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Sleep to live mattress from Bensons Bedsmattress is rubbish

A mattress only, cost me a huge sum of £1200.00 ( could have had a new base and headboard and mattress of some other brand. It was advised l buy this bed after the wonderful machine told me that it would cure all my problems of sleeping...and was told that AFTER 40 days that l could bring it back (NOT FOR A REFFUND l find out now...but for another sleep to live mattress) but all this pile of cheap foam did is give me a bad back.. Have complained to sleep to live (Kingsdown) but have heard nothing from them...And Bensons Beds who took so long to get back to me told me it outside the 40 days so they can doing nothing for me. HELP l feel sick at the amount of money l have spent on a pile of rubbish which is no good and can't get any help...


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    6065hutchy Feb 12, 2018

    As having two operations on my spine we decided to get a new mattress from bensons for beds in Southport. We explained the problems I was having with sleeping to Katie. She seemed simperthetic she pointed out a mattress perfect for us It cost £1500. When it was delivered they had problems getting it upstairs. They bent and dragged the mattress upstairs to the bedroom. We did complain they said it happens all the time, even though it was printed on the plastic cover do not bend. We tried but the mattress was never comfortable the memory foam just went flat and the middle went up. We returned to the shop and asked if we could get someone out to look at the mattress. They sent out a technician we explained our problems. He told us it wasn't memory foam and should turn the mattress and beat the topping. As I told him after my operations I couldn't turn over in the bed! Never mind the mattress. I tried to explain we thought we were missold the mattress he didn't want to no. We are now looking for a new mattress to try and help with my back problems. There is no way of us going or recommending bensons of beds. Once they have your money they will never be there for you

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    fatty matty Oct 01, 2016

    you are probably the biggest nob I have ever read on any forum. my wife sleeps on an utterly inadequeate mattress that makes her life a misery . she has back problems and you're harping on about customer stupidity? really?? doo you work for benson's beds? if you don't then you should because sound about as customer-sensitive as the entire company . you could be ceo within a month! sadly, if the customer relations exist as they are, the entire company will be in receivership before the clocks go back
    do one bodiddlley . you are a complete and utter ###, just like the manegement at benson's beds

    I work in the financials services industry and idiocy is not allowed. the share price in benson's beds would collapse in a heartbeat would this be an official global verifiable mattress institution
    leave your nobbish opinions to yourself and allow people to voice their misgivings (which quite clearly are manifold) instead of covering for your brother-in-law or whomever it is who you're clearly helping out here . do you clearly understand? please get yourself some of life mister bodiddlydoddlydeadlyduddlytwatmerchantwit

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    Peter Hughes Aug 22, 2016

    Placed and order with the Staines branch of bensons beds and was told I had to go into the store to pay - on arival was met with a wonderful and very helpful young lady and the transaction was completed efficiantly and pleasantly - I was advised of delivery date and that I would receive a text confirmation which happened half an hour before delivery I received a phone call advising me that they would be at my adress within 30 mins. The vehicle arrived and I was met by two gentlemen who were very polite and helpfull. They started to deliver the beds until it came to the last box - up to this point I was extremely impressed with the service I had received from all I had spoken to and dealt with - the delivery men noticed the last carton was incorrect and phone their depot they were duly informed to return the beds and to tell me that a new delivery would take place the following thursday. Considering that it was Friday and the reason beds were bought was to accomodate guests arriving on the Saturday. I then phoned the delivery center Tewksbury and got the same story expecting the person on the phone to make a plan even to the point where I could have collected the errant part. I informed the person that I would have to take another day off work - to which her disinterest made me angry - I requested that I speak to her supervisor or someone senior and she told me she was the supervisor - I told her that she should have her ### kicked or that she should be fired - she then put the phone down . Now a quote from their after sales service blurb " WE STRIVE FOR THE VERY BEST IN CUSTOMER SERVICE" What an absolute joke.

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    Latex smell Jul 30, 2014
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    Verified customer

    Don't find the 700 uncomfortable but the matress just stinks. The smell of rubber is none sense and Bensons are not interested in doing anything about it because I have had it five years before complaining about the smell. I have worked overseas for most of those give years and only came home from February this year to the worsening smell. Bensons called ecomasters ? To review the problem. There comments were that the room had not been ventilated so the smell was worse. GUESS WE WILL HAVE TO LEAVE THE WINDOWS OPEN IN THE WINTER TO GET RID OF THE SMELL, !!. Oh and Bensons think so much of this matress they don't sell it anymore. Even with the ten year warranty which I paid for Bensons will do nothing.
    Moral, don't buy a bed from Bensons. Just buy it off the internet. You get it at much reduced price and don't have Bensons to deal with if there us a problem.

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  • Ma
    mark 52 Feb 18, 2014

    I have the 900 and it has developed a raised bit in the middle so my wife And I have what feels like 2 separate beds. I paid £3, 000 for mine with a 10 year guarantee. I live Spain so don't hold much hope of much help getting the bed sorted.

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  • Vi
    victorsj Mar 20, 2013

    Hi we bought a 700 Sleep to LIve Bed and had a terrible time with it at first. After much arguing re my bad back from this bed it was agreed with Kingsdown to change the mattress for us - from Green to Blue. The delivery men from Bensons arrived with the new mattress and then pointed out why we had had so much trouble. The mattress had been wrongly installed by the delivery men - we were effectively sleeping on what was the foot and of the bed - all the support had been at our feet - they explained the Sleep to Live writing should be at the foot end and ours had been at the head. Mattress changed and correctly installed and bless this bed every night now, it's great - so check that your mattress is the right way round.

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    cathy n si Aug 29, 2011

    paid £1400 for our bed, first thing to break was the draw, then the wheels came out of the frame, then the frame broke. The mattress was purchased to ease my bad back, quote from sales man in bromley bensons store "this bed will last your life time" has my life come to a end at 48yrs old! the bed has given me more back pain, there is a dip in the centre of the bed, so i now roll into my partner. This has got to be the worst bed I have ever purchased!

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    bouncebird Mar 10, 2011

    We have the same thing. We spent a lot of money on this mattress and was told it would solve all our problems. Instead I sleep on a slope & have to pull myself uphill to get out of bed (not easy for a wheelchair user). We have a line of pillows down the middle of the bed to stop us rolling into the middle and I am in so much pain that I get up to sleep on the sofa. Bensons sent out a technician who said there is no fault with the mattress (how you can test that by just looking, I don't know) and have told me that there is nothing more that they can or will do.

    I plan to go to the store today to fight it out. When I bought the mattress I asked questions about issues, complaints and specifically whether having a mattress that was a different tension on each side would cause problems like a dip or slope and was assured that never happened and that everyone was so so happy with this amazing product. I don't hold out any hope and I am stressed at the prospect but I can't afford to replace it because I spent twice as much on this mattress as any other would have cost!

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  • Ki
    kitgal Mar 07, 2011

    We have had the same problem. I have tan and my partner has green. My side has developed massive lumps in it and we roll together every night. We complained once and the staff were very good and sent us a replacement mattress. However a couple of months later and the same faults are developing. Not sure how they will react if we ask for a refund. They did tell us that noone has ever complained about the beds, however we complained to the Weston-super-Mare store, as did the lady above. I have to say in response to Bodidiley, noone forced me to buy the bed, in fact, some friends of mine had had a very positive experience with theirs and I could afford it. I am sure, if you were in a position where you had paid out £2000+ for something, whether you could afford it or not, you would not consider it a stupid decision to want a replacement or money back if the product went wrong.

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  • K8
    k8te Jan 05, 2011

    We bought the 700 series in Blue -Green from Bensons and had it delivered 6 months ago. We have never had a better nights sleep! Yes it is a lot of money however we spent a long time in our local store led on the bed and agreed that the tensions were the correct ones for us. I'm sure they must sell a lot of these models and we have had NO PROBLEMS with ours. Very, Very Happy. Thanks for the best nights sleep in years.

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  • Al
    Allaboutthetruth Aug 09, 2010

    the 900 series is the best bed... i don't know what you guys are talking about but my wife and i sleep better than ever.

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  • Bo
    bodiddley Jan 18, 2010

    i am always amazed that in this modern age the general public are so stupid, no one forces you to buy the goods to start with .You cannot blame staff for your stupid decisions .If i can't afford something i don't buy it .Regarding back pain when was the last time you saw a doctor or even tried losing some weight .

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    Lizzyb Nov 09, 2009

    Well Well. My husband and I purchased the series 900 at Bensons Trowbridge store. There is a 3" gap around the bed frame as we only wanted to replace the matress at a cost of £700.00. My husband was recomended the Blue and myself the tan. My husband feels like he is sleeping on a platform and I roll into the middle as there is a dip. We emailed Bensons to no reply twice, then phoned Bensons to be told they would send us a kit to fill out and take photos and to send back, when my husband asked for the customer service persons name she would only give a first name and hung up when he asked for her Sir name a couple of times. At this stage we then phoned the Store at Trowbridge to speak to the sales lady who sold us it, she said she would speak to the area manager and get back to us. After making an arrangement for the area manager to call we showed him what the problem was. He said he would put in a report that there looked to be glue stains on the matress and the sales lady had written on the order the bed would be 4'6" double matress but in the paperwork with the receipt the size was said to be 135cm. He also said that he would report there was a dip in the bed and I was rolling into the middle and when led on my back my right leg (outside) was raised higher than inside (right) leg. He also asked if we were prepared for a credit note to use in store if the manufacturers agreed. He said he would email the manufactures over the weekend and we would hear from them by Monday. Well two weeks later and still not heard from anyone. So we go into another Benson store at Weston Super Mare and the manager was helpful and said she would chase our case for us. The next morning we get a phone call to say there was nothing they could do and would no take any action. So £700.00 down the drain, my husband a long distant driver whom can not get a nights sleep at home and has given up getting up at two in the morning due to being in pain and discomfort has taken to the spare room. The stress this has caused, it is unfare and wrong how can big companies get away with it. So yes you can blame the machine as we went through it all and we did look at alot of mattresses and do not have £700.00 to through away as thinking we were making a good choice by spending this much we know can not afford to replace it with something else.

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  • Mi
    midwinterhayes Sep 15, 2009

    you cant blame the machine as you would of been invited to try the bed, its you falut if you did not spent more time on the bed, if your in that much pain then ask if you can reselect to another bed

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  • Mj
    M Jones Sep 14, 2009

    I purchased a 700 Sleep to Live mattress from the Torquay branch about 3 months ago.
    I can not tell you how happy my wife and I are, I agree that the price of the mattress is more then we intended spending but we now feel we would pay twice as much if I had too as we have never slept better.
    The staff in store were very imformative and a month after it was delivered even rang us to see how we were getting on.
    Well done Sleep to Live and well done Bensons Beds.

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  • Lo
    longliner Sep 10, 2009

    Hey guess what, I bought one too The Kingsdown was the most expensive bed in the shop including the over priced headboard it came to £2500, at that price you might expect a good nights sleep? I don't think so its like sleeping on the floor. I'm up again in the middle of the night writing this .. IN PAIN..
    Bensons did change the mattress despite their wonder machine telling me I should have one that's even harder
    the difference .. like moving from the garage floor to the living room floor.
    what's the outcome of all this? The sales rep suggested this bed might last for 15 years, about 15 months later its headed for the skip where it belongs.

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  • Co
    conker Aug 07, 2009

    Have done exactly the same thing through Bensons albeit with a different make of mattress
    DREAMS have a no quibble 40 day exchange on all their mattresses so have ordered one from them
    I would have expected Bensons to be more understanding especially as I purchased an expensive Bedstead at the same time. However, they just don't care.
    Have to put the whole thing down to experience but will never use Bensons again and will tell everyone I know to avoid

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