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Appalling customer service...

The experience in the shop was fine. Staff was helpful.
The bed delivery had been agreed for 5th November 2018. However, when it was delivered one mattress was missing.
I had dismantled the previous bed, but with one mattress missing the new bed was not fit for purpose.
No explanation was given as to why the mattress was not delivered.

After spending a lot of time on the phone to customer services I was promised that the second mattress would be delivered one week after the bed delivery. The day came, and the wrong mattress was delivered.
I have ordered one mattress with the firmness "2" and one mattress with the firmness "3".
I received two mattresses with the firmness "3".
As the label was folded over I could not see it as long as it was in the packaging material.
I will have to stay at home for a third day for the exchange of the mattress.
In addition I have spent a lot of time on the telephone, as customer services are very hard to reach (today the automated message says, waiting time 103 minutes!!). I tried the automated call back system previously, but it doesn't seem to work.
I have sent an email (an got an automated reply) which has not been answered after 9 days... I was promised that someone from Bensons for Beds will ring me back after the second mattress was delivered. It never happened. What else can be done? It's an appalling customer service.

Addition on 11th December 2018: Today between 7am and 1pm the exchange of the wrongly delivered mattress should have happened. Now we are well into the afternoon. No sign of bensonsforbeds, no contact, nothing... and I have to go out... How long will this continue????

Addition on 12th December 2018: Bensonsforbeds still didn't contact me. If I don't make the effort nothing happens. Once they have your money they don't care. Today I've spent about 2 hours on the phone (getting through is the problem) but all they can say is, "We are looking into it." I will find out how I can step up the game...

Dec 12, 2018

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