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Slumberland Furniture reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 2, 2008. The latest review Mattresses was posted on Dec 23, 2020. The latest complaint Bad service was resolved on Dec 02, 2008. Slumberland Furniture has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 14 reviews. Slumberland Furniture has resolved 1 complaints.

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Slumberland Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Dec 23, 2020

Slumberland Furniture — Mattresses

I cannot believe that Slumberland buys mattresses that are marked up 60% from the wholesaler and then they...

Slumberland Furnituredelivery / deceptive advertising

DO NOT BUY FROM SLUMBERLAND BEFORE READING! I have explained the details of my experience in the paragraph below but for the benefit of those who do not completely read reviews I wanted to start with bringing your attention to customer rating discrepancies I found Slumberlands website. Like most, prior to making purchases I check review ratings. The star rating on Slumberlands website for the Wake sectional I was planning to purchase had a 4.3 star rating with 4 reviews noted. Doing the math 4 reviews/4.3 stars I did not take the time to open the review summary page. After Slumberland did not delivery my furniture timely or have it available for store pick-up as promised, I began shopping for other furniture. While comparing a sectional from Macy's to the one I purchased from Slumberland I clicked on the 4.3 star rating associated with the Wake sectional to read the reviews. To my surprise the rating was actually 2.3 stars NOT 4.3 and there were 18 reviews not 4. I discovered more discrepancies on the Pros and Cons list which appeared before the reviews. This list contained a list of 5 each pros and cons, ea item had 1 review with the exception of comfort, it had 2 positive reviews noted. Upon reading the customer reviews I discovered 9/18 customers gave the sectional 1 stars review and 4/18 gave a 2 star review. Customer complaints included the sectional sagging, pilled and fraying fabric, and most shocking the couch being constructed from cardboard. Customers also complained that Slumberland refused to acknowledge the fabric is faulty and that other customers were having issues.

The short and skinny of my experience. When I purchased the sectional I was told the wait could be 2-4 weeks, it was dependent on when Slumberland received it from the Manufacturer. Once received it would be delivered the following Thurs, Fri, or Sat. Two weeks after purchasing the sectional I received a call from Justin, Slumberlands sales representative wanting to schedule delivery as my furniture had been received from the manufacturer. However, the delivery dates he offered were 2.5 weeks away which conflicted with his assurances and promise at the time of purchase I would not have any problems with delivery and bragged Slumberland owned it own professionally trained delivery team. What he failed to tell me was that I would have to wait have to wait for the furniture to arrive from the Manufacturer and an additional 2.5 weeks for delivery. My son and I went in person to the store and spoke with the Manager. He stated it was unusual for their deliveries to be backlogged and offered to refund the $100 delivery fee and the opportunity to pick up the furniture from the store that coming Friday. We explained we had not had to pay for delivery but the manager still refunded the $100. We accepted. Friday afternoon my son and I both took off work early, rented a Uhaul and drove to the store. I went to the back counter and told them I was there to pick up my furniture. The greeting I received was, "did you call before coming?" Confused, I responded no. The sales clerk stated, "we tell everyone to call ... " She looked up my order and said she could see the refund but stated the Manager had not followed through and the furniture had not been delivered to the store as promised and there was nothing she could do. The store manager was on vacation until the following Wednesday and the earliest we could pu the furniture was the following Tues, we declined as my son was not available to help. We left the store fully expecting to hear from the store manager when he returned from vacation. We did not. After finding the website discrepancies and reading the reviews I ordered the sectional from Macy's and received it within 4 days. I cancelled my order in person and was given a receipt showing a refund of the purchase price less $100 (already refunded) 5 days ago, I am still waiting for the refund to post to my account. Slumberland made no attempt to refund or make right the $50+ spent on renting the Uhaul.

delivery / deceptive advertising
delivery / deceptive advertising
delivery / deceptive advertising

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    Slumberland Furniture Muscatine Iowa — service in muscatine iowa store

    On 9/1/18 we purchased a sectional and a recliner. We took the recliner home that night but was told the...

    Slumberland Furniture — service I received

    I recently purchased a new bed from your Worthington MN store part of the agreement was that they would...


    Slumberland Furniture — delivery

    I bought a four matching living room tables and set up a delivery date far in advance, and I made sure I...

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    Slumberland Furnituredelivery

    I had purchased a bed set. Paid for delivery which was fine. The mattress wasnt as good of quality that i expected so i exchanged it. Paid the $99 fee and picked a new one. I wanted it delivered as well so i had to pay another delivery fee. Now the delivery times they keep giving me dont work since i work 2nd shift. They keep telling me the times cant be set. Obviously this company isnt about customer satisfaction. Why should i pay a fee twice if they cant deliver it when i will be home

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      Slumberland — mattress

      I bought a mattress, and after their customer service order the manufacturer top send out a person to test it...

      Slumberland Furniture — Poor quality furniture and furniture care warranty they offer is totally worthless!!

      Less than 2 years ago I purchased a Hughes couch (as well as a matching chair and ottoman) from Slumberland...

      Slumberland FurnitureDurablend recliners by ashley furniture

      I purchased two chairs from the Clive, IA store for my new home in June of 2015(052957XZGM). In December of 2015 I noticed a seam starting to open and a small hole in the head rest plus they had become stiff to the touch. By Feb. of 2016 both areas had gotten worse so I contacted customer service. They sent out an inspector who said that there was a problem with the one chair and looked like it was starting on the second chair. Was told they would contact me very soon. After waiting a month with no contact I called again was told they would get back to me that day. They did not and a week later I called again. Again told they would call but they did not. Called the store, spoke with the manager who told me it was my fault there was a problem due to the fact I took some medications. Next day customer service called and said it was my problem Even though I have 4 other leather items with no issues. Next I contacted corporate who blamed it on the manufacturer. I contacted the manufacturer (Ashley Furniture claim number 17046) who said they would contact Slumberland and have them contact me with a solution. After 2 months still no contact from either party to date. Coming up on the date I made the original purchase which is what they both want to happen so they can say a year is up we can do nothing.

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        Slumberland Furniture — Delivery of Merchandise

        On 12/22/2015 we purchased a glider recliner with ottoman. We were told it would be 3 weeks till delivery...

        Slumberland FurnitureDeceitful advertising

        I would never shop at Slumberland again. They are deceitful in their advertising. My wife said she wanted to buy 2 Lazyboy recliners and she found what she wanted at Slumberland in Bloomington, Minnesota. She showed me the add in the newspaper. The add said Sale $299 and in big print 40% off. I calculated the price and told my wife it would be $179. She said no, the price is $249. I look the ad over and saw in small print it said 60% off list price, so I concluded the $299 was not the list price. I told my wife this was deceitful. You see the large price listed then you see the large 60% off. So we went to the store. We spent about an hour setting in different chairs. Finally decided on one that had a tag on it that said $349 Final price. We told the clerk we wanted that chair. We noticed the one next to it for the same price was about an inch closer to the ground. I told the clerk I wanted to make sure the one we got was the taller one. She said that would be $50 more. I said the price tag on that particular chair said $349. She said it is $50 more because the rocker platform under it had a board that was about 1 in wider. I said this was false advertising. The chair has a price tag on it that says $349, so that is what I should pay. This was deceitful. She said she would get the manager Greg Tangen. When he came he said ... so you want to talk to me. I said not really, I just wanted to buy the chair for the price marked on it. He said we couldn't it was $50 more. I said this was false advertising. If the price is $399 instead of $349, the price tag on the chair should say that. I said this is false advertising. He said the tag is not advertising. I got so frustrated that I had spent an hour of my time comparing various chairs and features and finally coming to the conclusion of what I wanted then to have the store tell me I was wrong because they couldn't sell me the chair for the price on it. I would never, never shop in Slumberland again and I encourage everyone else to stay away from them. I also do not respect the store manager Greg Tangen for putting the miss leading price tag on the chair, then arguing with me that I was wrong and he was right. Stay away from Slumberland.

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          • Kemps Apr 13, 2013
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            All stores have disclaimers on mis-marked merchandise. If someone places a price take in the wrong chair or if a customer does the store does not have to eat the mis-marked price. If you owned a store would you? Really? I certainly would not so if you want added features from any store expect to pay for them. Why should someone else have to pay for your extra features?
            My guess is that you believe you are smarter than you really are and you know more that the people who write ads. Too bad dum dum.

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          • At
            Atom_9 May 29, 2011

            I ordered a Mattress from Slumberland but after I ordered it I saw the Add in the Columbia Tribune, saying 25% of 1 item of 500+ so I went back to the store and said wait I want this deal because it was valid when I bought the mattress and was told NO by the manager that he would be losing money on the mattress. He said the mattress was already marked 25% of so therefore they validated the add. I canceled my order.. F.. Slumberland that they intentionally give false advertisement because they want people to run in the store and when they do they dont validate it claiming that you must not understand the terms and conditions like your some kind of moran. I dont need that I cancelled my order went to Macys and got a better more comfortable mattress. I use to like Slumberland but I know longer will go to that store to get my furniture, let them have an empty building, good with very few people shopping. I saw more people in Macy's mattress department today atleast 40 people at one time than I did with me being the only person at Slumberland. Atleast Macys validates there Ad's.

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          Slumberland FurnitureBad service

          I started thinking about how to help my fellow man, so here are a few more ways to save money. When I worked at slumberland and we ran out of certain bedroom sets we just went online to BIGLOTS.Com printed off a coupon and then sent employees over to purchase the very same sets. This was great for us because we still made plenty of money. If you like any of the table art or accessories at Slumberland you can find it at Gordman for less then half price as well. When Slumberland tries to sell you their mattress pad protector, remember they only pay $14.75 for an item they want you to pay $85 for.You still need it to get it if you want their 60 day return exchange. I suggest you buy your mattress from Mattress Firm and get a full 100 night guarantee with the possibility of getting a cash refund. Slumberland will NEVER give a cash refund. I promise to keep the info coming. Please comment if you have any questions that I can help you with.

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            Slumberland FurnitureSales Rep promised no payments for 12 months but financed us to pay monthly

            My family recently visited the Slumberland, Springfield, MO, store to purchase a reclining couch. We knew we weren't going to make a purchase unless we could receive no interest and no payments for 12 month and made that clear to the sales professional. The sales professional, Derick Broyles, was helpful and made it clear that if our credit was approved we would qualify for no interest and no payments for 12 months. We were approved with surplus and as we signed the paperwork we again confirmed that there would be no payments for 12 months.

            I should have READ the paperwork in detail rather than extend good faith.

            We've now received our second bill, bills which the sales professional told us we could ignore, with an attached late fee and must pay the Wells Fargo financial institution the payment. While Wells Fargo was not able to waive the late fee since this was not a Wells Fargo error they did offer to amend the financing with agreement from the store.

            I contacted the store to see about verifying or correcting the financing but was informed that Derick no longer works there. A woman named Judy was quite adamant that no interest/no payment finance options did not exist in the Slumberland store. This seemed to contradict what Wells Fargo associates told me, in that they would alter the financing with store approval.

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              • Ti
                Tim.bleed37 Nov 25, 2012

                Speaking of true nature- u are posing to be my brother jbleed on a number of these consumer sites. Thanks for throwing him under the bus. Luckily- I think it is pretty evident on your rants that you don't have much business knowledge so most people won't take ou seriously. Thanks for throwing my bro under the bus! I am confident the Karma will come back to you. Read a book about business buddy- or google "overhead" on your computer and see what you can learn.

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              • Jb
                j bleed Dec 30, 2010

                While I worked for Slumberland Furniture I saw them do things that I would have never believed unless I witnessed them with my two eyes. Yes, Most of what you read is true. Slumberland tries to activity hide consumer complaints by demanding employees write favorable reviews online. I witnessed return recliners and mattresses sold as new. They used lint rollers to get all the dog hair picked up and whole bottles of Febreze to hide the body odor and smoke smell from the same.I heard vendors say they couldn't take care of products because Slumberland buys there second hand stuff no other vendor would buy or it was a defective lot that should be sold as is. Slumberland makes about 47% profit on all the items sold in the twin cities and much more then that on mattress lines. They pay 6-25% to the finance company for their free financing. If you pay cash or check you should be able to get a larger discount. Good Luck. This is my gift to you. They told us that they have free delivery figured into every sale but rarely offer it so the company can make more money. Most other stores in this area make 10-15% less profit and still manage to give better service. After five years of this I am moving out of state and hope to find a better place to work. Slumberland has done a great job at hiding their true nature. You have to dig deep. Stick to your guns and don't be afraid to walk out if you don't believe you are getting the best price. Any other store in town can easily beat their pricing and usually do, you can get better quality products for less at Home Furniture. Thank you

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              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Slumberland Burnsville — Bad service

              I ordered several items from Slumberland in July, all items have also been paid for. It is now November and I...

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