Big Bazaar / Food Bazaarbiyani cheating his customers

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At every Store of Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar i have visited and purchased from atleast 15 of them in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi and this is my shocking revelation.

Each time i bought from Big Bazaar whether from Mumbai Lower Parel or the largest in Pune in Kothrud, there are billing issues.

* "Buy 1 get 1 free" it doesn't get reflected in the bill at all and i had paid for the 2nd item in full.
* Price tag on the bill is higher that displayed on the shelf. They donot allow the customer to see what he is billed till the customer pays. There is no cash refund policy. If there is a billing discripancy they give a credit note.

After i started looking at bills carefully i found problem with every alternate bill !!!

Which translates to atleast Rs. 200 for every Rs.1500 spent at Big Bazar. Kishore Biyani should stop cheating and do a proper business.

The escuse of having too many products at the stores to keep track is false because individuals are allocated to each small area to service and are responsible.

Even after identifying the mistake the staff including the store managers makes no effort to correct the error in their billing system. They just give a credit note and forget it. 2 minutes later their would be another gullible customer who would not check his bill.

This makes me think Kishore Biyani is behind all this to charge 10 -20 % extra in the wrong manner

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