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I am writing this as a faithful customer of BB for over 20 years. Every single electronic device in my house and husband's business has been purchased from BB. This would include:
4 desktop computers
3 laptops
bose deck speakers
stereo system
and over the past 2 years I replaced 5 tvs with flat screens

I always buy the black tie extended warranty.
The last laptop I bought was in 2009, it was a gateway that cost me 399 + 129 black tie (2 yr).
This past month the computer started over heating and shutting down. I run a cooling unit under all my laptops, so I figured it must be a fan inside or something.
The 2 year black tie expired in 2011. I went to the Geek Squad. He checked it in and documented it was there for overheating. He booted it up, asked me for my windows password, typed it in and the computer turned on with no problems. There has been no other problems with the computer.
It is usually after running for hours that it shuts down, once cooled off it would always turn on.
I checked it in at North Olmsted BB in Ohio on March 28, 2012. The geek guy sold me customer support for 279.00 and told me that repairing the computer would then cost me nothing. So like a fool I bought it.

On March 31st I was called and informed that the key board was broken off. I thought they were looking at the wrong customer's laptop. They told me that it was totally broken off from the mother board and was not working. I told them when I dropped it off the keyboard was fine and I never ever had any problem with the key board whatsoever.

I also was informed that the customer support I bought does not fix hardware. I went down to the store on Sunday April 1st, the next day to ask to see my computer. After turning it on there, I discovered I could not even log on to windows as the keyboard did not work. (The tech guy checking it in 3 days earlier logged on to the computer as the keyboard was working when I dropped it off).
They then procededed to tell me that the computer was tampered with and accused me of opening it and breaking the keyboard clip where it attaches to the motherboard!!!

I can't believe that they turned this around accused me of doing this when I have no knowledge at all of how to do this and never did it!!! I am so sick to my stomach as I am writing this. I asked for the manager who refunded me 210 of my 279 customer support. After continual talking he refunded me another 69.99 which was the cost to analyze the computer.

They offered to send it in to have the keyboard and motherboard fixed at a cost to me. This is not right!
They showed me a scribbly record of each technicians documentation of what they saw. And it says that someone tampered with it.

I am very upset about this. It was one of them that "tampered" with it prior to whomever logged in their documentation. My keyboard was in perfect condition when I dropped it off. I dropped it off for overheating!!!

I am now out a 399 computer. Best Buy should of admitted that the keyboard attachment broke off during their repair and offer to refund me 399 towards the purchase of a new computer. I would have put more money down to get a computer. I ended up walking out of there with a broken computer. And a committment to never, ever purchase anything ever again from BB and to make this situation known to every person I know via facebook and utube and any other way.

BB does not treat it's faithful customers honestly. Someone there broke it and probably put it back together quickly until another tech guy opened it up and discovered it. No one there wants to take the blame for it !

Please respond to this email. I would like to know what you as CEO think of this!! I told the geek guy how would he feel if this happened to him? His response was that he would not have to take it in to get repaired as he knows how to do this himself.

I understand things can happen when making repairs, but BB should not accuse the customer of breaking it!!! This is preposterous! I am sickend by this

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  • He
      1st of Apr, 2012

    I agree that hat they did was wrong but the value of the computer was no longer 399...over the years it loses value like a car. Even if you wanted to sue them over the keyboard you might get 100...I would contact their main office and complain.

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  • Pa
      2nd of Apr, 2012

    guess what, I got a settlement with Best Buy by contacting the CEO. The offered to repair the computer for free of offered me 40% off the purchase of any computer I wanted. I took the second option and am extremely happy!!! The CEO does listen, the general manager of the outlet was great. It was the geek guys and the supervisor on duty that had very poor customer relations!

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