Best Buylaptop held hostage by the geek squad

On July 27th, I took my laptop to the local BestBuy Geek Squad to repair a crack in the screen. I wasn't sure if it was covered under warranty - apparently not - so agreed to the repair cost and paid a deposit. After a reasonable 3 week wait, I called the local store to find out the status. The employee had no information except what was on the tracker, that of course, I could read myself. It's now September 3rd, and my laptop is still not repaired. A couple of weeks ago I complained on the online corporate website about the bizarre length of time this is taking and received a phone call from a store employee last Fridaywho just read over the phone everything the online tracker stated - laptop received, parts ordered, being repaired -then on 8/17 parts were ordered again and nothing has been posted since!
Needless to say, I have lost all confidence in Best Buy and the Geek Squad and will never purchase another item from that franchise.


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