Bell Canada / over charge and not addressing the problem that I complain for several weeks now.

Richmond, BC, Canada

cellphone [protected]
account number [protected]
Got my new account July 5, 2018, and the person told me that I can wave the installation fee of 30 for my phone and my son's phone778-8343616. I called the call center agent and he agreed that he can wave the $60, however it was not reflected on my account yet so I paid the full amount of $189 last July the adjustment was given August 2.
August 5, to my surprise I was charge $ 306, I only went to cross the border in 5 days and use the roaming for 5 days but to my surprise, I was the charge for 10 days even when I was in Canada already.
[protected] my son's number was charge $99 dollars for roaming. I made sure that his roaming was off when we went to the States for 4 days but he was the charge for that amount. If you charge per day of roaming it is only 7 dollars per day. My question is my son only use the data for 3 mins and I am the charge of $99 for it.
I have been following this up trying to resolve the issue but it seems that it is not happening. I have been with bell for 2 months and it so disappointing. I have been with Fido for 6 years and I do not have any problem like this crossing the border and be charged for the things we did not use. I will pay for the services that I used but will not pay for something I did not.
I would appreciate if we can resolve this issue before I fill a complaint to Commission for complaints about Telecom television service. Hoping for your quick and fair response.
Anna Liza

Aug 25, 2018

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