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BellSouth / AT&T / poor customer service

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My name is Mary Nicki Dancy. On or around 10-27-2007, I received a two-month statement from AT&T. I called a number and had a conversation with John Scales because I knew I had paid my phone bill. John told me it appears as if when I made the September payment it never went through because of an error I made with one number. At this time I told Mr. Scales If I made a mistake why wasn't I notified so I could take care of the problem. He then said I was mailed a notice but I replied I never received it although I never had a problem getting the phone bill at my address. At this time he also told me the October payment was never paid and I told him it was paid and he asked me to fax him a printout of my bank statement and I did on 10-30-07. I faxed it to [protected]. Mr. Scales said he investigated this. I also questioned him about my service being interrupted while he was investigating and he put me on hold while he talked to someone in the payment center. He said 'Don't worry, your service will not be interrupted.' I trusted him at that point. He also told me if I fax it on Monday, someone will get it to him on Wednesday, and he assured me he would be getting back to me. Well he never did and my Internet service was disconnected on 11-6-07. I called trying to get someone but the office was closed, so I talked to Ray in Tech support DSL and he said he would make a ticket #[protected] on this and have someone to contact me the following day. The next morning at 7:30 am I called AT&T again trying to find out what I needed to do to get the Internet active again. I was on my cell phone more than 45 minutes being transferred from one person to another. Some people just refused to speak to me because they said this account was in James Dobbs name, and I know it's in my name. I have had this account since September 2006 when I purchased my home. Although when I call certain friends, James Dobbs shows up on their caller I.D. Finally I did talk to someone and they said I needed to pay $130.00 to get the Internet active so I did. They assured me once I made the payment my service would be restored. That never happened. It cleared my bank 11-9-07 and the conformation # was 071917. I think this was paid 11-7-07. On Friday 11-9-07 I called again spoke to Williams and Liza. They assured me that $130.00 was never paid. I gave them the conformation number and they said they could not find it. William's funky attitude was pure ugly. He told me at first I had to pay $157.00 to get my service active and I told him 'Hell no, and explain why it's so much.' There was a charge of $24.00 for a return check fee in September when there was an error made, and they charged me for that. I told him again I was not going to pay that $24.00. Then William said I needed to pay $103.94 since the $130.00 did not show up. So I made another payment. Since October 23, 2007 I have paid $360.00 for what? I talked to Ms. Jackson in electronic payments and she had a funky attitude as well. She treated me as If I was her child; she said, 'If you don't lower your voice I will disconnect you because I don't have to put up with this.' I told her I wanted to speak to her supervisor, and she said they weren't there. All I wanted was to be connected to the correct person, so Ms. Jackson hung up on me. I was very hurt. I called back and spoke to Ms. Davis and she was very nice and understanding and she said she knew Ms. Jackson in electronic payment and that she will report her and she was sorry for what happened. Ms. Davis said it seemed like the $130.00 went to James Dobbs account. So I needed to call someone else, I did and at this time it was 6:50. On Friday, 11-16-07 I spoke to Kevin in Customer Service. He was nice at first but he kept putting me on hold but at 7:10 he pulled the plug on me as well. In the last week I have spoken more than 25 people and put on hold too much. I also have my cell phone records to show how often I called and how long I was on hold, I spoke to Becky Roberts, Rave Cruz, Ray, Tamika, Michael, Don, Janelle, William, Liza, Dwayne, Eric, Ms. Jackson, Kevin, Miesha, Ms. Davis, Kimberly Roberts, and many more. Including John Scales. Seventeen different people just to name a few. This has been very stressful for me and no one could help solve this problem. On 11-17-07, I called again spoke to Kimberley Roberts in Customer Service. She also told me she could not give out information on this account because it does not belong to me. I have been calling now since September 2006 trying to get the caller I.D. problem repaired but every time repair called, they would leave a message saying it has been repaired, but it has not. I told Kimberly on 11-17-07, I want my $130.00 refunded to my account and she told me she could not refund it. She told me to call my bank to see what they could do. I should not have to go through this. Now on 11-17-07 I received a disconnect notice. I will not give AT&T another dime. You owe me and this will be forwarded to my attorney A.S.A.P.

Date Amount Paid Conformation #

10-23-07 $127.00 Do not have

11-9-07 $130.00 071919

11-13-07 $103.94 092113

Home Phone: [protected]

Cell Phone: [protected]

Account #: [protected]

Email: Maryjohnson048 AT

Pin # 9749

Thank You,

Mary Nicki Dancy

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      20th of Feb, 2008
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    I signed up for long distance service. The phone was not turned on for several days. I called multiple times to get my service, I had different responses from different reps, finally they did computer test and determined that there was a problem on their side and that they will send some one to fix it. I waited that day, but no body showed up. Fortunately my phone worked some how. After three weeks they sent me $85 fee for some one to come and fix the service without my knower. I called the customer service to inquire why I was charged this much, the customer rep did not even gave me a chance to finish my statement, She just shouted that she will not wave the incurred charge. I done with ATT(Bell south)

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