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Bell Canada / service won't work

1 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Bell Canada offers the worst service I have had with anyone anywhere (it even tops auto dealerships).

Ok so I signed up for Bell's new mobile Internet - $30.00 a month.

It doesn't work more than 50% of the time. Then two weeks later, it does not work at all. They tell me they have cut me off of the service (without my notification) because I had accrued $650 plus of charges. When I asked how this might have occurred since I thought I was on a $30 a month plan, they told me the employee had put me on the wrong plan. After about 5-10 phone calls, getting bounced from department to department, from Mumbai to Mississauga, I was told they would credit me (a month later) and that I would be put on a $35 plan (I guess the $30 one no longer existed). A week later, I again need to use my service (I initially tested it and it seemed fine), I could not get on the Internet. I call, and several departments later, I am told I was never taken off of the plan, and I again had my service cut off. I than had had the service for almost a month during which time it barely worked for two weeks and that was it. I asked if I could cancel the service. Yes, for a $200 cancellation fee. So, they promise me my service will work and I will be credited for the month. My credit cad bill comes in and they haven't credited the account the full amount. After another series of conversations with reps of decreasing competence, I am assured on my next bill it will be credited. A few days later, I again need to use the Internet and I can't get on. This is when the fun begins. The store gave me the wrong number (1-800-India). Now I teach English as a second language where I have taught people who cannot speak more than ten words, but I could not, for the life of me, understand what this person said. Eventually I realized I had the wrong department (Internet not mobility) even though the Bell store had given me the wrong number. Then I call the bell store and they give me another number. It was also wrong. It was a technical support line for the modem, and their advice involved programming language. The never bothered to consider if the modem was working of not. (i.e., no software problem). They didn't believe me. I then call Bell mobility explaining I was given over to a programming type at Nortel who had no shortage of computerease vocabulary but lacked troubleshooting skill. They then told me at Bell Mobility the problem was indeed the modem (this is over a month into my service) and I would need a new one. I asked if I could cancel the service. Yes for $200 was the reply. I then waited for the 3-5 business days for the modem to arrive. It didn't. I called. they said it was on back order for an indefinite time. Then I spoke to a manager who said he would mail me a demo model. I said I did not want a used modem. But again a $200 cancellation fee. By this time paying $200 seemed like a bargain But due to my Scottish background I did want to pay the fee. So I give him my address. However, he could not send it. I live in an apartment with p.o. boxes, and they won't send it there. He suggested I drive 25km to his office to pick it up. I refused. Then after seeing an "expert" for consultation about what to do, he called me back to say they could ship it to a friend's address. It is not April 27. I signed up March 1. I do not have a working modem. I then called Consumer Protection (Ontario Government) who said I should not have to pay the $200 cancellation but that their investigation could take up to two months.

Once I get time, I am switching to Rogers.

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