Big Lots / treatment of employees

Murrieta, CA, United States

Writing on behalf of a friend at the Murrieta, CA location. 3 Weeks ago she was suspended for something she didn't know was wrong, 2 weeks ago she was supposed to find out her fate. As of today she's heard nothing and keeps getting the run around when she calls. At one point she was told she'd get a call back later, last weekend, and heard nothing sense. She found out her coworkers all thought she was fired. She still has not received pay from the day she actually got suspended, and that day is a whole different issue entirely. She was by herself with no one in the room on her bahalf. Asked leading questions designed to tr and get the response they wanted ("You know what you were doing was wrong, right?" She didn't) and then was scared enough that they were able to force her to handwrite and sign a note about her actions that THEY dictated to her, not in her own words, including her saying she knew what she did was wrong. She thought it would go in her file and she'd go back to work, but when she finished that's when they suspended her. It is ludicrous, ridiculous and absurd that they had the ability to back her into a corner like that, but not the ability to tell her whether or not she still has a job after 3 weeks of her being the one who has to initiate any sort of contact. I am appalled and very angry about this treatment. No matter what she did (used a coupon at check out that she wasn't supposed to, but thought was ok because others were doing it too, not sure if they're being treated the same or not), she doesn't deserve to sit in the dark for this long. If no one steps in and clears up this matter that should be long resolved so that she can move on with her life one way or another, I will never shop at a Big Lots location again, and I will also take every chance I get to make sure no one else does either. I will make it clear how they treat their employees, and that they don't deserve our money.

Sep 13, 2017

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