak to Colin was told "just hold on" (what happened to "no problem, please hold the line) and then she proceeded by cutting me off again! 3rd call (now I have spent at least 37 minutes trying to get answers from BMW, I went through the same procedure, with the same answers with the same people, still not being able to speak to Colin (as i would assume now it was his tea time and I have spent my whole morning trying to get hold of him to he deserved a tea break) I demanded to speak to a manager...and would you believe it, was not available!

So, I duly lost my cool and collected my car, without BMW asking ANY questions or, if they can assist me to resolve the mess... How is that for service! Needless to say, I am still waiting for a reply from someone that is willing to help me.

Tik, Tok, Tik, Tok...

  • Pe
    Peter Brooks Feb 25, 2009

    I'm unhappy too, and thinking of selling my Mini because of the bad service.

    What is a good replacement, though?

    It seems a pity to have to get rid of a good car just because of pad service at the repair garage.

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  • Ws
    WSmit Nov 23, 2009

    I'm also done with BMW due to the terrible useless service of Auric Auto. I nor any of my family members will ever buy a BMW again. They have great engines, but are badly built cars and heavens forbid you have any problems with your electronics. Auric Auto is useless.

    W Smit

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  • Ri
    Richard Downing Mar 22, 2012

    Do your self a favour and deal with SMG and ask for Michele Phypher - what a star
    Richard Downing

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  • Jo
    Johnny Zou Sep 23, 2018

    I had really bad service experience in McKenna BMW. And when I complaint to the sells manager, he said "Go ahead post more bad reviews in yelp because we don't care. And let your friends help you to post more real bad review. And make sure you spell right." Then I asked his name and said I will do it. He told me his name is "Dallas". But I checked their website when i got home. I found his real name is Stu Green... What an pussy...

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defective door handle

As a (formerly) devout bmw lover, i have always had an appreciation for these seemingly high-quality cars. Not anymore. In the summer of 2007, the drivers' side door handle to my X5 broke off. In December, I took it to the dealership to be repaired and, since then, have been in a battle with BMW over whose responsibility it is to incur the damages. The leased car was still under warranty and I was even told by an on-site mechanic that it would be covered under warranty. First, i was told that the reason they were not going to take responsibility for the defect was because the door handle was frozen and had broken off. first of all, this had happened in the summer. secondly, even if it was frozen, shouldn't any car manufacturer employ standards on their vehicles that they sell, not only in Toronto, but in colder climates like Montreal to handle issues such as freezing?

After that was refuted, the next reason was because the handle had been subject to vandalism, yet, neither the car door nor the handle had any visible scratches or indication whatsoever of vandalism.
i took the handle (which remained in my possession), to a third-party engineer, who wrote up a letter to explain his findings ([sic]"poor design and cheap and shoddy material selection, which, together caused fatigue stress that culminated in fracture failure", and [sic]"defiance of basic logic and engineering principles in the design of the door handle"), and sent it to BMW. BMW is refusing to co-operate and, after going as high up in the company as I could, I was shifted to customer service that claims that they are able, through careful consideration of a two-dimensional photograph by their warranty department, to determine the cause of the defect as being that the handle was forced.

Their responses are always by telephone and despite my emails, they have never written back to me. I have already paid for the service and was hoping that BMW would employ basic public relations techniques and enhance their customer service reputation by recognizing the issue and taking responsibility.

This issue is ongoing...

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Parts overcharging

BMW of Fremont is over charging on there parts compared to any other BMW Dealership in Bay Area. Example will...

Doubt about the charges made by the (ics) courier system

Im happy but, i like to say that what type of charges you have consolidate for the winning prize. Prize is the prize, it si delievered and its the company head ache to clear it, and its a big company bmw departement, you have asked about 1300 us$ approx. How if the company is willing a prize to a winning subordinate you may ask the departement about it... As i say that you all are good but how could i do it that for a prize i have to pay money fro a prize...

If this is fauqe then tell it if it is not fauqe then tell it..

Umair hasan sabri
Accounts manager
Lu continental biscuits (Ltd)
Ware house, sahiwal
Cell # +[protected]

  • La
    LAKHVIR SINGH Sep 08, 2010





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business complaint

I was contacted via e- mail. As a group from

BMW & SINO Car Company notified me of winning this car. This party had the nerve to contact me ask.

Require me to go to Western Union to conduct money fee's as though I am a home base business employee. It is an insult that I can’t view my computer and elect to my own affairs without parties like this making contact. I reported this matter to the authorities, and to this date nothing has Bern done to stop this person from aggravating me, and causing harm to my creditability. As no party after I reported this party believe that I am angry enough to press charges for this person arrest.

do not want the credit card!

My name is Jesse Trumpore and I received this card in the mail saying that my balance is $250.00 when I...

vehicle problems!

Attached is a letter sent to BMW Canada in August. Since that letter I have had the vehicle back for major...

is it fake or right

I want to know that i receive a mail from this company Mr. james brown contacted me that i have won 1 million US dollars so want to know is it right or fake My ticket no. X7PYWM2007 And refrence no. BMW: [protected] please tell me what should i do and one thing more i told him that that what ever money i have to pay in transaction i will pay only after getting prize money from that money only i can pay please confirm it

  • Sh
    sheeba Abrar Dec 13, 2007

    Want to know is this information is fake or right!

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  • Sh
    sheeba Abrar Dec 13, 2007

    I just want to say that these tye of fake informations should be stop.

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  • Sh
    sheeba Abrar Dec 14, 2007

    I don't know whether this information is right or fake.

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  • Su
    Sumanta Pasari Jan 15, 2008

    Is it really fake? All of my friends said that they also received some mail like me...clearly written that you are the winner of that..can anyone reply me

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  • Ro
    Rosanna Fuentes Feb 23, 2008

    Take that letter and throw it away it is a scam and you will never see any of it trust me I was stupid enough to believe my letter and they took me for over 2000.00 + throw it away or send it back with your own note to stick it where the sun dont shine.

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  • Os
    Oswald May 02, 2008

    today i received the same message! I am sure if i send the requested information (name, address, telephone number), the next step will the deposit of a "small" amount of money in order to proceed with the car transaction. This is a 100% scam!


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oil level problem within new 07 1 series bmw

I bought an 07 plate 116i SE BMW Reg No: SB07 MFJ in April 07 and with only 3000 miles on the clock the oil warning light came on. On checking the on board computer system the oil was at minimum and upon reading me manual I discovered I had to take my vehicle to he dealership immediately. I was told at the Harry Fairbain dealership in Glasgow southside that all cars need topped up between services I find this alarming as I have just traded in a two and a half year old BMW 1 series which did not require the oil to be topped up and was always showing the maximum level. I would be grateful if this could be looked into and someone could please respond to me ASAP incase there is a fault with this vehicle.

My telephone number is [protected] - Mrs L Roarty.

  • Ji
    Jimmy David Littleton Mar 28, 2009

    I am getting ready to take my 06 BMW325I in to the shop. I have twenty five thousands mile and this is the second time the Engine oil light has come on. THe first time they told me it just need capping off. I was able to get7500 miles between the problem, but no car should drain itself of oil at twenty five thousand mile.

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potential life threat

I have a 2002 BMW 330i convertible. Yesterday (7/20/2007) I was driving on an expressway in Baltimore, Md when my car stalled. The highway was extremely busy and my husband and I are lucky we did not get killed. There were several lights (error lights) lit up, eml, check engine soon, brakes and one more like a triangle. I called the nearest BMW dealer and was told to bring the car or tow the car to them. After I shut off the ignition and restarted the car, I could drive about 25 mph to the dealer.

After putting the car on a computer they told me it was a problem involving the wiring harness and the throttle body and it would cost $ 1700.00 to repair. After having many cars in my life time, I questioned why I had never heard of this repair before and why was it so expensive. My car was out of warranty last year. I left the car, got a loaner from the BMW dealer and went home. I got on the internet and found so many people had the same problem with their BMW that I called BMW directly. They did not assume the responsibility, but said they would talk to the dealer and get back to us. In 8 minutes I got a call from the dealer saying that BMW would be paying the $ 1000.00 for the parts, but we would still have to pay for the labor ($ 700.00) and now we could not have a "loaner car". You may say, this is a good thing, but from the TBS (technical bulletin) that BMW had given their dealer in 2003, they should have paid for the entire problem, not just the parts. Why was this not a recall? Why wasn't I notified there was a potential problem? Do a certain amount of people have to die from something like this before there is a recall?

I am incensed at this whole deception. What else is wrong with my car that I do not know about? Does anyone have a suggestion relative to this problem?

Thank you for letting me vent my anger!

very poor service!

Today was the last day of my lease. I called Chase Financial several months prior to find out exactly what I...

multiple vehicle problems

My BMW X5 has now once again been at Leohaese Centurion for more than a month, with the original problem. This vehicle has spent almost 4 month at the dealership, and I have been totally inconvenienced and unable to perform my work and other duties effectively because of this.

I do not want this vehicle back due to all the problem I have had with it, and as per my original dealings with J. Due Plessis, I would like this vehicle exchanged for a similar one, as he agreed. As per the letter bellow this vehicle is not at all in the same condition I purchased it, including a accident due to bad repairs from your work shop, which could have caused my death.

I am also not at all happy about driving a BMW 118 loan vehicle, which does not allow me to participate in my sport and other activities due to no tow bar and the size of the vehicle, which does affect my work.

extremely bad treatment by bmw dealerships and representatives

Dear Complaints Board, I would like to express my extreme disappointment in the way I have been treated by...

bmw 6 series auto has problems with on board computer

BMW wants to buy me out of my car and agree to not disclose that all '6' series, meaning 645i and 650 model...

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