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Blue Green Vacation Club / Dont buy into this.....

1 Myrtle Beach, SC, United States Review updated:

My husband and I bought a time share from Blue green 4 years ago. We have only used the time share 2 times. One of which we had to pay money to stay when we had already paid thousands of dollars in mortgage payments. Both times we were extremly disappointed. The rooms are horrible. They allow smoking in all rooms. My husband and oldest son both have asthma and allergies, so this was awful. Also, one of the perks of being on vacation is to have house keeping come in everyday and freshen your room, well with blue green you have to pay extra for house keeping. Also, we had to pay for parking. We are so discussed. The rooms are less than mediocre. The beds are horribly hard, and the linens are like those at a motel 6.

We feel like blue green lures you in with all these promises, showing you pictures filling you full of excitement and all the while it's just a scam. It is like seeing pictures of a ritz carlton and arriving at a motel 6. Also, good luck trying to book the destination that you want. You will have to book at least a year in advance to get the city of your choice.

Please do not waste your money. Also beware of others who write on this web site and others whom praise blue green, they are probablly blue green employees trying to counter act what real blue green owners experience.

Please, do not waste your money. You are better off setting money aside each month for your vacations. Then you can afford to go where you want, when you want, and stay in a NICE hotel.

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  • Lo
      17th of Jan, 2008

    What a load of B******T you write we have been owners since 2003 when Bluegreen took over Oasis Lakes (now The Fountains) in Orlando which I might add is 5 star.
    Most Bluegreen resorts now DO NOT allow smoking indoors and as for paying for parking then u must mean Charlston or Miami Charlston I cannot comment on yet (we vist in July this year) Miami was brillent and in all the places I have stayed non have been like a motel.
    The smaller and not as uptodate resorts dont use as many points so therefore you know before u travel that it will not be as nice as The Fountains --- you have not used as many points !!!!!!
    Take Aruba as an example a week in a studio uses 7000 points and yes the units need updating but once the $25K refurb is done then its back upto 5 star.
    So dont think that all this person as written is true in fact it is far from the truth and before she replies I do not work for Bluegreen I am a Textile colourist in Lancashire England.

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  • Fr
      1st of Oct, 2008

    Hello everyone,
    I bought into Bluegreen in July and already I am seriously dissappointed. I asked the people that sold me the contract that one of the most important issues to me would be that I do not have problems making reservations in San Diego where I must go every year at the same time. Their reply to me was absolutely no problems as long as I made reservations 48 hours in advance. Come to find out yesterday when I tried to make reservations at the Capri By The Sea, that everything was taken and I would have to make reservations one and one half years in advance. Now if I want to pay money out of my pocket besides what I am paying Bluegreen for absolutely nothing in return, then they have rooms available for rent. What is the point of having this timeshare if I cannot use it, and by the way, noone is wanting to talk to me at Bluegreen. I tried calling several times yesterday several different names that was given to me, and noone has returned my calls.
    I am going to change my bank account number today. I will not pay another dime to a scam outfit like this. Until something is done about this they will not get another dime from me.
    Frances Graff-Welch

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  • Ro
      2nd of Nov, 2008

    hey Phil,
    Please use your spell-check or re-read your comments before posting. All of your grammatical and spelling errors make you sound like an idiot!

    Just thought you should know that I'm always here to offer my assistance to those in such dire need!

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  • Ba
      27th of Jan, 2010

    We also have been owners for many years, actually since 1995. They keep increasing Maintenance fees/taxes and dues without notifying to owners. This has become a hardship with the way the economy is. My husband has been out of work for almost two years and I became unemployed recently. We called Bluegreen Vacations to see if they would reduce the late fees and finance charges but was told my a very nasty manager that it was our problem and everyone else was able to pay on time. She also told us that we had signed a contract that gives them the right to charge us a late fee and finance charges per month. If you don't pay in full by a certain they lock you out and then they will turn you over to a collection agency and if still not paid they will cancel your membership to the club which relinquishes the owner from any right of ownership or usage. Another words they can take back your timeshare, you lose all the money you invested and they can sell it to someone else. Talk about making money.
    Whenever we call to try get a reservation they have nothing available. I am sick of paying for something that we can't use.
    We have tried to sell our timeshare with RDI(Bluegreen Vacations) for the past 4 years now but they say no one is interested but they still sell new timeshares. What the heck. We were told that they would even rent it out and we would get the money for that. OH YEAH that never happened.
    Anyone reading this please do not buy a timeshare with Bluegreen Vacations, I believe they are over selling the timeshares which makes it hard for anyone to actually use them when they want to.
    Bill and Carla Campbell

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  • Sh
      15th of Apr, 2010



    Why...WHY! if you are so in love with your bluegreen package would you be here at

    You wouldn't. These puss trolls are Bluegreen minions that come here to post rebuttals to LEGITIMATE complaints. Bluegreen does that crap on EVERY complaint web site. That YAHOO site they advertise is nothing more than a den for these snakes to steer consumers to buying more points. "Upgrade to gold...that's what you need to do..." WHAT A BUNCH OF ###!!!

    Bluegreen will tell you you'll get lots of wonderful vacations at lots of wonderful resorts then, after they've got you roped in tell you "We're signed the contract and initialed on line so and so that you understand its all SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY"

    Liars and Thieves. There is a special place in hell for these septic dwellers.

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