Bill Penney Toyotaused cars

I found a car I was interested in at this dealership that showed up on, and the dealer's own website. Since I live an hour away and would have to take special time out of my day to go down there, I called ahead of time to make sure that the car was still there. The guy who answered the phone said that they did still have the car, answered a few of my questions about it and I ended the call happily by letting him know I'd be by the next day to look at the car. The following morning, I went to the dealership only to be informed that the car had been sold three days previously! They did try to sell me something else from their very limited used inventory. I can only assume that the person who lied to me over the phone just wanted to get me down there to sell me on one of their other cars. I was very, very unhappy and will never do business with this particular dealership. I advise you to check and double check before you go to Bill Penney for anything.

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