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E Oct 01, 2019

I purchased a double bed for my son, we have had the bed for over a year. The bed side came apart one evening so the next morning I phoned the company about our issue, after a long argument with them they decided to send out homeserve to investigate the problem. This happened 2 days later, a gentleman called in looked at the broken part and said that yes it's a product malfunction so he would advise benson for beds to replace part. 3 weeks pass I hear nothing from them all this time my son who is studying for GCSE is sleeping on the floor. This morning I called customer helpline, whom informed me that yes they had report, but had forgotten to order the part the outcome is I'm going to have to wait another 2 weeks for part to be delivered. This caused alot of stress as when issues was reported to them they were informed it's my sons bed and he was studying for GCSE they promised to resolve issue fast due to my son studying. The homeserve gentleman also put on his report it was urgent. I feel benson for beds has truly let down my child with a care free attitude there neglect has caused my son to lose sleep and impacted on his studies due to not sleeping well. I requested a refund as it's there mistake, they did not do there duty of dealing with the issue. It's coming onto 5 weeks now and the mattress is now getting damaged as it's now been on the floor. I am very stressed with the lack of support from this company and the care free attitude. The attitude is well you have no choice but to wait on us to deal with it, nothing you can do about it... well what a company to make a child suffer during the most important time of his school years and also the lack of communication from them is also horrid, since my first call there has been no info from them until I called today to just be told we did not order the part we forgot now your going to wait another 2 weeks... I am very unhappy as I also paid for care and protection when I purchased the bed and that's clearly a waste of money. Next is going to be issue with mattress as it's getting damaged through being on the floor. Please can someone help as this is not good customer service.
I have also sent images to show how my son is forced to live while the neglect from benson for beds attitude to not deal with issues in an orderly manner.
Never will I use benson for beds again due to the lack of support from there after sales.

Emma Sherlock

Bensons for Beds
Bensons for Beds
Bensons for Beds

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