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Melbourne VIC, Australia
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On 6th May 2016, I purchased a Bloomex 'Beautiful in Blue' sympathy bouquet for a friend who had just lost her mother. Once I'd placed the order, I noticed that I'd made a mistake in my message for the card and I immediately e-mailed Bloomex to request to have it changed.

I didn't receive a response from Bloomex about this. Instead, I received an e-mail stating that because it was Mother's Day and there had been a lot of orders placed, my order would be delivered later than the specified time. I was not too bothered about this delay, however, I did want the correction made to my message so I responded to the e-mail to ask if my message had been corrected. I didn't receive a response to my second e-mail either. To this day, I don't know whether the card my friend received with the flowers had a mistake in it or not. As it's a delicate matter, I don't wish to ask her this either.

A few days ago, on the anniversary of her mother's death, my friend sent me a picture of the flowers I'd sent, which I have also attached. I was very disappointed to see that the bouquet she received did not resemble the picture of the one I had purchased at all. There were fewer flowers, and rather than a selection of flowers it was only a few white roses with a cheap looking bunch of daisy-like flowers. There also weren't any blue flowers included. Although I'd paid $84.80 for the flowers it looked like I'd spent very little and I'm now embarrassed as my friend probably thinks that I scrimped on the flowers.

May 11, 2017

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