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Resolved pathetic customer service

Expected delivery date was 14th March 2011 and till date (Mar 30) I have not recieved delivery of washing machine and JMG I ordered at Big Bazaar. Their customer service attitude is worst I have ever seen. I'm ashamed of myself for ordering these product at Big Baazaar and swear to God I'm never gonna shop at Big Baazar again. And, yes, whomsoever I may influence, I will advice not visit Big Bazaar ..
I called their customer care officer and inquired about my delivery and shame to their customer policy the guy just scolded on me and said you can cancelled your order if you cant wait ..
God save Big baazaar...

I still remember the day when Kishor Biyani was awarded Most Inspiring Entrepreneur by by institute on 2006 ... he was there and boasting everything best about his venture... I wish he can read these comments and seriously do something...

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    Reviewer87772 Oct 25, 2015
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have bought a pack of biscuit Mc Vities Digestive Biscuit from Big Bazaar on 24th October. And the same was already expired on 18th October 2015.

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rude behaviour of security and an employee

I am an NRI staying at Palakkad, Kerala and I would like to inform about my bitter experience at BigBazaar (English church road), Palakkad, Kerala. It was the most embarassing moment when the security guy and an employee behaved impolitely. There was a malfunction in the detector (16/12/2010; around 3 pm) near the exit and it stupidly started to alarm when my 5- year old daughter passed through it. We checked her and there was nothing in her pockets or in her hands. Instead of clearing the situation, the security guy and the employee at the exit started to make funny comments and laugh. It was very embarassing when people started watching us.
It is easy to start a business like Bigbazaar copying the foreign super-markets, but it is also important to follow the foreigner's way of treating customers in a situation like this. I have travelled to many countries, visited many top-of-the-line shops and I have never encountered such an embarassment.
I never want to go back to that shop again and I will also try to alert people on such petty behaviour at BigBazaar, Palakkad, Kerala.
I hope that you can understand my point and I also hope that the service will be improved in the future.
Best regards,

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    SubbuBhatt May 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience: I went to BigBazaar hebbal today (06May2010). After little shoping in the ground floor I steped into lift to go to 2nd floor to continue my shoping. Nightmare, lift got stuck and no one to help! To the hight of unfortunity I took my family also with me that day. My wife and a 8month old daughter were with me.

    Once I realized that lift is stuck, I pressed the alarm button in panic hoping someone will rescue me. I kept on pressing alarm for about 15mins without any answer from any side.

    I tried to open the lift door myself, It got opened a little, this is the time BigBazaar employees could see us. I was making noise from inside. But, no once seemed cared about. I kept on shouting and felt like I am shouting in the midst of thick forest.

    Fortunately another customer listened to me and he opened from outside so that we could come out. After I came out I wanted to see the floor manager, so that I can complain about this and ask him to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

    Initially no one was even listening what I was experiencing. after a long and loud shoutings, Mr.Sahan Hegde came introducing as the floor manager. Instead of sorry, he was trying to explain his problem.

    Boss, I am not there to solve his problems. I am there to shop for my convenience. And BigBazaar should take care of their customers in their premises. Its their responsibility.

    He is not ready to take this as a complaint. There is no procedure of taking customer complaint.

    This inconvenience meant nothing to all employees in the floor and were looking at me as if I am making unnecessory noise.

    Feature Group is futureless group as some one said it right. This group does'n even have customer feedback process in place. They are not running business as a corporate. Better buy from your next door store than going to these careless people.

    Subramanya Bhatt

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  • Ja
    jaivamshi Aug 19, 2010



    I never expected this type response from you. Kindly take back your goods and also i am going to complain to the appropriate forum.(I think you will understand)

    jayagopal krishna
    #18, E&F BLOCK

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Resolved purchased product not delivered.


not responding and sending the product

i ordered 1 Nirlep non stck cooking set and i paid the total amount in advance through check (check no. 065317 Bank name - Axis Bank)worth Rs. 745 (product price Rs. 645 + Rs. 100 shipping charges) the amount was deducted from my account on Sep 3rd, 2010 and i was supposed to recieve the product within 7days but i have not received it yet. When i called up at the customer care they said that they have not received any payment and took the payment details to check but after that i dint not recieve any response i called up my bank and checked and the amount was paid to Future Bazaar India Ltd. but when i again called up Future Bazaar customer care to check they said that i can call up after 2-3 days for the update.It's getting repeated from last 2 times, No one is ready to help me out. They are neither sending the product nor the payment back. Kindly look into it.

Resolved bad service, billing error and corrupt practices by cashier

Dear Sir,

I have to regretfully bring this your kind notice and request you to take immediate action against this cashier Mr. Ashok Phapale of your Ghatkopar Mall.

I along with my wife and daughter had done shopping from your Ghatkopar(West) mall today in the evening.

The details of my shopping are given below for your reference:

Cashier Name: Ashok Phapale
Till No. 7
Receipt No. 1460940
St: 4712,
Ch: 155011
Tr: 85351
Date: 29/08/10 ; Time: 19.28

This cashier was making lot of mistakes and we had to correct him every now and then. On one occasion he had even told and that really shocked us and also other customers that you can pay me cash and I will delete this item from Billing. We flatly refused his offer, because rather than correcting the bill, he wanted cash which will benefit both of us. This kind of practices (which is nothing but corruption) is found only in Government Organization and Municipal Corporations. I was shocked to see that such things are now openly done in your Malls.

One of the items in my big list of shopping was one Bottle of Mayonnaise Sauce costing Rs. 69/. However, after coming home we found that this cashier has charged us for two bottles Rs. 138/ and quantity written in the bill was also 2 Nos.

What action you want to take against this Cashier about his arrogant behavior and dishonesty is your decision, but least you can do is kindly arrange to send me Rs. 69/ he has charged us in excess of one bottle we have not purchased.

I hope that a reputed Organization like your will do the needful in this matter immediately.

Thanks & Regards,

Charuchandra Nerurkar
(Ph. [protected]/ [protected];
Mobile: [protected].)

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not delivered purchased items

I have purchased Computer Table and Chair from Big Bazaar, Wardhaman Nagar, Nagpur. I made cash payment of said items on 14th August 2010. They assured to make delivery on or before 20 August 2010. When not delivered on the promised date, I called furniture sections Tel. [protected]. Answer given was the purchased items are not in stock and will be delivered only when available. I logged complaint on Help line and gave required details on 21 August 2010. They said they will look into the matter and said that complaint ID will be my mobile number i.e. [protected]. After that Nagpur based authorities called 2 to 3 times and made false commitment about delivery, but till date I have not recd my purchased items.
I just want to know that how can they sale the sold items? What action should be taken on them?

Resolved assault by an employee named mr. chandrashekhar

BIG bazaar located in katriguppe banashankari has the reputation of beating its customers and accusing them of robbing a ten a rupee exchange coupon. the best part all the manageent did was to cover the mess up by offering extra coupons as settlement. it is ridiculous that after being abused and beaten up by the employee the operations manager tries to cover up the whole mess by blaming the customer for not having patience with the obnoxious behaviour of its employees. the people involved in this assault are Mr. Chandrashekhar from PUC Dept and the cover up is done by mr. Bharat Khubchandani the ASM Operations. top it they tried to lock us in the security room with threats of physically assaulting us. With so many better malls around the town big bazaar is doing a great job in warding off its customers. We have decided to take this matter to the court until some action is taken against the one's who assaulted us in front of various customers.
If you have any regards for the company reputation you would be better off contacting us and apologising for the physical assault. the people working there even threatened my brother of beating him uop outside the mall. I work as a free lance reporter and got eye witness for the incident occured. I can put in one article about the serious assault case and am sure it will dent your company's reputation for good.

Priya [protected].

Have any brains u better revert to us about the action taken

Resolved cheating and fooling

These days, Big Bazzar has launched a scheme of Exchange, where one can sell the old cloths, news papers etc and get the coupens. These Coupens can encashed on purchases from big bazzar.

I availed the scheme and sold the cloths worth Rs. 2030/- and i was given the coupens. I was happy and started the purchases. I purchased the material worth Rs. 3500/-. At the time of billing i was told that the coupens worth Rs. 440/- only will be encashed and balance has to be paid in cash, as the scheme is that for purchase of Rs 800/-, only coupen of Rs. 100/- will be taken. I was astonished. In all the advertisements given in the papers and media, no where it is mentioned about this fact of ratio of 1 : 8. I had to give cash for the balance. It means for spending the entire coupens of Rs. 2030/-, i will have to make the purchase of Rs. 16, 000/-. (is it possible for a middle class person).

Further from the sealed box of Good Night Advanced, the refill was found missing. When tried to inform them, the telephone numbers were either busy or no response.

Still further the employees of the BB are standing at the billing counters with Cash Coupens (which they get as employee scheme) and force the customers to use them for payment and demand full cash against them from hte customers.

I feel that in all the Big bazzar is playing and making fool of public and is doing fraud with the public, with no control of Govt. on such issues.

I would recommend all reading this review, please please don’t ever go to big bazzar other wise they will cut your pockets. Please don’t avail this exchange scheme. It is better to give old cloths to the poor instead of giving them to Big Bazzar and making fool of yourself.

Ajay Garg

Resolved bad service

I was a regular shopper at Big Bazaar in all the states that i have stayed in. Though there were minor issues of dissatisfaction i still continued buying products from them. My latest experience with Big Bazaar has convinced me to never buy another product from them. I had ordered for a TV Wall Unit, it was to be delivered at my home in two days. Even after repeated calling they never told me that the item i had paid for was already booked by someone else. On the fourth day iam told that the item is sold and i could take back the amount i paid. Isn't this excellent service? They claim to serve the customer at every step and if this is the way they serve i would better not wish for any such service. I really hope and wish that none of the other customers receive this kind of excellence in service. Hats off to the service they offer.

  • Ji
    Jibon Baruah Nov 19, 2010

    Honorable Care Taker of Big Bazaar

    I have purchased a Split Air conditioner during the month of August 2009 from the Big Bazaar, Guwahati, but unfortunately the Remote of the A.C. is not working since March 2010, within the guarantee period. Than I discussed with the customers care of big Bazaar, Guwahati Branch for its replacement. But due to non availability at their stock, they have directed me to produce the same at service centre. Accordingly, I have registered my name for its repair in the service centre at Guwahati. Meanwhile, the authority of the service centre has informed me that the availability of the Remote will be intimated to you through your phone no. In the mean time the summer season is over, verbal reminder has been placed to Mr. Nayan Gogoi, the respondent of the said remote, I tell him that, I am agree to pay
    for a new one but the result is a “Big Zero”. There is no assurance of new supply also. The Hot season is over and the Air Conditioner is helpless without your remote. This is pathetic to my family.
    I would therefore, request you kindly to arrange a remote for the next season,
    against CASH ON DELIVERY so that the A.C. can be utilized properly. Necessary particulars of the AC are as follows:-

    SENSEI Split Air Conditioner (one Ton capacity )
    Model No. SSI 12AB – N, Capacity 12, 000BTU/N, Power---- 1170W,
    Discharged Pressure --- 2.7 Mpa.
    Wanted the Remote “Case on delivery” system at the following Address: --

    Mr. Jibon Baruah
    Care : Mr. Prabhat Rai Baruah
    Land Mark :- Near Gonesh-Guri Fly Over,
    Hengerabari, Sankardev Nagar Path
    Pin :- 781006, House No. - 12
    GUWAHATI, Assam.
    Contact No. 919435087780 and 91-9435103371
    Mail add.—[email protected]

    Your reply is requested honestly. Yours faithfully
    Jibon Baruah ( Customer )
    Guahati Assam

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  • Su
    Subir Kr Deb Apr 30, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchased one Refrigerator on installment basis from Guwahati big bazar on 07.04.2012 and paid 1/3 of the cost of the refrigerator on the same day through my credit card along with 8 nos of past dated cheques as per terms and conditions .I was assured in writing that the ordered material will be delivered within 15 days in my residence and before the delivery date, I would be informed. Failing to get any response I contacted the concerned deptt. of Big Bazar on 25th April onwards almost every day and I was assured time and again by one Mr. Arunkumar that it would be delivered within 3/4 days and also advised me to keep patience. Yesterday I received one call from the said person requesting me to take another product instead of the ordered one as the product cannot be delivered. I immediately refused and asked for the ordered one only. Now my questions are:
    1. If the product is not available, even after expiry of almost 22 days, what prompted them to enter into contract and taking advance payment?
    2. Is it justified and logical to insist a customer to take another product instead of the contacted one, after taking advance for that particular product ? Is it not a breach of contract ?
    3. I had to part with money for last 22 days and paid visit personally for 2/3 occasions in addition to making phone calls . Who will compensate the loss, both mental and financial?
    4. From the complaints of Dr. Sanjeev Tandon, it reveals that he experienced the same fate like me and it is not a case in isolation. How long the innocent customers like us will be harassed for no fault of their own?

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Resolved warrenty issues

I purchASED a hiking bag from Big Bazar Kolhapur on 15th Jan, on its first use on 17th the bag tore away through side stitches and its belt attachments at top.When I contacted local consumer care dept at the store and was told the bag has no garrenty n warrenty. The worse part is they did not even offered to repair it instead kept me waiting at baggage counter for half hour just to tell they dont have any responsibility and that too in an insulting way.

Resolved non delivery of billed products

shopped at food bazaar at bigbazaar, kalyani nagar, pune on 14th november, 2009, at 1626hrs at counter no 5, cashier name ravindra, bill no. T28/19086, bill amount rs 7287.00. goods worth 1962.00 not delivered. seven bags given, on bill seven bags written, called back as soon as i cross checked at home, promised to be informed about this descrepency by store manager sourav, no reply.pure case of cheating.
alim chagla
cell no [protected]

  • please any hon.consumer / reagarding the real idea's of mr.alim abubakar chagla;
    is an old saying from Confucious~three 3 monkeys or tit-for-tat

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  • my mother Mrs.maimuna abubakar chagla is 85agewidow living in 34, Kesri Poonam Park, Viman nagar, but my brother alim abubakar chagla has alleged changed the Pune sub-registrars~ names as this rowhouse & is not showing the proof of the documents & illegaly living; is as per me AS captain salim abubakar chagla I am the eldest son of my mother, gave the house as long as she is alive, after that my elder son, meaning her grandson fareem salim chagla, my son;
    kindly ensure that the hon.secrectary/hon.chairperson/hon.treasurer

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  • Ca
    captain salim chagla Jan 01, 2011

    I, capt.salim abubakar chagla,
    am aware of, all be carefull of 'mr' alim chagla, 2/34 kesri poonam park is harassing his own mother, is a known 'crook' of fooling food is a small amount~property, cash-you say it he can do any such matter's;then try police/politicians/property immovable has a sly way, to even lawyers/even judge~in simple ways, he is a 'smart tout' & his only loudmouth & temper.'

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Resolved customer service

Due to my bad luck, i thought i wud get diaper and wipes for my baby from Big Bazaar today (1st oct, evening around 6is).The store seemed so conjusted and all the customer service people were sitting on the floor of the shopping isles arranging stuff and not even bothering to move aside for customers to buy stuff.I somehow managed to get wipes and diapers and on the way out they said my bag beeped.They checked the packs and found nothng.Then they said i have something in my handbad, now things became bad.Everyone started staring at me like a culprit.I said its alrite to check my handbag.I went aside and dumped everything in my bad for them to see.They cudnt find a thing.Still they were suspecious.Thaankgod they didnt wanne undress me to check.The second time when i stepped out of the store the alarms didnt beep.I questioned them for embarrasing me?they had no answer.They say perhaps its the simcard.But who will answer for the embarrasment that i faced there in 5mts time.I will reccomed anyone who reads this complaint not to visit that store ever and save yurself a lil pride.

  • Sn
    SN Shenoy Oct 21, 2009

    Big Bazaar is the worst place to shop.Sales people are virtually ruffians, I think u shud take this up seriously with Womens Right groups.

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Resolved delivery not on time

Big Bazaar situated at Kalyani Nagar Pune has very bad customer service record. The Home Delivery is promised for the purchase of above Rs 2000.
I made a purchase of Rs 5278 of Food items on 19/08/09 on Bill No. T2816996.The Customer Care promised to deliver 11 packets of our purchase on
20/08/09 before 2 pm on my given address but they were unable to deliver even before 8 pm. I made 15 calls to them but their response was very cold and arrogant.
The delivery boy did made a call either. They are now telling that my delivery might be made on 21/08/09

  • Ra
    Ramesh annarapu Jul 09, 2009

    Big Bazaar never delivers the products at home on time, bad service,
    we were promised by Big Bazaar (Mulund- Mumbai) the delivery of goods on 9th july before between 5 to 6pm, which was not done.

    Big bazaar gives wrong promise of best price, D mart offes the best price in the market, Big bazaar bad service, does not offer the best price and service

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Resolved gift voucher

Gift Voucher
Date:13th Aug

Today I visited the Thane Big Bazar with a gift voucher (Rs. 250 x 6). Did a shopping of Rs 2800 odd (bill no - MUM 001687), I presented the voucher for redemption. I was told it has expired.

The gift voucher has no validity date or expiry date.
As a customer I can't read bar codes.. I have a voucher that doesn't have a issue date and I want it to be redeemed.

On enquiry at the customer service desk the representative agreed to the mistake but he said he is unable to help or process the voucher, even though on the system is it is showing expired only in July. Voucher series [protected]/81/82/84 & so on

Its money which Big Bazaar has take without offering any goods, their system simply cannot hold advance payments taken for vouchers. A voucher is as good as currency (with infinate validity if not having date!)

Please respond

Best Regards
Rahul Pandey

  • Ra
    RahPan Sep 06, 2009

    Even though the customer service staff at the thane counter where not helpful, I have a resolution on my problem. After I wrote to the company, the validity of my vouchers has been restored and now I can redeem them.
    The problem could have been solved at the store itself and I would have saved 20 days, nevertheless the corporate CS team was helpful.

    Let me now see by going to the store, if they now respect the voucher. Will send and update soon.

    Rahul Pandey

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Resolved products not available

i would like to complaint hereby sayin dat d products have neva been fulfillin i mean wenever we go to yuur big big showrooms ders only one answer from d salesman dat we have no stalk is dat possible now?the salesman says we have d stalk but d sender is yet to send it...??we have been regular customers and today like no oder time we went nd to top d story we bought a trolley loaded stuff but left it there itself who wants to go home with so much stuff no required...yuur motto "isse accha aur sasta kahin nahi" stands by no name by far..and please its a heartious requset to keep the stalk updated...!
dinesh acharya

  • Te
    Team Share with Us Jul 18, 2009

    Dear Mr Dinesh,

    Please inform us of which store you visited and which products you have a recurring complaint of stock with. We will try our best to fulfil the same.
    You can write to us at [email protected]

    Team Share WIth Us

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Resolved gifts always out of stock

few months back the future group had this sone ki chidiya scheme, during that time we had collected sone ki chidiya to get watches but the watches were always out of stock and we had to satisfy ourself with koryo iron box.
Now last week i had purchased for more than 3000 rupees and am supposed to get the duffle bag as advertised by them but no, i have made three visits to the big bazaar for it but they send us back saying they dont have the stock. I wonder why they advertise when they are unable to provide the gift items. Even the exchange offer scheme is a big bogus.

  • Bh
    bharathganesh May 24, 2011

    This is to highlight the large scale cheating being done by Future Group Retail in the name of 'The Great Indian Shopping Festival'. I made a purchase worth Rs 1 Lak from Ezone and in turn acquired 400 SKC points, which they said could be redeemed for gifts. Offer period: April 16th to May 15th, 2011 (5 week-ends, 4 weeks). I made the purchase on April 28th from Ezone, Chinchwad, Pune. After about 15 days of trauma, I finally got my goods delivered (2 AC's, Mixer and a TV). They refused to give me a bill for the Mixer, saying it was not showing up in their stock. But they delivered the product. They also did not let me fill the lucky draw coupon saying they are running out of coupons (plain cheating!).

    Finally the second round of trauma started when I went to redeem the SKC points. They had a huge catalog of gifts for which these points could be redeemed. (

    For 200 points I purchased a 'Set of 3 Trolley Bags' by paying Rs 1499/-. However when I opened the package, I saw it I was cheated. It just had one trolley bag, another tiny trolley bag within it and another third airbag inside it. So it was a fraud that they called the third bag also a trolley bag.

    I have been running around 3 stores to redeem the remaining 200 points. The catalog said they gifts could be redeemed at any of their retail outlets. However for the past 4 days I have been running around 3 of their stored to get those gifts. They always claim they are out of stock and the stock will never come again. How can you talk to a customer like that! One of them told me to go to Mumbai to redeem those points. All I wanted to redeem them was for : 20 pc Kitchen Set, 16 pc Stoneware Dinner Set and Single Trolley Bag. I visited Big Bazaar and E Zone in Chinchwad, Pune and to Pune Central, University road, Pune. At each of these places I was told to visit the other store.


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biyani cheating his customers

At every Store of Big Bazaar and Food Bazaar i have visited and purchased from atleast 15 of them in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi and this is my shocking revelation.

Each time i bought from Big Bazaar whether from Mumbai Lower Parel or the largest in Pune in Kothrud, there are billing issues.

* "Buy 1 get 1 free" it doesn't get reflected in the bill at all and i had paid for the 2nd item in full.
* Price tag on the bill is higher that displayed on the shelf. They donot allow the customer to see what he is billed till the customer pays. There is no cash refund policy. If there is a billing discripancy they give a credit note.

After i started looking at bills carefully i found problem with every alternate bill !!!

Which translates to atleast Rs. 200 for every Rs.1500 spent at Big Bazar. Kishore Biyani should stop cheating and do a proper business.

The escuse of having too many products at the stores to keep track is false because individuals are allocated to each small area to service and are responsible.

Even after identifying the mistake the staff including the store managers makes no effort to correct the error in their billing system. They just give a credit note and forget it. 2 minutes later their would be another gullible customer who would not check his bill.

This makes me think Kishore Biyani is behind all this to charge 10 -20 % extra in the wrong manner


We visited Big Bazaar at Tonk Road, Jaipur store on 13th Aug 08 with the purpose of purchasing the 29” television. We decided to buy a LG 29” TV Slim Magic Model No. LG 29FD7AGE (this correct Model No. we came to know on 25th Aug itself). It was lying at the display with the tag price of Rs.11, 790/- carrying the model No. LG 29 FG2AG-TG. The next day we went again and told them that we need the fresh piece instead of displayed one. He told us that fresh piece is not available. Mr. Sanjay Gehlot (Team Leader of Electronics Dept.) told us that this low price scheme is available for 2 more days so if you want then you have to pay full amount right now. Then we gave the full payment to him and he didn’t gave us the Invoice mentioning that Invoice will be given along with the delivery only, we trusted him and we didn’t took even the Photo copy of the Invoice. He gave us the Delivery Challan bearing S No. 286 (scanned copy attached herewith) where model No. was not mentioned. He then told us that your opted model will come from Gurgaon office on 18th Aug and will be delivered by either 18th or 19th Aug. We called him on 19th and was told that due to Transportation strike, there will be further delay of 2 more days i.e. 21st Aug 08. We called him again on 21st and were told that it has already been dispatched and going to come on Saturday, 23rd Aug. On Saturday we called him at 12:30 PM and were told by him that your TV has arrived, you can come in the evening to take the delivery. In the evening before going to Big Bazaar we called him up once again and was then told that your model no. didn’t came yet, some confusion happened so it will take another 2 or 3 days to come. We went there and spoke to some Mr. Kapil Joshi, he told us that he will let us know the correct position by tomorrow i.e. on Sunday, 24th Aug 08. On 24th Aug, we got a call from Mr. Amit Joshi (Department Head-Electronics) saying that some great confusion is there between Mr. Sanjay and us. The model No. for which we paid is lying with us so please come and collect your TV. When we went there, he showed us some other model lying at the display with the model .No LG 29 FG2AG-TG. We told them that we didn’t pay for this model. We told him that we paid them for model no. LG 29 FD7AGE/RGE (after seeing the brochure as no brochure was available on 14th), he told us there is some confusion, that the tag might got exchanged. Then we told him that we didn’t opt to buy the TV after seeing the tag, we re-confirmed this price twice on 13th & 14th with Mr. Om Prakash (Executive-Electronics) and with Mr.Sanjay Gehlot, team leader of Electronics Department and they told us the same price which was mentioned on the tag too. We accept that tag might get exchanged but how it could be possible for 2 continuous days the same tag has been displayed. Both executive and team leader told us the same price and after waiting for 11 days they told us that the price is higher, you have to pay Rs. 3000/- additional for that model which has been selected by you(on 14th Aug) We managed to take the Original Invoice from Mr. Amit Joshi on 24th Aug 08. Till 28th Aug 08, the payment was lying with them, we didn’t received any television from them they told that you have to take the model No. LG 29 FG2AG-TG. Now you tell us why we should take that television that we didn’t selected. We have paid for another model and they are giving us some another model. The mistake has been done by Big Bazaar staff, why should customer suffer for that. Finally on 28th Aug we collected our payment of Rs. 11, 800/- by giving the Original Invoice (scanned copy attached herewith) to Mr. Amit Joshi.

This is the clear case of cheating and mental harassment with the customer. Advise to Customers - Beware of Big Bazaar as you can be cheated any time.

Mamta Nanda
Nirman Nagar


  • Ar
    Arpit Oct 07, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with you. I had a similar experience with the same guy Sanjay. He is a useless guy.

    I am never going to purchase again from Bigbazaar.

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  • Yo
    Yogesh Oct 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have seen similar sort of complaints in Big Bazaar.

    Don't get into Big Bazaar as this is just a marketing funda ki Is see sasta Aur Kahi Nahi.

    New Delhi

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  • Mi
    micheal Mar 04, 2009

    they are no.1 i also suffered for the same in chennai, i paid for a cot with mattress on 25.01.09 and im still awaiting for the delivery as already 40days gone.

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  • Ha
    harsh johari May 08, 2009

    last sunday i bought LG window ac lucknow big bazaar gomati nagar and free gift one gram 24 carat gold coin but big bazaar staff gave me 18 carat gold coin..before buying ac big bazaar told and write me 24 carat gold coin. big bazaar u fraud me...why did u fraud me?let me know...

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  • Sh
    Shadab M Jan 11, 2010

    ...Isse sasta aur accha kahin nahi?????

    ...Isse mehnga aur ganda kahin nahi...!!!

    Big Bazaar is a fraud shopping mall... This is third time i shopped at Big Bazaar and every time i had a very bad experience... Big bazaar prices are more than local market prices...

    Yesterday I shopped at Big Bazaar at R City Mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai... every product was costlier than i usually buy from my local vendor or from Dmart... The worst was Mapro Kokum Sqsh 700 (00000000010802778901) MRP on the product is 90 Rs...where as Big Bazaar charged me 99 Rs... i.e. 9 Rs more than MRP...and these guys claim Isse sasta kahin nahi... shame on you Big Bazaar... you guys are looting poor peoples money...

    Cashier Name was: Vandana Narangakar
    Receipt No: 0000084 Till no:14

    I have kept the bill and product on which MRP is written ...

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Resolved terrible delivery service

They delivery boys just delivered My mattresses wherever they wanted and called me saying that as I was not there they delivered it to some other number. Funny thing is that I was available the whole day. Another funny thing they told that they will deliver it on Monday but they delivered it on Sunday. They are just non-sense. Reluctant to pick up the phones when I tried to contact them.

  • Ch
    chandra bose Apr 11, 2010

    big bazar being a most famous mall in india it is a poor response from your side . last week we purchased saries at haldia big bazar and we got shubh vouchers and at vizag we want to use them and the staff said that they are not valid . its not agood response from your path.

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wrong business policy

It is to inform you all that, The shops like Bigbazar are going down to such a level that they are now telling lies for making their business. I had gone to Bigbazar, Ranchi on 15th Aug (Independence Day) for some purchasing. But I found one attractive offer: On any TV you buy on that day, you will get Dish TV connection free for 1 yr. So I bought one TV as the offer was limited. But later on the Dish TV people denied the offer ans went out of their words as they had not mentioned about that anywhere. All people bought TV on that day were cheated. So its my request to you all to be aware of any dealing you are making with BigBazar.

Thank you.

  • Sa
    Sadhna Sharma Nov 05, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    On 5th Nov 2008 I had been to Kapur bawadi BIGBAZZAR. In the news papar as well as in the store advt was that on bill above 999 you get 3kg sugar free.
    I had stuffed worth 3600 and above in my trolly and I asked billing executive to make seprate bill which she flately refused, and very rudely she said we dont need customer lkie you on my arguments that i want seprate bill she said we never had customer like you then I said see I saw advt and pl you cchq with ur seniors which she did and agree to bill but while billing she mentioned .But then too she did not madesepratebill for third bag
    If you have made that on X amount purchase you r giving any benefit then why not double or tripple on 2X or 3X amount and pl teach your executive how to talk or you really need us or not
    my cash memo T13/24123 Dt 5/11/2008
    bill executive Minal Guav 56451
    sadhna 9322140217

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